Treatment of psoriasis in the home by folk remedies: on the head, on the elbows, on the legs

Many are familiar with an unpleasant disease, like psoriasis. Its external manifestations and general symptoms are very characteristic: the affected skin areas with active peeling, the presence of a ulcerated surface with increased sensitivity, burning and itching of the skin, with the appearance of such lesions does not look aesthetically pleasing enough. Therefore, the treatment options for this disease should be used such that they will bring an early elimination of the main symptoms and improve the patient's well-being.

According to modern medicine, a complete cure for psoriasis is impossible. However, according to numerous studies, a significant improvement in the general condition of the patient with a significant decrease in the symptoms accompanying the disease is quite feasible when using traditional medicine. Let's talk today about the causes of the onset of the body, the symptoms and treatment of psoriasis folk remedies at home.

General advice

Thanks to the use of time-proven funds, it is possible to significantly extend the remission period of any disease. And psoriasis is no exception: even significant lesions become noticeably less, and the symptomatology of the disease does not so much bother the patient when using traditional medicine methods.

The most important recommendations that should be followed when starting a treatment for such a complex and formidable disease as psoriasis are the following:

  1. The regularity of is a prerequisite for achieving tangible improvements. It is regular procedures, the use of special tools that makes it possible to stabilize the condition, reduce the size of the lesion area and improve the overall condition.
  2. The transition from small doses of the tools used to the larger and from shorter procedures to longer ones. The main criterion here should be the patient's condition, as well as the presence of visible results during the selected treatment.
  3. Traditional medicine methods are most effective for with the positive approach of .Therefore, a positive attitude toward success, to a consistent improvement will allow you to feel the effectiveness of the selected methods rather.
  4. No effect on psoriasis by the exacerbation of .This means that this disease should be treated only by a consistent improvement and withdrawal of the accompanying symptoms. In this way, it is possible to achieve a marked improvement in the patient's condition more quickly.
  5. All treatment options using traditional medicine suggest no effect on the body of hormonal drugs .The effect of such drugs, the main active substance of which are hormones, can significantly reduce the effectiveness of traditional medicine methods. In addition, such drugs have a lot of side effects, and the results obtained from their application, although they are fast, do not last long, causing an even greater aggravation of the pathological process.

About psoriasis on the face, palms, legs, hands and its treatment folk remedies according to grandmother's recipes read further.

General advice on the treatment of psoriasis is described in this video:

Treatment of psoriasis at home

The medicinal effect of psoriasis largely depends on the location of the pathological process. After all, the location of a site that has been ulcerated can be located anywhere( according to medical statistics, lesions are located in various areas of the body).

To begin with, let's talk about psoriasis of the scalp, its treatment with folk remedies at home.

On the head

Being located on the scalp, psoriasis requires adequate treatment with the help of an integrated approach, which involves the exposure of several components at the same time - fortifying preparations( mineral, vitamin complexes), sedatives for restoring mental balance and maintaining a stable moodwhich is important in the treatment of this disease), as well as preparations of local purpose. To drugs that are applied directly to the scalp, you can include shampoos, masks, balms that stabilize the microflora on the scalp.

Eliminating peeling and irritation, improving the functioning of the immune system and stabilizing the production of sebum in the scalp with the help of these components, you can achieve rapid and lasting improvement. Also for the treatment of psoriasis in this area, you can regularly apply the following masks and herbal tinctures for hair and scalp, which also have a stabilizing effect on the affected area.


Mask for the treatment of psoriasis on the head

  • Honey natural.
  • Tar birch. Whipped egg whites.
  • Castor oil.

The listed components are mixed in equal proportions and applied to the scalp. In parallel with a significant improvement in the hair condition, the pathogenic microflora on the skin is neutralized, its peeling and sensitivity are reduced, and the sebum production process is stabilized. And the hair after such a mask becomes more docile and soft.


After washing hair it will be useful to rinse hair and scalp with the following infusions:

  • infusion of chamomile and nettle - soothes the skin, eliminates itching and flaking;
  • infusion of wormwood with chamomile - disinfects the skin, makes hair more silky;
  • infusion or decoction of the collection of herbs, chamomile, celandine and wormwood also positively affects the affected areas of the scalp.

