Zinc ointment from worms for adults and children

Recently, the already existing zinc ointment has become quite common, for the purchase of which there is no need for a prescription. It has many positive characteristics:

  • reduces inflammation;
  • reduces irritation;
  • has an astringent and drying effect;
  • is an antiseptic agent( antiseptic);
  • reduces moknutie( manifestations of exudation).

Given all of the above qualities of the ointment, it is an integral part of treating a variety of skin diseases in both children and adults.

Since newborns have very tender and vulnerable skin, even the slightest irritation results in its failure. Therefore, infants often have diaper rash, diaper dermatitis, sweating, which causes unpleasant sensations, which makes them become whiny, restless, appetite and sleep. To treat such lesions of the skin, this ointment is perfectly suitable.

It can also be added to the complex of treatment of trophic ulcers, ulcerative skin lesions, pressure sores, burns and other more serious lesions. It only in very rare cases causes allergic manifestations and skin irritations( in the presence of hypersensitivity to any components of the drug).Conversely, zinc oxide is a part of many drugs from allergic dermatitis.

There are also no contraindications for the use of the drug in pregnant and lactating mothers.

Ointment from worms in humans

Few people know that, in addition to all of the above indications for the use of zinc ointment, it is also used as a drug for fighting worms in humans, namely pinworms. Despite the fact that the life cycle of this type of worm is about three weeks, the disease usually lasts for several months, and sometimes several years, which is due to the constant repeated infection of the child. This is due to the fact that at night, the female worms crawl out through the anus and out put eggs in the area of ​​the perianal folds. Due to this, there is an itch in the anus. Due to the fact that the children are combing this area, the eggs of the worms get under the nails, then they move to any other objects, and as a result they again fall into the oral cavity of the child.

Worm ointment for children

The use of zinc ointment against worms prevents repeated infection of children with pinworms.

How does this ointment affect worms? Despite the fact that this method refers to folk remedies for treatment of worms, it is not as low as other drugs.

In addition, it is very simple to use. Rules to be observed during treatment:

  1. It is necessary before bedtime( at night, the application of this agent is the most effective) to apply ointment to the skin in the area of ​​the anal opening and perianal folds. Female worms that crawl out at night to lay eggs, stick to the skin on which the ointment was applied, and die. In addition, if the eggs were still put off, they do not fall on bed linens and other items due to the astringent effect of the drug;
  2. The final stage of getting rid of worms is the morning shower. After waking up, you need to wash yourself to be sure that repeated infection with pinworms will not happen again. This method of treatment should be applied within a week.

In case the child has skin lesions around the anus due to scratching, the ointment will reduce the itching, have a calming effect and promote faster healing. Ointment should be applied not only to those who make complaints about itching in the anus, but to all family members. It is necessary to change every day linen both on bed and underwear, after which it should be boiled and ironed.

To improve the effect of treatment, you can simultaneously use laxatives for faster removal of worms from the body. During treatment, liquid food should predominate in the diet.

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