Decaris from ascarids, in the treatment of ascariasis

Decaris is a new generation anthelmintic. The main active ingredient is levamisole, a remedy capable of provoking paralysis of the neuromuscular system of round and tapeworms. At the same time, it disrupts the course of certain bioenergetic processes occurring inside the helminth organism. Especially sensitive to the drug are ascarids, so the use of the drug for their treatment is more than justified. Ascaris after Decaris are excreted from the body together with feces.

So, as already mentioned above, the preparation paralyzes worms, the immobilized specimen is removed from the intestine during emptying. Within a day 90% of all worms leave the host's body. If the dose is correctly calculated, the appearance of side effects is minimized. Decaris is available in tablets. Adults to eliminate ascarids it is enough to produce a single pill( 150 mg).Children under three years of Decarice is not appointed. After this age limit, a child older than three years dose is reduced three times, over six years the dose is reduced by half from an adult. Adolescents from 10 to 14 years can be prescribed a dose of 75-100 mg once.

How to take Decaris from askarids correctly?

The drug is taken after a meal, the tablet is washed down with water, it is not necessary to chew it. It is advisable to take the pill in the evening. In order to withdraw immobilized ascarids from the body, there is no need to drink laxatives. Do not need to keep a special diet during treatment. In order to avoid re-infection, it is necessary to repeat the treatment of ascaridosis with Decaris two weeks after the administration of the described agent.

Strictly forbidden simultaneous use of medicines and spirits. Modern medicine has data that claim that the active ingredient - levamisole - is able to depress the nervous system. This is indicated by possible complications arising from the central nervous system. Patients, after taking Decaris from askarids, can complain about the appearance of symptoms of encephalopathy, allergic reactions. With prolonged use of the drug or with an increase in prescribed doses, leukopenia and tremor may occur, as well as the appearance of severe seizures.

What other side effects can occur during and after treatment of ascaridosis? The most common manifestations of the digestive system. May decrease appetite, nausea, diarrhea. There are violations of taste and olfactory perceptions. Some patients with ascariasis noted flu symptoms: fever, general malaise and weakness. Such manifestations are necessarily accompanied by pain in the muscles and joints.

If there is a need to use Decaris during breastfeeding, it is worth taking a responsible decision and transferring the baby to artificial feeding. Only after that you can be calm for the baby.

It is important to remember that Decaris can not be effective against helminths that are able to fix firmly to the walls of the intestinal mucosa, so it is pointless to fight with tapeworms, as well as with flukes with this medication. When studying the action of Decaris, it was observed that he, simultaneously with the curative effect, is capable of raising immunity. That is why doctors often use the drug not for its intended purpose, but to eliminate immunodeficiency conditions, autoimmune diseases, recurrent infections. In any case, the doses of the drug are selected with particular care, since side effects can provoke a marked deterioration in the patient's condition.

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