The child derives sulfur from the ear: causes, provoking factors, treatment

Sulfur in the ears plays a protective function, but sometimes it causes problems. Sometimes people think that it is dirt, so they try to get rid of it. But thanks to her in the ears, a natural microflora is preserved, protected from pathogenic microorganisms.

The volume of sulfur should be carefully monitored. Excessive generation can lead to the formation of sulfur plugs and the closing of the passage of the organ of hearing. Therefore, it is important to recognize in a timely manner the problems that occur in the body.

Functions of the ear secret

This is a yellow-brown secretion, similar to lubrication. It is produced by sulfur glands. It is needed for cleaning and lubricating the ear canals. In the outer ear there are 2000 sulfuric glands. Thanks to them, 12-20 mg is released.earwax per month. It consists of proteins, fats, mineral salts. Part of the proteins are immunoglobulins, which determine the protective function.

The acidity level corresponds to 4-5.This allows you to protect a

gainst the development of bacterial or fungal flora. Physiological functions include moisturizing and protecting the skin. Sulfur, together with particles of dust and dead cells, is naturally released to the outside.

Help her in this chewing motion. But many people have natural prerequisites for hypersecretion, as well as a narrow form of auditory canal. This leads to the accumulation of the composition and the formation of plugs.

For the protective functions of earwax, see in our video:

Causes of copious secretions of sulfur from the ear in a child

Find out the cause of copious discharge from the ear can only the otolaryngologist after examination and diagnosis. The reasons for such a problem can be many. Depending on them, the expert gives advice on care and treatment. The prerequisite may be:

  1. Dermatitis. It can be allergic or infectious. Since inflamed patches can be anywhere in the body, their appearance in the ears results in the appearance of a large amount of sulfur and a change in its consistency.
  2. Excessive amount of cholesterol. Cope with the problem will help the usual diet. In children this reason is one of the rarest.
  3. Headphones and hearing aids. The presence of foreign bodies leads to the fact that a large amount of secret begins to be generated for protection.
  4. Prolonged exposure to dusty areas. Microparticles fall into the auditory canal. The organism aspires to get rid of them faster.
  5. Inflammation of the middle ear. One of the most common causes in children under 4 years. In the process of inflammation, the skin becomes irritated. There is an increase in the influx of lymph and blood. Therefore, the ceremonial glands begin to work faster.
  6. Great cleanliness. If parents permanently remove the sulfur of the child, the body begins its enhanced production.

In the photo abundant discharge of sulfur from the ear

Excess of sulfur in the child

How to eliminate

Because the causes that led to profuse discharge from the ear are different, the methods are also different. The most common cause is the formation of sulfuric cork. If adults remove it simply, children should be taken to a doctor, since it is much easier to harm them.

At home

If the ear does not show any pathological processes, ear hygiene will be sufficient. For babies, the removal of excess sulfur should be carried out by the parents. At school age, this responsibility falls on the shoulders of a teenager. It is important to explain all the rules for safe cleaning of the ear canal.

At home you should:

  • Refuse the use of vacuum headphones. If the cause is a hearing aid, you need to carefully monitor its hygiene.
  • If the reason was to visit the dusty premises, then do nothing. Excess of secretion indicates that the child's organism functions normally.
  • When the sulfur plug is formed, a rinse is carried out. First, it can be dissolved by dropping 3% hydrogen peroxide into the ear.

How to clean the ears from sulfur

how to peel ears from sulfur


For washing the ears in the pharmacy you can buy Remo-Wax. It softens and removes excess sulfur from the ear cavity. Can be used to prevent excessive serum formation or when using hearing aids or headphones.

In a medical institution, it is suggested that ear lavage be done using a special syringe from Janet. The procedure is performed only by a doctor, since an incorrect water pressure can damage the eardrum. You can not warm up your ear if you release a lot of sulfur. This can lead to the propagation of pathogenic microflora.

If the abundant formation of sulfur in a child is associated with inflammation of the middle ear, the treatment is performed by local or systemic drugs. In this case, after the course and recovery, the amount of secret is normalized.

How to clean the ears of a child, see in our video:

Forecast and prevention

The prognosis for hygiene is favorable. If you notice that a lot of sulfur has appeared in your ear, do not try to remove it yourself. This method will only lead to its greater pushing. Sometimes it also becomes the cause of the inflammatory process or otitis.

If the baby starts even and crying with the hands of his ears, complain about pain, shooting in the ears, this is an excuse to show it to the doctor. Additionally it is recommended:

  1. Do not allow the head and ears to freeze.
  2. Restrict exposure to dusty environments.
  3. Carefully perform hygiene procedures.
  4. In time to get medical advice.

For prevention, clean the child only the external passage. Once in two weeks will be enough. In this case, remove only the sulfur that has leaked out. If the kid during this manipulation begins to complain, it's an occasion to visit a doctor. It is necessary to soak the child's ears after water procedures with the tip of the towel. This will avoid large amounts of water in the canal.

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