The effect of alcohol on male potency in taking small doses of alcohol and abuse

Alcohol has a negative effect on all organic structures, including potency. Many men are sincerely sure that alcohol increases the erection and prolongs the sexual intercourse. Once or twice - possibly, but not with the constant abuse of alcohol. Alcohol really affects the erection, potency and fertility, but not at all, as men would like.

Effect of alcohol on potency in men

Often it happens that after drinking there is an irresistible sexual desire. Probably, it is because of this reaction that the myth of the benefits of alcohol for potency arose. But in fact erectile function is absolutely incompatible with alcohol, it does not necessarily suffer from alcoholism, it is enough to take high doses of alcohol regularly for problems in sexual life. As for the suddenly arising sexual desire after alcohol, a similar reaction is due to the primary effect of ethanol on the nervous system structures and nerve endings.

When ethanol penetrates the body, the vessels expand, which causes blood circulation to increase, but this is only the first time. Later, during intoxication, there will be a reduction in the duration of the erection and its lack of stability. And if the cases of abuse become permanent( 3-4 times a week), then the erection can disappear altogether.

What is the mechanism of erecting the penis:

  • Blood flow to the genitals;
  • Blood quickly fills the cavernous body of the penis;
  • The member hardens and an erection occurs.

Because the bloodstream is slowing because of alcohol, the penis tissues are not filled with enough blood, so that a man, often addicted to hot drinks, watches a sluggish erection. In addition, ethanol is a substance of toxic effect, which also has a negative effect on potency. With each case of abuse, the erectile functions of a man are steadily weakened until they disappear altogether.

Even before the development of erectile dysfunction, male infertility may occur, because the toxic effect of alcohol does not bypass spermatogenetic processes, significantly reduces the qualitative parameters of spermatozoa, depriving them of fertilizing ability.
The effect of alcohol on male potency:

Drinking small doses of alcohol

If a man drinks alcohol in small amounts, then ethanol enhances sexual attraction, provides a man with a sense of emancipation, and also increases the duration of erection, and, therefore, of sexual contact. Usually, such a cunning resorted to representatives of the male half, not having confidence in their own abilities and sexual abilities. Perhaps they already had failures on the "bed front".

Gradually, these men are in the habit of using a certain amount of alcohol before sexual intercourse. But the prolongation of an erection does not happen at all because of the aphrodisiac qualities of alcohol.


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Large quantities of alcohol

If a man abuses alcohol daily, the problems begin to affect not only his sex life and potency, but health in general. Over time, he needs much more time to stimulate and achieve an erection, and to achieve its normal strength and duration, it also becomes difficult. In other words, chronic alcohol dependence leads to the development of persistent physiological erectile dysfunction.

First, there is a gradual weakening of the erection, then there is infertility, and the process of alcoholization is completed by absolute impotence. This outcome is partly due to the destruction of the liver, as a result of which much smaller volumes of androgens penetrate into the blood. All this leads to the development of erectile weakness.

On the topic of harm to alcohol for potency in men, a lot of research has been carried out, as a result of which it became clear:

  • With the use of a portion of 100 ml of vodka, a slight intoxication develops, which causes a man to be in high spirits;
  • After drinking just 150 ml of vodka, a man experiences a marked increase in sexual desire;
  • With a single intake of 300 ml of vodka, even an absolutely healthy man becomes incapable of any sexual desire.
  • If a man drinks alcohol regularly, then after several years he develops persistent oppression of sexual functions.

Stages of deterioration of

With systematic abuse of alcohol, an inconspicuous decrease in sexual capabilities occurs. Usually, most men tend to think that such sexual attenuation is associated with fatigue, overwork, depressed mood, etc. In the state of intoxication, such people may in time experience the absence of ejaculation or its delay. Along with this, orgasms also disappear, and instead of sexual pleasure a man feels a feeling of incredible weakness.

If a man continues to drink regularly, he eventually develops a persistent erectile dysfunction, although at times, he is still pumped into sexual desires.

Based on the foregoing, the conclusion suggests that binge does not coincide with erectile functions, which gradually decrease on the background of alcoholic libations:

  1. First alcohol, penetrating the body, spreads throughout the body, negatively affecting the sexual and nervous system activity.
  2. The greatest absorption of ethanol occurs in those parts of the body where there are the most fatty tissues, so the greatest influence of alcohol on the cellular structures of the reproductive system.
  3. Alcohol disrupts metabolic cellular processes, oxygen supply of blood slows down, develops the hypoxia of the sex cells, leading to partial and sometimes complete their dysfunction.

Alcohol injected into the bloodstream has a vasodilating effect on the brain, which leads to the excitation of brain centers. Therefore, with the use of hot drinks in the behavior of a man there is some cheekiness and self-confidence, sexual activity increases, a euphoric mood appears. But brain activity in such a situation is controlled by alcohol, not by nervous system structures, so the brain functions chaotically, which makes it difficult to conduct normal sexual contact.

Treatment of

The main condition for restoring potency is the absolute elimination of alcohol. Therefore, a man should decide what is more important for him - to be a man or an alcoholic. After refusal it is necessary to pass a specialized examination to check the presence of sexual pathologies. It is better to take a vacation for the whole period of treatment so that a man can fully rest. At this time it is desirable to sleep more, so rehabilitation will be more effective.

A specialist can prescribe stimulant drugs like Cialis or the notorious Viagra, but the effect is one-time, so take the pill before every sexual act. Over time, the potency will be restored on its own, most importantly, do not return to alcohol.

The diet is also important. Men in the daily menu must necessarily include zinc-containing products like oysters, honey, fish and nuts. It is useful to use dairy products of moderate fat content, eggs, fruit and vegetable dishes.

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