Prevention of opisthorchiasis in the adult population at home, a reminder how to avoid( guard)?

A large number of parasites live on the earth, which infect humans every year. In Russia and CIS countries, a disease like opisthorchiasis is common. The causative agent of such an unpleasant disease is flat worms - opisthorchia.

In order not to struggle with the consequences, it is best not to admit the appearance of the disease. This will help prevent opisthorchiasis.

To avoid opisthorchiasis, you need to know that prevention includes a number of activities. The main measures include:

  • Assessment of the epidemiological status;
  • Carrying out of epidemiological measures;
  • Application of food processing techniques;
  • Compliance with personal hygiene.

In the event that there are infected people in the district, they must be cured, as the opisthorchiasis spreads quickly enough. It should be remembered that the distributor of opisthorchiasis is not only man, but also many animals.

To reduce the likelihood of infection, it is necessary to exclude feces that have not been decontaminated from the fertilizer. Without fail, the stools must undergo composting for at least 12 months. If this procedure can not be carried out, chemical treatment methods should be used.

In order to protect yourself from opisthorchiasis, remember a simple reminder:

  • Caught or bought fish should be carefully processed before use. Categorically it is not recommended to eat, and especially to feed young children with raw fish. The same applies to pets. Before you feed a dog or a cat with fish, you should remember about prevention, for this it is better to cook;
  • After cutting fish, knives and other equipment should be carefully processed. For the prevention, it is necessary to use separate kitchen utensils for cutting fish. Thus, the probability of becoming infected with opisthorchiasis will be lower;
  • The basis of safety is the observance of personal hygiene rules. After any manipulation with fish, you need to wash your hands with soap. Parents should bring this information to their own, even small children.

If the memo is learned by parents, prevention of opisthorchiasis will be successful. It is enough to understand that fish is the main source of infection, so do not neglect the safety rules described above.

Prevention of opisthorchiasis in adults

Adult people often go fishing and consume caught fish, so they are at risk of contracting, they need to know what symptoms can manifest themselves in the acute phase of the disease:

  • Life forces disappear;
  • The work of the digestive tract is disrupted;
  • Appetite is lost;
  • To fatty foods is disgust;
  • Rashes appear on skin;
  • When moving the larvae, a cough appears;
  • Pain appears in the right upper quadrant.

To make it easier to protect yourself, you need to know which fish are dangerous:

  • Bream;
  • Carp;
  • Carp;
  • Yaz;
  • Roach.

Tourists should be attentive when visiting the following countries:

  1. Thailand;
  2. Laos;
  3. Vietnam.

It is worth remembering the rules for the prevention of opisthorchiasis while in these countries. If you do not forget about the rules of personal hygiene, then the probability of picking up helminthiasis. Most often hitting on vacation, people relax and forget about prevention. Returning to their homeland, they have the first symptoms, while they can not understand for a long time where they got infected.

The adult population is recommended:

  • Cooking fish should be at least 20 minutes, while large specimens should be cut into pieces;
  • Many people like fried fish, but not everyone knows how to cook it properly. It is best to place the fish in a flattened form or as cutlets. Frying time should be 20 minutes;
  • When preparing fish pies, the cooking time should be at least 50 minutes;
  • Only small individuals can be dried. Preliminary, the fish should be salted. Vyalit should be for 3 weeks;
  • Kitchen tools used for cleaning and cutting fish must be treated with boiling water and soap.

If desired, it is possible to carry out preventive maintenance with the help of medicines. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This is due to the fact that many medications affect the work of certain organs.

Prevention of opisthorchiasis at home

Everyone, especially if he has children, should know what rules for the prevention of opisthorchiasis at home exist at the moment. Basically, protection from infection consists in personal hygiene and proper cooking of fish. Such prevention reduces the likelihood of contracting the disease.

In many regions of our country catch, and then independently salt fish. In this case, the so-called "stock" ambassador is most often used. In this method of salting, the fish is covered with salt, but it does not fill with water. You should know how many days you should be salted or smoked fish, so that the larvae die. If you follow the warning on the prevention of opisthorchiasis, the population will cope with the larvae:

  • Small fish weighing not more than 15 grams will be ready for consumption after 5 days if the fish are stored at room temperature;
  • Large fish, more than 1 kilogram should be under a layer of salt for at least 10 days;
  • Hot smoking almost immediately kills worms in fish;
  • After cold smoking, helminths retain their vital function for several days.

For the preparation of many salads, the use of raw fish meat is required as an ingredient. This is quite dangerous, since without treatment it is possible to store into the body of larvae and become infected with opisthorchiasis. To avoid this, you can pre-freeze the meat:

  • At a temperature of 28 degrees, the larvae die after 45 hours:
  • When meat is stored at minus 35 degrees, the parasite dies after 10 hours;
  • Storage of fish in a domestic refrigerator, helminths remain viable for 30 days.
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