Sore throat when coughing: drugs, sprays, antibiotics, folk recipes and remedies

Sore throat, which is accompanied by a cough, is considered very common. To cope with the problem, you need to determine the reasons for its occurrence. Provocative factors may be viral infections, malignancies, allergies, etc.

Sore throat and cough - the physiology of the process

Cough is a strong reflex exhalation that is produced through the vocal cavity. He is irritated by nerve fibers located in the bronchi. The branching of the organ is highly sensitive to any effects.

Reasons for

There are many factors of different origin that lead to this anomaly.


As a rule, the flu has an acute beginning. The incubation period takes 2-5 days, after which the time of acute symptoms comes. The complexity of the pathology depends on the age and general condition of the patient. In simple cases, the temperature does not exceed 38 degrees. Symptoms of toxicosis are not expressed too much.

In more severe situations, there is a risk of a temperature increase of up to 39 degrees. Also

there are headaches, discomfort in the muscles and joints, weakness, respiratory manifestations.

Symptoms of the flu

flu symptoms


In viral diseases, there is a dry cough. Gradually, it acquires a moist character and is accompanied by a synthesis of phlegm. In addition, there is a runny nose, weakness and sore throats and fever.


This pathology primarily affects the larynx. As a consequence, hoarseness appears in the voice. There is also the risk of a coarse and barking cough. This anomaly is considered very dangerous, because it leads to complex consequences - in particular, to false rump.

Adenovirus infections

Such diseases are characterized by severe rhinitis, coughing, conjunctivitis. Often there are pains in the throat when swallowing. Symptoms are present for up to 2 weeks.


This pathology is characterized by an intense headache, which can give out in the eyes or teeth. Often there is a strong increase in temperature, a violation of breathing, loss of taste. Sometimes this condition is characterized by a cough and discomfort in the larynx.


This term is used to mean inflammation of the tonsils. The characteristic manifestations of the disease include an increase in the size of the lymph nodes under the jaw, pain when touching them, dryness and lump in the throat. At the same time, pain is so intense that it is difficult for a person to swallow food.

Symptoms of angina

symptoms of sore throat


The acute form of the disease is characterized by dryness, pershenia and sore throat. In rare cases, there is a weakness and the temperature increases - this indicator usually does not exceed 38 degrees.


When the development of laryngitis worsens the general condition of a person, the temperature may rise. With the localization of pathology on the back wall of the larynx, there is a risk of pain. As the disease develops, breathing is disturbed, hoarseness appears in the voice. This is due to spasm and narrowing of the glottis.


The main symptom of this disorder is cough. If viral infections lead to the development of bronchitis, this symptom is difficult and unproductive. A person may have a sleep disorder. Then the mucus is released, which indicates the appearance of pathogenic microorganisms in the bronchi. In the acute course of the process, the temperature often increases - it is up to 40 degrees.


The first symptoms of an abnormality in a child occur about 2 weeks after contact with viruses. Usually, manifestations of the disease include dry cough, rhinitis, fever, conjunctivitis. A characteristic symptom of measles is the formation of small white spots on the mucous membranes. The disease is more common in children.


These symptoms can be evidence of dangerous malignant processes. With lung cancer, in addition to dry cough, there is pain in the chest. With prolonged process, sputum with bloody or purulent impurities may be released.

In case of throat cancer, dry cough also occurs. Often there are breathing disorders associated with narrowing of the larynx lumen. Sputum may appear in the sputum.

What to do if you suffer from cough and sore throat, see in our video:

Other causes of

Many other factors can lead to the problem:

  1. Penetration into the throat of a foreign object. In this case, the pain intensifies during swallowing. If discomfort persists, it is worth to see the doctor.
  2. Aftosny stomatitis. When it develops, ulcers develop in the throat with a touch. During swallowing pain increases, lymph nodes increase.
  3. Education of corks on tonsils. There are difficulties in swallowing, breathing is disturbed. The clinical picture of the disease resembles tonsillitis.
  4. Hilger Syndrome. In this case, there is unilateral pain, which is accompanied by hyperemia of the mucous membranes. When the syndrome occurs, the carotid artery widens. Also, the pain is felt in the ear.
  5. Syphilis. In this situation, there is a cough and sore throat due to inflammation of the tonsils.
  6. Gastroesophageal reflux. In this situation, the contents of the digestive organs fall into the pharynx.
  7. Tuberculosis. When the throat or larynx is affected, a strong tangle appears in the throat.
  8. Allergy. Penetration of the allergen into the body causes damage to the mucous throat. This leads to coughing attacks and often provokes pain in the throat.

How to ease the condition at home

To normalize your condition, you need to adhere to such recommendations:

  • less talk;
  • to quit smoking;
  • drink a lot of warm liquid;
  • gargle with medicinal products or saline solution;
  • use antibacterial cough suppressants, lozenges or absorbent tablets;
  • take an analgesic for an intense pain syndrome;
  • adhere to bed rest.

A simple prescription for sore throat:


To determine the cause of the symptoms, it is worth to consult a therapist or an otolaryngologist. In addition to a routine examination of the oral cavity, the doctor prescribes additional tests.

Required analyzes of

The following are the mandatory diagnostic elements:

  • a throat swab;
  • blood test for infection;
  • chest X-ray;
  • computed tomography.

Additional Studies

If a doctor suspects a tumor of the bronchi, a bronchoscopy is necessary. If suspected of allergies, allergic tests are performed. If the cause of dry cough is heart disease, the performance of ultrasound, ECG and echocardiography is indicated.

Fecal analysis may also be required to detect helminth infestation. Parasites quite often provoke the appearance of dry cough. To detect diseases of the digestive system, fibroesophagogastroduodenoscopy is used. It helps to assess the condition of the stomach, esophagus, duodenum.

Treatment of

To cope with the disease, you need to determine the reasons for its appearance:

  1. For bacterial origin of symptoms, antibiotics are indicated. Most often doctors prescribe macrolides or penicillins.
  2. With increasing temperature and inflammation, antiviral agents are often used. They should be used in the early days of the disease.
  3. In the presence of bronchial asthma, there is a need for the use of glucocorticoid hormones, sprays.
  4. Coughing attacks that lead to insomnia and impairment of the patient's activity are required to be treated with inhalations using medication.
  5. For tumors in the lungs, which are accompanied by a dry cough, treatment is selected by an oncologist.
  6. If the cause of the problem is parasitic invasion, special drugs are prescribed in tablet form.

Means for sore throat and cough

means for sore throat

Possible complications

In respiratory diseases, there is a risk of complications in the form of tonsillitis or sinusitis. In the presence of streptococcal angina may develop kidney pathology - glomerulonephritis. There is also a risk of heart damage or rheumatic pathologies.

If the cause of the symptoms is mononucleosis, there is a threat of complications such as hepatitis, spleen infection, swelling of the tonsils, clotting of the blood, inflammation of the heart.


Prognosis depends on the cause of the symptoms. With viral infections it is quite favorable. Thanks to adequate therapy, you can be cured completely. If there are oncological processes in the body, the risks are significantly higher.

When you need to take antibiotics: Dr. Komarovsky's advice:


To avoid these symptoms, you need to be healthy:

  • to eat well;
  • take vitamins;
  • adhere to the rules of hygiene;
  • doing sports;
  • consult a doctor at the first symptoms of the pathology.

Pain sensations in the throat in adults and children accompanied by a cough may indicate different pathologies. To cope with the disease, it is worth to see a doctor who will help determine the causes of the anomaly and choose an effective therapy. Especially dangerous is the condition during pregnancy.

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