Gel Enterosgel with a hangover: indications, instructions for use, feedback

To combat hangover syndrome people use a variety of means - from cucumber brine and ice shower to drugs that are sold at the pharmacy. One of the highly advertised means is Enterosgel, which is at the hearing of many. What is this drug and how effective is it?

Enterosgel with hangover

The most effective method of dealing with a hangover is detoxification, which is aimed at removing toxins and alcohol metabolites from the body. These poisons mainly accumulate in the intestine, leading to a breakdown in its microflora.

Remove from the gastrointestinal tract accumulated there harmful substances can be with the enema or laxative, but their effect does not come immediately. In addition, various side effects are possible.

For quick and safe detoxification, sorbents are intended, which after binding bind and excrete poisoning substances. The most accessible and cheapest of them is activated charcoal. On the other hand, modern medicines have a stronger effect, one of which is Enterosgel.

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In addition to the hangover, the drug also struggles with other negative effects of alcohol intake, as it restores the intestinal microflora. As a result, dysbacteriosis is treated, which becomes one of the complications of alcohol abuse. It also removes salts of heavy metals from the body, pathogens of various diseases and promotes an increase in immunity.

The price of Enterosgel varies from 250 to 650 rubles.and depends on the dosage form and dosage. The Russian company TNK SILMA LLC is issuing the facility.

The preparation is produced in accordance with GOST, there are licenses for it. The product is dispensed from pharmacies without a prescription.


Enterosgel is presented in two dosage forms:


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  1. Gel for preparation of suspension for ingestion
  2. Pasta for oral administration.

The gel for the preparation of the suspension is 100% composed of the active ingredient - methyl silicic acid hydrogel. In 100 g. Paste for oral administration contains 70 g. Of active substance, 30 g. Of purified water. Also in both forms of the drug is a sweetener, which improves the taste of the product.

Photo of the preparation Enterosgel

Indications for use

The Enterosgel preparation is suitable for use by both adults and children.

It is intended for detoxification in the following cases:

  • acute alcohol poisoning;
  • intoxication with drugs, alkaloids, heavy metal salts;
  • acute intestinal infections;
  • purulent-septic diseases with severe intoxication;
  • flatulence;
  • allergy to food and medicine;
  • viral hepatitis;
  • kidney failure.

Since Enterosgel has the ability to remove poisons of various origin from the body, it can also be used to prevent chronic intoxication by workers of harmful industries. The drug prevents complications as a result of exposure to salts of heavy metals, organic solvents, xenobiotics, petroleum products, carbon, radionuclides.

Principle of operation of

The mechanism of action of Enterosgel is based on molecular adsorption due to the strong porous structure of the gelling matrix. Getting into the pores of the drug, large molecules of ethyl alcohol are retained there, and all useful substances pass through the gel. Thus, vital microelements, vitamins and calcium remain inside the body, and unassigned remains of alcohol and its metabolites are removed.

Also the manufacturer claims that the drug eliminates the specific odor after alcohol abuse.

Some even compare the enterosorbent with a small liver, which filters and removes poisoning substances from the body. Therefore, it is often included in the complex treatment of viral hepatitis.

In parallel, Enterosgel provides protection of the mucous membranes. They are deposited gelatinous particles of the drug, thereby preventing erosion, which is often caused by acids and toxins.

Due to this feature, the drug becomes effective when taken not only during a hangover, but also before drinking hot drinks - in this case it is possible to reduce the harmful effects of ethanol on the body. The stomach is covered with a thin film, which prevents the destruction of the mucosa and its subsequent inflammation. The risk of developing peptic ulcer and gastritis is minimized.

In general, Enterosgel with hangover syndrome replaces the whole set of medicines, including :

  • aspirin for headache;
  • remedies for gastric pain;
  • preparations for pain in the liver.

Under the influence of Enterosgel, hangover symptoms disappear within 1.5-2 h, according to the manufacturer. The process of removing the medicine from the body takes only half a day.
On video, the principle of Enterosgel:

Instructions for use

Enterosgel taken orally for a couple of hours before or after meals or other drugs, squeezed liquid. The pasta is ready for use. The gel should be previously diluted in water.

