Infection with worms( helminths), can a person become infected with helminthic invasions, ways of getting into the body, symptoms, how do they get infected?

Very urgent in our time, such a problem as the infection with worms. How they are passed on to an adult person, how many days the incubation period lasts, what possible ways of getting helminths into the body are characteristic of children, how the invasion occurs and how dangerous it is - just a small part of the questions asked by people about these simple parasitic worms. To understand all this, we must start with the simplest question. How does the person become infected with helminths? The opinion of the majority of people is completely groundless, that worms can appear only at non-observance of rules of personal hygiene. The methods of destruction are many, and without knowing them it is quite difficult to insure themselves against the invasion of these parasites. Here are just a few of the most common ways in which helminths can enter the human body:

  • Through dirty hands and unwashed vegetables or fruits;
  • When using poor-quality or poorly thermally processed meat and fish products;
  • When swimming in open water and direct contact with infected soil, there may also be signs of infection with worms.

But not all people are at risk. The fact is that uninvited guests in the adult body expect a triple protective barrier: enzymes contained in the oral cavity, in saliva, sour gastric juice and local immunity of the intestine. Proceeding from this, it follows that to develop in sexually mature individuals eggs of helminths can only in weakened organisms, in which these barriers do not work.

The situation is much more serious in the event that the worm infects a child. In children, due to underdevelopment of the digestive system, these barriers to a certain age are absent. That is why so frequent outbreaks of helminthic invasions in children's groups. On the parents' questions about how many days after the helminth eggs get into the body of a child before the appearance of the first signs of the disease, specialists respond that the transformation of the larva into a sexually mature specimen occurs very quickly. This is the danger of an epidemic of helminthiosis in children's groups.

Possible ways of infection with worms

To fully protect yourself from the appearance of this disease, you need knowledge about how parasites can penetrate the body. This will help to take the necessary security measures and reduce the risk of infection with worms to a minimum. According to many, helminthiosis can be easily picked up by communicating with pets, swimming in the pool or kissing the person who has this problem. Is it really so? Let's look at what the myth is from this, and what is the reality:

  • The most correct opinion is that people are transmitted worms from pets. This way of penetration of parasites into the body can be called the most common. This is a contact-household type of infection. But it should be borne in mind that not all helminths living in animals can be dangerous to humans. Most of them can parasitize only in the organisms of pets. But there are also such worm infestations, which can be easily infected from domestic animals. The most difficult and difficult to cure of them are toxocariasis, ankylostomiasis and echinococcosis. But this is not an excuse for getting rid of a furry pet. To ensure that the eggs of parasites are not passed on to people, it is enough to observe the necessary preventive safety measures and to carry out the procedure of dehelminthization for a four-legged friend every 3-4 months;
  • Infection with worms through a kiss. This way of penetration of helminths into the body is also called contact-household, but it is unlikely. Through saliva from the sick person are often transferred ascarids. But their cycle of development is characterized by the fact that eggs of helminths, which are in saliva, do not pose a danger, since before development into an adult, they must ripen within 2 weeks in the external environment. Only after that, having got into the body with any food, they can cause a person harm. Infection with worms through a kiss is possible only in the event that one of the partners has just used food with larvae of helminths and they are in the oral cavity. In order to avoid infection with worms through kisses, it is enough to observe appropriate personal hygiene measures. It should also be taken into account that saliva of a healthy adult contains certain enzymes that serve as one of the protective barriers preventing the penetration of helminths into the body;
  • Often asked about whether it is possible to catch worms in the pool? This is an active way of the appearance of parasites in humans through direct contact with soil or water called active( percutaneous).With it, the larvae of parasites penetrate through the mucous membranes or skin while swimming in open water or walking barefoot. But the infection with worms in the pools is just a myth. Although there is an opinion that it is easy to pick up this disease in such places, it is not worth believing. This option is completely impossible. The point here is that no one will be allowed to swim in the basin without a special medical certificate, which states that it is not infected with worms. In addition, in all basins, water and the premises are cleaned regularly from possible parasites and infections.

The most likely methods of infection with worms will be alimentary: the patient does not observe the rules of personal hygiene, and also uses poor-quality food or uncleaned water in which the helminth larvae are found, and transmissive, which is characterized by the eggs of parasitic worms transmitted throughbloodsucking insects.

Symptoms of infection with worms in adults

On how the helminth penetrated the body, the amount and degree of adaptation of the patient will depend on the symptoms. In case of infection with worms, the signs corresponding to the disease will appear in the very near future. Typically, the first symptoms occur within a few days, but due to the fact that these parasitic creatures are cunning enough, the manifestation of helminths is difficult to recognize. They masquerade as a large number of the most common diseases. In order to promptly consult a doctor, undergo necessary diagnostics and begin treatment, it is important to know what symptomatology in this case may be present. Specialists recommend paying attention to the following anxiety signs, appearing first:

  • Joint and muscle pain. They appear a few days after the infection with worms. This symptom is associated with the movement of the parasite around the body in search of the most comfortable places for life;
  • And such a sign as increased nervousness may indicate that parasites have settled in the patient's body. Their waste of life and secreted toxic substances contribute to the constant irritation of the central nervous system, causing anxiety, anxiety and depressive conditions;
  • Unpleasant symptomatology of infection with worms - disruption of the intestine. Constipation or diarrhea almost always occurs after the incubation period has passed and the larvae of parasites have turned into sexually mature individuals.

You should also pay attention to chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, allergic reactions and frequent inflammatory diseases. All of them may indicate the possible development of helminthiosis.

In the same case, when they are interested in what are the symptoms of infection with worms in children, experts recommend paying attention to the itching in the anus of the child, its excessive activity, increased salivation, cravings for sweets, drowsiness and inhibition. All this symptomatology indicates that uninvited guests have settled in the body of the child.

Treatment of helminthiosis and prevention of infection with worms

In the event that it is suspected that the penetration of parasites into the body or several alarming symptoms appeared, urgent medical measures should be taken to expel the parasites while they last the incubation period and they did not turn into matureindividuals laying eggs in large quantities. All therapeutic measures in this case should be appointed by a specialist based on the type of worms, the infection of which occurred. Also, in order to avoid infection with worms, it is necessary to adhere to certain preventive safety measures:

  • Contacts of a pet with infants should be limited;
  • You can not allow pets to lick their faces, and also do not constantly kiss them in the nose;
  • After communicating with them, as well as visiting public places where worms can be transmitted, you should thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial or household soap. This will reduce the risk of helminth infection;
  • Also, special attention should be paid to the acquisition and preparation of meat products - the most common sources for the presence of eggs and larvae of parasitic worms.

Very often you can hear the question of what to do if the baby is infected with worms. This happens rarely, but it is a very serious problem. After several days of the incubation period, the parasites are transformed into sexually mature worms, which suck out all stored nutrients in infants. It is quite difficult to get rid of them from the baby, so all necessary preventive measures should be taken to prevent infection of the baby with worms.

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