Medichronal from a hangover: composition, instructions for use, feedback

Reception of Medichronal Darnitsa improves psychoemotional state with hangover syndrome, has a hepatoprotective, detoxification, antidepressant effect, restores sleep.

Medochronal Darnitsa

The combined agent belongs to the group of drugs for the treatment of alcohol dependence. On average, the price of one package is 290 rubles.


Package number 1.As part of the first package are:

  • active compound - glucose( 17.5 g);
  • additional component - polyvidone medical.

Package number 2.In the second package are:

  • active compounds - glycine( 7 g), sodium formate( 3.5 g);
  • additional substance is polyvidone.

Medicinal forms

White granules of a yellowish hue, odorless, packaged in packets No. 1 and No. 2.

Pharmacological action

Medronica Darnitsa is a combined preparation that reduces the concentration of ethyl alcohol metabolites after alcohol intoxication. Medchronal affects the concentration of the most aggressive product of alcohol breakdown - the concentration of acetic aldehyde.

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Medikhronal medication neutralizes acetaldehyde in the body, reduces its toxic effect on the liver.

Due to the active component glycine( aminoacetic acid) Medichronal improves brain activity, reduces psycho-emotional stress, eliminates sleep disturbances.


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Sodium formate is a food supplement E-237, a sodium salt of formic acid. In nature it occurs in plant juices. In the food industry is used, as a preservative to increase the shelf life of food products. A day allowed 3 mg / per 1 kg of human weight.

Glucose is necessary to provide energy, replenish glycogen stores in the liver, prevent the state of hypoglycemia.


The effect of the drug is observed 30 minutes after ingestion, the dynamics of changes depends on the patient's condition, usually:

  • alcohol intoxication is eliminated after 1-3 days;
  • hangover symptoms disappear in a week.

The drug can be used to treat alcoholism. In combination with psychocorrection, psychotherapy, the drug reduces craving for alcohol, reduces the severity of symptoms of poisoning with ethyl alcohol, prevents relapses.


All components of the Medochronal are characterized by a high rate of entry into the blood, participation in the natural metabolism of the body.

Glycine is 100% bioavailable, absorbed in the digestive tract, cleaved under the action of the enzyme glycine oxidase.

Glucose absorption occurs through the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Glucose supplies energy to cells, neutralizes the action of metabolites of ethyl alcohol.


The drug is used in therapy:

  • chronic alcoholism;
  • withdrawal syndrome;
  • alcohol poisoning.

Instruction for use

Drug is taken in the morning after a meal. Packages №1, №2 are bred in 125 ml of still water. To improve the taste, it is allowed to use juice to dissolve the granules.

The contents of packages No. 1 and No. 2 are one dose of Medochronal. The method of application is one - it is drunk at one time.

Abstinence treatment lasts 4-5 days. On the first day, two doses are taken: one in the morning and one in the evening. In the following days, it is enough to take one dose of the drug in the morning.

Chronic alcoholism is treated by Medichronal in three courses, lasting 7 days, taking breaks for 3 days. The drug during the course of treatment is taken in the amount of one dose.

After 30 days, to fix the effect of treatment, the course is repeated.

Medochronal is used to prevent alcohol intoxication. For this purpose, one dose of the drug should be taken correctly 30 minutes before drinking alcohol.

It is recommended that repeated courses lasting 1-2 weeks throughout the year be used to fix the prophylactic effect.

Recommendations for the use of medichronal


The drug is contraindicated in persons who are noted for such diseases as:

  • diabetes - due to the presence of gluconic in Medichronal;
  • decreased blood pressure;
  • sensitivity to the components of the tool.

Side effects of

Side effects of the drug manifested:

  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • with nervousness, absent-mindedness;
  • by itching;
  • is an allergic reaction.

In case of an overdose of Medochronal, diarrhea is noted, an increase in side effects.

Special instructions

You can take the medicine for a severe hangover. With minor intoxication, the sodium formate present in the absence of acetaldehyde in the blood will act as an independent damaging factor.

Efficacy, side effects of the drug are not fully understood, comparative studies of the safety of the drug with the control group have not been conducted.

  • The drug is not used concurrently with taking disulfiram, alcohol.
  • The use of the drug in the treatment of alcohol dependence in conjunction with other drugs is allowed.
  • It is not possible to drive a vehicle when using Medochronal because of the reduced reaction speed, the effect of the drug on the ability to concentrate attention.
  • The drug should be stored in the absence of light, in a dry room.


The effect of the drug is very individual. The effectiveness of its use depends on the liver, the quantity and quality of the drink and eaten. Hence, perhaps, the inconsistency in the reviews.

The opinion of the host about the drug is divided approximately 50 to 50. Among the effects that cause negative reviews, nausea is indicated after taking Medochronal, headache, vomiting. All these effects are indicated in the side effects, and should not cause a complaint to the drug manufacturers.

In positive responses, there is an improvement in sleep, appetite, and the fact that taking medochronal is necessary for a severe hangover.

If the liver has already coped with alcoholic metabolites, the sodium formate, which should be consumed to bind acetaldehyde, will exhibit toxic properties, poison the body.


Similar preparations are Metadoxil, Biotredin, Acidum C, Proproten. Analog Medochronal Metadoxil - a drug that accelerates the destruction of ethyl alcohol in the liver, showing hepatoprotective properties.

Proproten reduces the severity of the withdrawal syndrome. Admission Biotredin reduces craving for alcohol. Acidium C improves the condition with a hangover.

The commercial of the drug Medchronal:

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