Tablets against ascarids, which are better to drink to treat ascariasis in an adult?

There is a large number of anthelminthic drugs. All of them are divided into two large groups: those tablets that have a wide range of action, and those that act selectively on certain types of worms, against the Askaris, for example. Different groups of drugs have specific activity, that's why the appointment of medicines to adults and children should only be done by a doctor. In this article we will tell you about which pills are most often used from askarids, how to properly take antiparasitic drugs, what medicines should be drunk for adults, and which ones should be administered only to children.

In order to select the best tablets from ascarids, the doctor will necessarily make the necessary diagnostic studies and find out at what stage the invasion is. At the first stage of ascariasis, the larvae migrate. They are carried along with the blood flow throughout the body, so to eliminate the invasion in the initial stages are suitable only those tablets that have a wide range of effects. These include Albendazole, Pirantel, Vermox. If the migratory stage is over, a rather large number of adults accumulate in the intestine of the patient. And here the tablets of narrow-minded action help to fight them. The result is formed depending on the active substance of each particular preparation. Here is a list of the possibilities that modern antiparasitic drugs possess. They are capable of:

  1. To disrupt the bioenergetic functions of helminth cells.
  2. Block the musculature of ascaris, provoking complete paralysis.
  3. Reduce the work of the respiratory organs of worms.
  4. Create conditions that make helminth reproduction impossible.
  5. Disrupt the absorption of glucose - the main component of nutrition.
  6. Weaken the work of the device, with the help of which the helminth is securely attached to the wall of the intestine. As a result of the ascarid, unable to gain a foothold in the intestine, is forced to go out with the feces and leave the host's body.

In order for tablets to be effective, they must be taken correctly, strictly following the recommended dosage. Knowing which pills are best taken from worm-ascaris, which treatment scheme will help prevent re-infection, you can try to minimize the risks of possible complications. That is why it became necessary to make a brief review of the medicines used against Ascaris.

Review of tablets from ascarids

The first place in popularity is occupied by tablets called Vermox. They suppress the synthesis of ATP, so both the larvae and the ascarid are killed by loss of vital energy. Take pills inside twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for 100 mg, you do not need to chew them. The course of admission is three days.

More affordable in the price of a drug called Piperazine. It is most often prescribed to adults, the daily dose is not more than 4 mg. Tablets should be drunk at night before going to bed, as atcarides are the most active at this time. Children from askaridosis prescribed Decaris. It simultaneously eliminates helminths and strengthens overall immunity. Dosage is calculated in a strictly individual order, taking into account the child's age and weight. An adult is given a single dose of tablets in a dosage of 150 mg.

Pirantel is effective in mixed invasions. If the ascaridosis is paired with enterobiasis, the best medicine is not found. The drug has earned a good reputation, so its application is carried out throughout the world. He is willingly included in complex therapeutic assignments and when both need to act on both larvae and adult individuals of ascarids.

Albendazole tablets are prescribed when the drugs listed above are ineffective. This drug belongs to a group of highly toxic, so the reception process is slightly different from the process of receiving funds of a new generation. Albendazole is not assigned to children, it can not be included in therapeutic regimens, if a patient develops an infestation against a background of inflammatory processes taking place in the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system. Before eating it is important to cleanse the intestines by drinking laxatives and then making a cleansing enema. Taking Albendazole, it is important to remember that these pills are capable of provoking constipation. That is why during therapy with this drug it is important to eat more fiber and drink more water during the day.

Almost all of the ascarid tablets are highly toxic, so they must be taken without chewing and always with food. The human body reacts to such means in different ways. That is why anthelmintic drugs should be administered under the supervision of the attending physician. Only he will be able to draw up a scheme of using tablets from ascaris and help in case of side effects.

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