The listed variants have perfectly proved themselves in complex influence on hair with the help of preparations prepared from natural components. Their effectiveness will be maximum if you apply both infusions and a mask before every wash of your head.

For psoriasis of nails and its effective treatment at home by folk remedies, read below.

This video describes the home prescriptions for the treatment of psoriasis:

On the nails

With nail psoriasis, there is a significant deterioration in the condition of the nail plate, at which it is markedly gradually exfoliation, dry skin around the nail, peeling occurs. This type of disease requires the use of special preparations containing an increased amount of calcium, positively affecting the process of regeneration of the nail plate.

The following folk medicine methods are also used, which can be successfully used at home:

  1. Oak bark bins is an excellent tool for improving the appearance of nails. Doing them daily, you can see a noticeable result in a week: the nails will cease to separate, the degree of their delamination and peeling will decrease.
  2. Sea buckthorn oil , which is applied warmed to cleaned nails, perfectly nourishes them and restores an attractive and healthy appearance. The duration of use of this tool depends on the availability of results, the time of application of this procedure is unlimited.
  3. Broth of bay leaves , prepared from 10 g of crushed dry bay leaves and 250 ml of water. The use of half a glass of such decoction once a day allows to improve the condition of the nails, from the inside acting on the pathogenic microflora causing such external manifestations.
  4. Therapeutic baths with the addition of oat flour or corn starch also improve the overall condition of the nails: increase their density, eliminating softness and porosity.

The above options when combined with the reception of vitamin complexes give excellent results, positively affecting the appearance of the nail plates and the condition of the patient as a whole.

For psoriasis on elbows and its quick treatment at home( with positive responses) folk remedies read below.

At the elbows of the

Since the elbows area is often used in everyday life, the use of medicines and folk medicine methods should be carried out particularly carefully and often to reduce the negative manifestations of the disease and improve their appearance.

For the area of ​​elbows affected by psoriasis, a combined approach that consists of external action and the use of drugs that stimulate immunity and provide the body with vitamins is suitable. The most effective means include the following procedures and methods:

  • baths with sea salt;
  • use of a moisturizer after each water treatment to prevent skin from drying out in this area;
  • infusions celandine, horsetail, chamomile, which are daily lubricated affected places on the elbows;
  • infusion of juniper in the form of trays or rubs.

Psoriasis on the legs in children and adults and its treatment at home are described below.

At the feet of

In this area, procedures are also required to stop the peeling process and reduce dryness.

  • For everyday use, the recommendation is the most commonly used moisturizing cream, especially after the adoption of water procedures. After all, the skin of the legs has a small amount of sebaceous glands, because initially it is characterized by increased dryness. And with the progression of psoriasis, the dryness of the upper layer of the epidermis increases, and the peeling affords some soreness.
  • Also ointment, prepared on the basis of a child's fat cream with the addition of chicken protein, tar and drops of any vegetable oil( preferably olive unrefined or flaxseed), is also excellent. Ointment is applied twice a day.

For treatment of psoriasis on the hands and other places at home, folk remedies read below.

Other localizations and types of the disease

In addition to those listed, psoriasis can affect other parts of the human body.

  • For example, stomach and back , which also need treatment. And here such folk remedies as rubbing these areas with decoction of leaves of birch and linden mixed in equal proportions will help. The procedure should be repeated twice a day, after which a moisturizer is applied.
  • Also, psoriasis can manifest on the hands of .Here a good effect is provided with ointments based on chicken protein, whipped into a steep foam, a few drops of vegetable oil and tar. The received mass is put on the ordered parts of hands, from above are put on fabric gloves and it is left for the night. In the morning, after washing, hands should be lubricated with a moisturizer.

Other parts of the body are less likely to be affected by these diseases. However, the main rules for curative effects on them at home can be the use of moisturizers, the lack of strong mechanical effects on the affected skin, herbal medicinal herbs, which eliminate the peeling process.

The method of treatment of psoriasis at home will tell the video below:

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