What helps against worms, what pills, drugs, drugs, drugs are good and effective at home for the child?

In vain, many people consider helminths a consequence of low levels of sanitation and personal hygiene. From "uninvited guests" no one is immune, since these parasites are not only widely distributed, but their larvae are easily transmitted by household contacts. Statistics show that every 3rd Russian citizen at least once acted as a carrier of worms, and every 4th one is currently infected with parasitic organisms. The medical examination of children annually confirms this statistics, since worms are detected in every third schoolboy. And in a family where a child is sick with helminthosis, the probability of illness and parents is high.

Suppose that the tests confirmed the presence of worms in you or the child, what should I do? First, do not panic. Take this news calmly, especially since there are a lot of effective means that will help drive out the parasites. The pharmaceutical industry offers medicines that help with all kinds of parasites, and there are more than 70 species on the territory of Russia.

It is because of the variety of parasitic worms that a doctor-parasitologist is required to consult you, who will be able to give you an answer to the question: "What helps with worms?".

What tablets help with worms?

Human worms are divided into several groups:

  • nematodes,
  • cestodes,
  • trematodes.

Representatives of each group are not only able to live in different organs and tissues, they are also sensitive to different medicines. This means that what helps with tape flukes can be ineffective against roundworms.

To know for sure what works well for worms, it is important to determine the type of parasite. Only after that, the specialist will prescribe the pills and make a scheme for their reception. With some worms, only one-time medication is needed, with other worms, only the course of treatment helps.

There are many drugs that doctors use to cure a patient of worms:

  • Tablets from round parasites( nematodes) help with pinworms, ascarids, trichinella. When the worms are localized in the intestine, Levamisol, Vermox, Piperazine, Albendazole, and Naftamone are effective. If parasites live outside the intestine, Ivermek or Ditrazine citrate is appropriate.
  • Medicines for tape helminths( cestodes) are used for echinococcosis, klurozoze, tsenia doses, cysticercosis. Effective help Akrihin, Nichlosamide.
  • Tablets from flukes and flatworms are used for opisthorchiasis, fascioliasis, eurythremosis, Azinox, Chloksil and Perchlorethylene are very effective against such worms.
  • A separate group of drugs are a broad spectrum of action, which effectively help with mixed helminthiases. These include Ambilgar, Mebendazol. A common means of a broad spectrum of action that is taken by an adult and a child is Nemozol. It is available in tablets, chewing plates, slurries. Young children are often prescribed by Vormil. These pills well help against such worms as pinworms and ascarids.

It is important to understand that helminths are living organisms. To kill parasites highly toxic preparations are used, therefore their reception should be supervised by a specialist. The treatment plan for worms should be developed by a doctor. Only in this case it is guaranteed to help, does not harm and does not cause complications.

As different types of worms reside in different organs and tissues, different methods are necessary for their "expulsion".Different pills from worms act differently. Some suppress glycolysis in worms, causing their death, others - violate metabolic processes in parasites, others - lead to paralysis, the fourth - to the impossibility of reproduction. In general, the principle of the action of tablets is not so important, the main thing is that they help with worms and carry a minimal risk of complications for the patient's body. The doctor's task is to find an effective remedy that will cope with the task and will not harm, especially if the child needs help.

What helps with worms at home?

In addition to medicines, there are folk methods that effectively help with worms. These include:

  • Pumpkin seeds. They are taken on an empty stomach at a rate of 50 grams per 10 kg of body weight.
  • With round worms, living in the intestines, a decoction of wormwood helps at home. It should be drunk three to four times a day for half a cup before meals. The course is 3-4 days.
  • According to people who are keen on folk medicine, onions are an excellent means of preventing worms. If the parasites have already settled in the body, the onion helps them to expel. Raw onion is recommended not only to eat as often and in large quantities, it is also recommended to make enemas from the juice of onions mixed with milk.

It is important to understand that all methods of traditional medicine do not completely replace tablets from worms. Infusions and herbs can well help at home as a preventive measure, and even then not with a 100% guarantee. If the parasites reliably settled in the body, it is better not to take risks. There are medicines that expel worms, and this is proved by numerous studies. Especially do not completely trust drugs, if you do not know for sure which worms parasitize in the body. With great care, children should be treated, since toxic substances( wormwood tincture) can cause complications, and aggressive products( onions) lead to GI disease.

The best solution is to contact a parasitologist who helps his patients get rid of the disease by prescribing an effective medicine.

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