Colitis of the duodenum

Inflammatory processes affecting the intestinal mucosa, colitis is a fairly common disease. Species and types of this disease, depending on the cause and pathogen, there is a large number. The disease is also subdivided depending on the site where the inflammatory focus is located. If the inflammation covers the entire surface of the mucosa, then it is called total. Being on the border between the colon and small intestine, the duodenum becomes very vulnerable in the spread of total colitis, for the ulcer, including the perforated. Therefore, inflammation of the duodenum is characteristic of the erosive type of colitis, accompanied by a large number of ulcers on its surface.

Symptoms common to colitis such as abdominal pain, intestinal distress accompanied by diarrhea and constipation, inflammation of the duodenum are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • nausea, accompanied by an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth;
  • severity and abdominal pain;
  • rumbling, flatulence;
  • belching;
  • lack of appetite.

The main causes that affect the development of colitis of the duodenum are significant disorders in nutrition, alcohol abuse, and the use of unhealthy and unhealthy foods. Among the various reasons are noted:

  1. The presence of other diseases, so what are the chronic gastritis, or pancreatitis, when the food mass that is not treated with enzymes gets into the stomach.
  2. Taking medications that affect the change in the normal environment.
  3. Food poisoning, infection with worms.
  4. Congenital abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract.

Having established the correct diagnosis, it is necessary to begin urgent treatment. Colitis of the duodenum can develop into a peptic ulcer with the risk of a malignant neoplasm, and this is its main danger. In the treatment of inflammation, the diet is of fundamental importance. Ignoring the symptoms, and not changing the diet, you can provoke internal bleeding. To eliminate pain, discomfort, prescribe medication. With diarrhea or constipation, folk remedies are useful in the form of tinctures and broths of medicinal herbs. A positive result with colitis of duodenum is achieved only with strict and strict observance of all medical recommendations.

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