Wilkinson's ointment: instructions for use, composition, price, analogues, reviews

Wilkinson's ointment successfully copes with skin irritations resulting from exposure to parasitic insects, improves the blood supply of damaged tissues, promotes their regeneration, and also has a disinfectant and antifungal effect.

Features of the composition of the ointment determine its antiseptic and antiparasitic action. Today we will review the instructions for use and the price of Wilkinson's ointment, reviews about it and analogues.

Features of the preparation

Having a wide spectrum of action, the preparation in question has a complex multicomponent composition that allows its wide application.

The composition of the Wilkinson Ointment

vilkinson ointment active ingredient in Wilkinson's ointment is tar, combined with green soap and Naftalan oil. Also includes components:

  • purified sulfur;
  • calcium carbonate;
  • distilled water.

Ointment has a characteristic and pronounced tar smell. About where to buy and how much is Wilkinson's ointment, read below.

Dosage Forms

Wilkinson's ointment is a mass having a uniform brown color and a specific naphthalene odor. Available in the form of a tube, as well as in a cardboard package, the volume can be 20, 40, 60 g.

Tube of 20 g is offered in pharmacies of the city at a price of 19 to 28 rubles, 40 g - 30-42 rubles, 60 g- from 52 to 89 rubles. In some pharmacies this ointment can be made to order.

Pharmacological action

In its effect this drug belongs to anti-stigma drugs with a wide spectrum of action and low toxicity. Also the ointment is expressed:

  • antimicrobial,
  • antifungal and
  • antiparasitic action.


  • The effect of Naftalan oil on the surface of the affected skin is expressed in a resorptive, softening, disinfectant and mild analgesic effect.
  • Sulfur, which is part of Wilkinson's ointment, when interacting with organic substances, can form compounds of complex composition that improve the regeneration of damaged tissues, stimulate the keratinization of the epidermis, and have a disinfectant effect.


The pharmacokinetics of the ointment is not described, since no active penetration of the active components of the ointment in question into the bloodstream is observed.

Indications for use

Because Wilkinson's ointment has a wide effect, it can be used in the following cases:

  • for the treatment of trophic ulcers;
  • when used in complex therapy in the treatment of trichophytosis;
  • for scabies, incl. Norwegian;
  • for chronic skin eczema;
  • for the restoration of skin in psoriasis;
  • in the treatment of decubitus.

Skin lesions are more quickly cured in complex treatment with Wilkinson's ointment.

Instruction for use

ointment vilkinson price Duration of use of the ointment is no more than 2 weeks. Then you should take a break for at least one month. However, as the existing practice shows, a high degree of effectiveness of this drug allows to get a complete cure after two weeks of applying Wilkinson's ointment.

Apply to the affected area of ​​the skin evenly twice a day. For the treatment of scabies, the ointment is carefully rubbed into the affected area, with the exception of the scalp, neck and face. Apply ointment once a day.

Trichophytosis is treated by applying ointment to the skin twice a day, and the duration of treatment, depending on the results, can be extended to three weeks.

To increase the effectiveness of the drug in question, an ointment can be used in combination with some additional ingredients. This treatment should be prescribed only by a doctor.


To situations where treatment with Wilkinson's ointment can not be applied, cases include:

  • excessive sensitivity to ointment components;
  • chronic renal failure;
  • is an exacerbated skin eczema.

Side effects of

With prolonged use of the ointment, reddening of the skin, the appearance of rashes, itching and burning on it can begin. And the main side effects include the occurrence of dermatitis.

Special instructions

When using Wilkinson's ointment, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse mouth and mucous membranes with plenty of running water.

Interaction with other drugs

Complex treatment of fungal skin lesions, as well as scabies and skin restoration with trophic ulcers, the use of other drugs is allowed except for cases of hypersensitivity to these drugs. If there is an allergic reaction, stop treatment and consult a doctor.


vilkinson ointment features According to the people who used this product, Wilkinson's ointment has a high degree of efficiency and helps to cope as much as possible with skin diseases.

  • For example, Svetlana Afanasevna, 64, in Dnepropetrovsk, noted the rapidity of curing bedsores when using Wilkinson's ointment: "After the ointment was started, the pressure ulcers became less noticeable, and the skin color began to recover more quickly."
  • Oleg, 29, also notes a high degree of effectiveness of the remedy: "The daughter was diagnosed with scabies, and after the doctor prescribed Wilkinson's ointment after two weeks of its application, the skin condition improved significantly: the itch disappeared, the burning sensation lost, the skin became more even and got a healthy color".


To agents having a similar effect in the treatment of trophic ulcers, scabies, bedsores and for faster resolution of swelling, include:

  • Aerosol Spragal;
  • sulfuric ointment;
  • solution according to Demyanovich;
  • Heavy water.

The listed drugs are not complete analogues of Wilkenson's ointment, but are often prescribed with similar symptoms and also allow you to get quick results in the treatment of skin diseases.

How to deal with scabies in children using Wilkinson's ointment and other drugs will tell this video:

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