There are two options for taking the drug: immediately after the feast or during the hangover syndrome. In the first case, the remedy will prevent a severe condition in the morning, in the second - it will ease the emerging symptoms of intoxication.

During a hangover, enterosorbent intake should be accompanied by additional detoxification methods:
  1. Emptying the intestine.
  2. Receiving 3 tbsp.l. Enterosgelya.
  3. After 20-90 minutes.- reception of succinic acid.
  4. Reception of magnesium-containing products.

There are also alternative ways of taking Enterosgel during a hangover. For example, you can mix 5 spoonfuls of water in the water and divide their reception for 5 hours, another option is to drink 2 tablespoons.l.every 2 hours. If the hangover is poorly expressed, it will suffice to take 3 tbsp.l.of the drug three times a day.

Specialists advise and another scheme for taking enterosorbent in such dosage:

  1. 2 tbsp.l. Enterosgelya immediately after drinking alcohol.
  2. Another 2 tbsp.l.on empty stomach.
  3. The next morning - another 1 tbsp.l.on an empty stomach.

The medicine is usually drunk for 3-4 days, after which the body is completely restored after a binge and the hangover that followed. However, with strong alcohol intoxication, the course of treatment can be prolonged to 10 days, but the amount of the drug should then be reduced to 1.5 spoonfuls.

Overdose cases occur extremely rarely. Therefore, a person can determine for himself how and how much to drink medicines against a hangover, guided by the severity of his condition. However, to repeat the course, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

Contraindications and side effects of

Enterosgel is not recommended for use with:

  • allergy to components;
  • of intestinal obstruction;
  • bleeding in the digestive tract.

Although cases of overdoses occur extremely rarely, Enterosgel has side effects. These include:

  • Constipation.
  • Nausea.
  • Aversion to the remedy.

A feeling of aversion to Enterosgel with a hangover can develop in people with severe hepatic or renal insufficiency. However, people who have tried the drug say that this reaction disappears with time.

Special instructions

If a person plans to get on the wheel the next day after the feast, it is recommended to take Enterosgel immediately after drinking, and then again - in the morning. The manufacturer assures that in the driver's blood in this case there will be no trace of alcohol.

The drug can be combined with others, but between the methods of funds must be maintained a time interval of 1-2 hours. In addition, according to the results of clinical trials, Enterosgel shows effectiveness in the complex treatment of endometritis and gestational pyelonephritis.

The active substance of the preparation does not reduce the absorption of vitamins and trace elements, so the simultaneous intake of these substances is permissible. However, there is no data on the interaction of Enterosgel with alcohol. Take the drug better for a couple of hours before or after drinking alcohol, but not at the same time.


People who took Enterosgel from a hangover, talk about the fact that under the influence of the drug, weight in the stomach is eliminated and the general state of health is normalized. They also argue that this remedy improves a person's condition within a day.

According to reviews of car owners regarding whether the drug helps with a hangover, the drug really speeds up the excretion of alcohol from the body. However, they indicate that Enterosgel after the feast is not able to completely neutralize the specific odor after drinking alcohol.

Physicians indicate the following positive properties of Enterosgel, confirmed by studies and their personal observations:

  • acceleration of alcohol withdrawal from the gastrointestinal tract;
  • reduction of toxigenic load on the liver;
  • rapid restoration of the functionality of the liver;
  • improved regeneration of the affected gastrointestinal mucosa;
  • correction of dysbiosis;
  • elimination of CNS disorders.

These positive effects of Enterosgel allow doctors to recommend a means for detoxification after a hangover. Doctors also argue that taking this medication leads to a more rapid recovery of the psychoemotional state of patients with chronic alcoholism.

This effect is confirmed by studies, during which it was found that after a day the symptoms of abstinence begin to fade, the person returns to appetite and normal state of health. This reduces the craving for alcohol and the need for psychotropic therapy disappears.

Video review of Enterosgel:

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