Why does my throat and head ache?

1 The cause is the flu

Of course, such symptoms can also indicate the flu, but only at its initial stage, when the body has not yet begun to fight infections on its own. If the patient feels a general weakness and chills, then the first thing he should do is start taking a warm drink in fairly large quantities. What can you drink in this case?

Ideal option is a fresh chicken broth, in which you can add a little greens, as well as garlic. Garlic is famous for its medicinal properties and will help the body to fight the attacking infection. If the chicken is not at hand, then an ordinary tea, black or green, is suitable, depending on the preferences of the patient. In order to help the body, you need to put a few slices of lemon in the tea, and after the tea has been drunk, in any case it should not be thrown away, but eat, as in the lemon there is a lot of vitamin C, namely this vitamin - just that, what you need a weakened body.

Abundant drink will help the body to start the process of intoxication. Of course, a person will often want to go to the toilet for a small need, but in this situation it is just necessary - along with the urine there will be a harmful infection or even a part of it.

It is also recommended to go to bed, not to strain your eyes or hearing by watching movies on TV or reading books, as this can cause complications. It is best to try to sleep, since sleep helps the body to regain lost strength. It must be remembered that the room where the patient is located should be ventilated as often as possible. Categorically, you can not take painkillers and powders, since the body itself must fight this infection.

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2 Allergic reaction

If for several days this condition persistently does not want to go off the ground for either the worse or the better, then it is worth thinking about the possibility that an allergic reaction that caused laryngeal edema is possible. As an unpleasant addition to it, there may also be an allergic rhinitis.

In this case, you need to analyze the situation and think about what object, product or phenomenon of nature could cause such a reaction. To ease your life, you need to get rid of the allergen, in another way to solve this problem will not work. After the allergen has been found, removed, and the condition has recovered slightly, you need to immediately consult a doctor, tell him about your suspicions of allergies. The fact is that the doctor can recommend some auxiliary drugs to relieve swelling in the throat, or antihistamines to relieve and eliminate the symptoms of allergies.

One must know how to treat painful sensations in the throat. In this case, you need to remember and that consultation of the attending physician is necessary, otherwise you can only hurt yourself. In extreme cases, if the throat is very sore, and go to the doctor at the moment is not possible, you can try to ease your condition by some means on herbs that do not exactly aggravate an already not too good position and will help to remove the symptoms at least for a while.

You can rinse throat with soda solution or buy a tincture of eucalyptus or marigold in the pharmacy. Just a few drops of this tincture on a glass of warm water, and you can rinse. If there are microbes in the larynx, then this rinse will help them to kill, and even if they are not there, it will not do any harm to the body. Pharmacies sell potions prepared on herbs, they too should not exacerbate the situation.


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Strongly do not buy drugs that contain antibiotics, because you need to take such medications only with the appointment of a doctor. Their uncontrolled use can cause complications. If the head is unbearably painful, then you can take an anesthetic pill, but you need to remember that it does not help to eliminate the globally headache, but only relieve the symptom for a while, after which the pain will return again. If the temperature still rose, then it can be lowered in a classical way, that is, with an abundant drink of cranberry or cowberry mors and a tablet of paracetamol.

3 Possible diseases

It may also be that the patient is experiencing chronic sinusitis, sinusitis or other diseases, and at the moment they have a relapse or another exacerbation. Do not ignore this disease. Even if this happens not for the first time, then going to the doctor is strictly required.

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Pharyngitis or laryngitis is already much more serious and is very acute if not treated in time. It is these diseases that occur without temperature, but with a possible headache and compulsory pain in the throat. They affect the mucous membranes of the swallowing tracts and the larynx itself.

The most common cause of such a disease microorganisms that fall on the mucous, multiply, and thereby cause a person's attacks of sore throat and difficulty swallowing. However, this disease is not always caused by microorganisms. Very often such symptoms are caused by too dry and cold air. For example, this happens when a person jogs in the winter or just the cold season and starts to breathe with his mouth. Or when a person has a heavily stuffy nose, and he just has to breathe with his mouth. This causes pain in the throat, since dry and cold air immediately cause dryness and irritation of the mucous membrane.

Therefore, in order to avoid this, you need to breathe only with your nose. The air that enters the body through the nose, has time to clear and keep warm until it reaches the mucous membranes. But if the breath in the cold weather was forced, then the person can be reassured that unpleasant symptoms and sensations in the throat will pass very quickly, in a few hours, if he has a healthy body and strong immunity. But if the strong immunity does not boast, then the disease is almost inevitable, and you need to know how to help yourself in this situation.

First you need to take a warm, but by no means hot drink. You need to drink tea, you can with lemon, honey or raspberries. Suitable warm milk or chicken broth. If the pain in the throat after this has not passed, then you need to start to rinse it with herbal tincture, and do it as often as possible. For the rinse, the aforementioned tincture of calendula or eucalyptus, a tincture of chamomile, is suitable. But it will have to be cooked on its own, since it is not sold in a pharmacy in liquid form. You need to buy dry grass chemist's chamomile, a tablespoon or two of this herb pour boiling water, let it brew and cool and then apply to rinse. Sore throat will help loosen the lollipops with mint or menthol, which can be bought at the pharmacy. These are Strepsils, Adjicept, Faryngosept, Gorpils and others.

If the symptoms do not go away for several days, then going to the doctor is strictly necessary, because if the disease is not cured in time, it can easily evolve into a chronic form, and the symptoms will appear at every opportunity.

It is commonly believed that angina is always accompanied by high fever, enlarged tonsils and white on them with a touch. However, the temperature and white coating with angina are not necessary at all. Very often the main complaint of the patient is only general weakness, sometimes headache and a strong, almost intolerable, sore throat pain that makes swallowing, and simply the process of speaking. Even if there is no temperature, then to such a disease as angina should be taken as seriously as possible. Angina - the disease is very insidious, so it is fraught with complications that can be very, very serious.

It happens that there is stomatitis in an adult in the oral cavity. It passes with such symptoms as a sore throat, but completely without temperature. Also in the oral cavity, aphthae are formed - these are small pustules, very painful. Sometimes lymph nodes may grow. The disease is also very serious, so you need to see a doctor.

4 The influence of the foreign body

This case is not altogether excluded, even though the person is already quite adult and, apparently, knows how to choose bones from fish, does not take in his mouth all kinds of mucks and thoroughly chews food. But there are such small bones that can not be seen with the naked eye, they can become stuck in the mucous membrane and cause discomfort and pain, especially when swallowing. In this case, in no case can not get a foreign body yourself, you need to give it to a specialist. Do not swallow a crust of bread or drink liquid. This may not have any effect, but only worsen the situation, the bone will move further along the esophagus, the doctor will be much harder to get it.

Bone can scratch or scratch the wound, and it can bother for a few more days, so you should try not to eat solid food and gargle with the infusion of chamomile.

Remember, when the throat and head ache, self-medication is contraindicated, since without knowing what is causing the ailment, one can only cause complications.

Be careful!

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