Causes of pulsating, sharp pain in the right side of the head and eyes

1 The pain of the

is the most frequent. The right side of the head is the most frequent place of pain formation, which affects partially the neck area. If your right side of your head hurts, it can talk about such diseases:

  • migraine;
  • tumor;
  • cluster pain;
  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • mechanical injury;
  • intracranial hemorrhage;
  • Kosten syndrome.

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All of the above causes of pain in the head have their own characteristics, then you can try to look more closely at each of them and understand what to do if you have the right side of your head hurting.

2 Regular migraines

In women, migraine is more common than in men. As a rule, the disease undermines people in the prime of life - from 20 to 45 years. Most doctors say that migraine is hereditary. In girls, whose mothers suffered from constant pain in the head, the risk of being susceptible to migraines is high enough.

Headache is very painful, it is accompanied by bouts of nausea, dizziness and severe sensitivity to sounds or light. Typically, the pain in this disease begins on one side, and then spreads to the nape, orbit, neck and whiskey. At the onset of migraine in a person can go before the eyes of circles, float flies or loud noise in the ears.

Migraine is often confused with cluster pains, but it is easy to recognize them due to pulsating pain sensations from the right side of the top, which can sometimes be given to the neck area. It should be noted that cluster pains have a very clear periodicity, they constantly appear at a certain time and are localized in the same place. Symptoms other than pain in the right side of the head are severe reddening of the eyes and runny nose. Cluster type headaches are more common in men than in women.

3 Trauma and Tumors

Pain in the right hemisphere can occur as a normal reaction of the body some kind of mechanical effect. Pulsating pain after an injury can be concentrated in one half of the head, spread to the neck area, appear over the ear to the right or be given off in the back of the head.

Because of the injury, there is a small displacement of the brain in the cranium in relation to its normal position. Depending on the type of injury and its complexity, it can hurt not only the right half, but the whole head as well.

Causes of pain in the right side of the head may have a more serious origin, be a consequence of a neoplasm in the brain.

Initially, that is, in the early stages of tumor formation, a person is not strongly disturbed by pain and has a headache in the back only in the neck area, not her right half.

As the tumor grows, the symptoms increase, the location of the localization moves and the half of the head on the right already hurts. Tumors are characterized by such manifestations as nausea, vomiting, rising and falling temperatures, severe pain in the neck, cramps and weight loss.

Problems with the spine often cause unpleasant sensations in the right hemisphere of the head. A person feels aching, dull pain or sharp pains above the ear on the right. She can still give to the neck.

About intracranial hemorrhage can be said when the pain in the head on the right appeared absolutely suddenly and is constantly increasing. Pulsating pain is accompanied by vomiting, loss of consciousness, impaired vision and impaired coordination of movements. In some cases, it can tingle to the left in the temple and give to the neck.

4 Hemikrania and Kosten's

Syndrome Another possible cause of a headache on the right side can be chronic paroxysmal hemicrania. This is a very serious and unpleasant disease, which is accompanied by terrible attacks of pain in the temporal region to the right or simultaneously from both sides.


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In a day a person can experience up to 16 bouts of the disease. As a rule, the pain is burning, less often throbbing.

In medicine there is such a thing as Kosten's syndrome, it is characterized by pain in the right hemisphere of the head, deterioration of hearing and inability to fully open the mouth.

The right half of the head of a man seems to be numb, and pulsating pains give to the neck and right eye.

5 Hangover syndrome

Pain in one part of the head may appear in the morning after drinking alcohol. This state of man is explained by the fact that active substances of alcoholic drinks block the normal blood flow to the brain.

Strong pain can be removed by a simple tablet of analgin and strong sleep.

But if the head hurts even after minor doses of alcohol, then perhaps it's all about the migraine, not the hangover syndrome.

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6 How to eliminate the pain of

Most people are tormented by the question of why the head hurts if there is no apparent reason for this. But the answer to the question can only be given by a doctor, so do not waste time and immediately seek qualified advice and, if necessary, treatment. Of course, you can try to treat the pain in the right side of the head at home, using improvised means, such as compresses, lotions, teas and usual pain medications, but it is much more reasonable to go to the hospital. If you have a headache on the right, in any case you do not need to panic, first try to calm down and put things in order in your thoughts.

Often the cause of severe pain on the right side of the head is the unstable emotional state of a person. Sometimes a patient needs a greater degree of psychological treatment than medication.

After going to the doctor, you can get a complete examination of the spine, brain, vessels of the head, neck and surrounding tissues.

After careful diagnosis based on the results, the doctor will develop a treatment regimen. From medications, a doctor can prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen, Nimesil, etc. In case of neglected cases, corticosteroid and pain medications can help relieve headaches.

7 Recommendations for patients

If headaches have caught you suddenly at home, try to reduce the strain on the neck, avoid stress and try to spend more time in a horizontal position. Since the pain on the right side speaks of neuralgia of the occipital nerve, it is recommended to wear a collar "golf" or a sweater with a high rack.

It does not hurt to take a bath with pine needles or sea salt. If the pain is not severe, then it can be alleviated with the usual painkillers. Try to follow the pain for 2 days. Note any changes in the nature of the pain, time of onset and localization. It happens that the pain on the right side occurs due to an incorrect position during sleep, a hard pillow, or because of the commonplace habit of sitting with the inclination of the head in a certain direction. Try to eliminate the above reasons, and the pain will leave you after a few days. If this did not help, then going to the hospital is a must. Regardless of which part of the head there is pain, you can not apply massage on the affected area. Do not tolerate a severe malaise and in any case do not self-medicate. Determine the true cause and cure you can only a qualified specialist. In the first stages, pain can be eliminated in a few weeks, but in advanced cases, even surgical intervention may be required.

Now you know why the right side of the head hurts and how you can treat it. Do not neglect your health. If you feel pain on the right or if the other half of the head hurts, consult a doctor immediately to prevent the possible development of serious diseases.

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