Typical symptoms of trigeminal neuropathy and therapeutic actions

1 Causes of

pathology The main sources of trigeminal neuropathy may be:

  1. Migrated craniocerebral trauma.
  2. Infectious diseases.
  3. Compression of the blood vessel, which damages the defense of the nerve itself.
  4. Nerve compression possible due to a tumor.
  5. Damage to the trigeminal nerve( stroke, trauma to the face).Complications of multiple sclerosis and diabetes.
  6. Hereditary factors.
  7. Pathologies of pregnancy( caused by complications).
  8. Deficiency of vitamins, especially group B.
  9. Wearing dentures( the reaction may occur due to the toxic effects of the material from which the prosthesis is made).
  10. Because of the various vascular diseases that have been transferred.

The most accurate diagnosis is possible to establish with an outpatient examination.

2 Methods of therapy of the disease

There are several methods of treating neuropathy:

  1. Anticonvulsants( Topiramate, Gabapentin, Lamotrigine, Clonazepam, Carbamazepine and others).
  2. Analgesics.
  3. Antidepressants tricyclic( Nortriptyline, Amitriptyline).

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Surgical treatment methods:

  1. Rhizotomy.
  2. Injections of glycerin( several procedures).
  3. Microvascular decompression.
  4. Radiosurgery stereotaxic.
  5. Thermal radiofrequency ablation.

In the treatment of trigeminal neuropathy, good results are achieved with physiotherapy procedures and reflexotherapy.

As an alternative( depending on the severity of the disease), treatment options such as specially selected nutrition, the use of balanced vitamin preparations and manual therapy are possible.

The main effect of the treatment is directed to the restoration and nutrition of the nerve, which is affected, to the rehabilitation of nerve tissue.

To prevent the disease you need to monitor the condition of the oral cavity( to visit the dentist on time), wear a hat in the cold season, take vitamin preparations and lead a healthy lifestyle.

From the correct diagnosis and the way of treatment, which will be appointed by a specialist in this field, depends the effectiveness and result of therapy, the duration of recovery after the disease.

Be attentive to yourself and take care of your health!

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