Generalized pustular psoriasis von Zumbush: causes and treatment

Skin disease, which refers to the form of psoriasis and proceeds with the formation of pustules, is called generalized pustular psoriasis. It is this variety that differs in that the lesion extends over vast areas of the skin surface. This article will tell you about such a disease as pustular psoriasis, its causes, symptoms, and treatment with folk remedies.

Features of the disease

The disease is one of the varieties of psoriasis and is characterized by the most severe form of manifestation. The course of the disease can be fatal.

  • In children, this disease is rare. Usually falls at the age of 2 ÷ 10 years. And among the sick children, most of them are boys.
  • And if you take the total number of patients, then the adult population accounts for the maximum percentage of patients. The average age of people susceptible to this disease according to statistics is 50 years. Adults suffer from psoriasis of this species to the same extent, as individuals of different sexes.

Generalized pustular psoriasis( photo)

Classification of

The generalized form of pustular psoriasis has three varieties:

  • herpetiform impetigo - the disorder is more noticed in female representatives and is provoked mainly at the moments of hormonal changes;
  • acrodermatitis Allopo - the disease is often triggered by traumatic effects, the primary localization of the lesion is the fingers( legs, too, but less often).
  • psumbiosis Tsumbush - the defeat of large areas of the skin surface, the localization can be anywhere.

The last form of the disease, given in this classification, does not in itself have varieties.

About the causes of the disease, generalized psoriasis on the body in children and adults will tell the video below:

Causes of

The factors that trigger the disease include the same reasons as for other forms of psoriasis:

  • malfunctions in the body's defense system,
  • disorders of metabolicprocesses,
  • hereditary predisposition to the disease,

There are a number of factors that trigger as triggers for the appearance of the pustular form of the disease, including its generalized paznovidnosti:

  • finding a long time in a situation with increased emotional stress, in a state of stress,
  • precedent is created if a person has to take a long time to take medications that lead to a decrease in immunity;
  • use for a long time of external agents, which are irritating;
  • insufficient level of calcium in the blood,
  • when hormonal changes occur, including the state of pregnancy;
  • violation of bile ductility through the ducts, which leads to jaundice;
  • exposure of a person to phototherapy procedures, also prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Symptoms of generalized pustular psoriasis

Symptoms of the disease appear suddenly.

  • A large area of ​​the skin turns out to be covered by an inflammatory process with a normal shade changing to a bright red color. This phenomenon can occur rapidly - in a few hours.
  • After this, the formation of pustules occurs on the surface of the skin. First, small groups of small groups are observed, then their number increases.
  • Localization of pustules can happen anywhere. Often this phenomenon chooses the genital and anal areas.
  • Pustules begin to merge and form purulent lakes. Purulent elements appear on inflamed areas, as well as on sites free from damage.

At the same time, overall health worsens, the patient experiences:

  • pain in the affected area,
  • malaise,
  • increasing weakness,
  • temperature increase may reach the limits spoken of - the scale of
  • nausea.

Further on the affected places there are changes - appear crusts. After the crusts die and fall off, the surface of the damaged species opens. It gradually overgrows with new cells.

Pustules have the property of appearing in places where previous formations have passed their cycle before drying. Such wave-like generation of pustules occurs over a period of 7 to 60 neutrons. When the moment of absence of pustules comes, then the poor general condition improves. On the lesions, when the pustules have disappeared, there may be inflamed surfaces where phenomena corresponding to common psoriasis occur.


Diagnosis is determined on the basis of:

  • examination of the doctor, determination of the characteristic signs of the disease;
  • analysis of the contents of pustules( for this purpose, this crop is sown),
  • histological study of the biomaterial taken from the lesions.

Treatment of

To date, specialists do not have methods to completely cure the disease. Treatment is aimed at suppressing, to the extent that it turns out, the manifestations of psoriasis.

The treatment process will take a long time. To the patient, taking into account all its features, the doctor makes an individual appointment.

Therapeutic method

In order to facilitate the patient's condition, physiotherapeutic procedures are performed:

  • photochemotherapy,
  • ultraviolet irradiation,
  • therapeutic baths.

By medicamentous method

Drugs of different directions are used to stabilize the condition:

  • vitamins that regulate the state of the nervous system and are useful for the skin - group B;vitamins, the action of which is attributed to antioxidants - protects the body cells from the harmful effects of oxidants.
  • anti-allergy products:
    • zirtek,
    • loratadine;
  • immunomodulators:
    • interferon;
  • sedatives:
    • preparations containing bromine,
    • new passit,
    • sedavite;
  • immunosuppressive agents and cytotoxic agents.

The disease is associated with skin lesions, so the external remedies also apply:

  • creams with the content of substances - analogues of vitamin D, as well as glucocorticosteroids;
  • also uses agents that include other active substances:
    • acetylsalicylic acid,
    • tar,
    • and others.

Prevention of disease

To preventive measures include:

  • strengthening the body's defenses,
  • compliance with the regime,
  • useful physical activity,
  • life-affirming philosophy that helps to survive stress;
  • if the patient is taking systemic drugs, then it should be under the supervision of a doctor, periodically give blood for analysis.

Psoriasis Tsumbusha( photo)

Complications of

Consequences of the disease can manifest themselves by such violations:

  • hepatic insufficiency,
  • onycholysis - nail defect,
  • pyoderma - a violation of the health of the skin that initiates pyogenic cocci;
  • alopecia - problems with hair on the head: hair falls out, and recovery does not occur;
  • malabsorption - a violation of the small intestine,
  • hypocalcemia - the content of intracellular calcium and calcium in the blood plasma is below normal;
  • hypoalbuminemia - reduced serum albumin content.


  • A patient who suffers from psoriasis von Zumbush must receive medical treatment. If this is not done, a lethal outcome is possible due to heavy loads on other body systems.
  • As a result of intoxication at a high body temperature during the most acute phase of the disease, pulmonary and cardiac failure may occur. If the situation is aggravated also by the patient's solid age, then there may be a manifestation of distress syndrome.
  • Statistics show about 2% of cases that end in a lethal outcome. The rest of the patients, who are ill with generalized pustular psoriasis, have a lifelong chronic form, because while the disease is incurable.

On the treatment of psoriasis at home, this video will tell:

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