Symptoms and treatment of rectum proctitis, signs in women, children, men

Proctitis Symptoms Proctitis, as well as all diseases of the rectum, a very unpleasant disease. Symptoms and treatment will depend on the causes that caused the development of pathogenic microflora. On what grounds can you determine the occurrence of proctitis, and what is included in its treatment?

To begin with it is necessary to say that the symptoms of the disease differ not only because of the occurrence, but also by the type of proctitis itself. In accordance with the clinical course of the disease is divided into acute and chronic.

In acute form, the first sign of proctitis in women, children and men can be pain in the rectal cavity. They have a fairly sharp characteristic and are amplified by the act of defecation. In addition, in the rectum, you can observe other unpleasant sensations, for example, burning or feeling heavy. Painful sensations arise in the perineum, more specifically, in the area that is located between the anus and the genital organ. At women they are given in a cavity of a vagina and sexu

al labiums, at men - in a cavity of a scrotum and a sexual member. The loin with acute proctitis also does not stand aside, and painful symptoms appear in it, however, such symptoms do not always occur, mostly they can be observed in children.

In the acute form of proctitis, a significant symptom of the disease is secretion. Mostly they are bloody and putrid. The body temperature rises, most often up to 37-38 degrees. In addition, one can observe general signs of intoxication, such as malaise, the presence of chills, rapid overtaxity. When proctitis, as well as with any other disease of the rectum, there is such a sign as a violation of the stool, which is expressed in diarrhea or constipation. Along with this, painful urges on the act of defecation often arise. In the feces themselves, with acute proctitis, fresh blood impurities or clots of it can be detected. This symptom is more typical when ulcerative and ulcerative-necrotic type of disease occurs.

Symptoms of acute inflammation begin to appear within a few hours or days. If you find yourself in one of the symptoms, you should immediately contact a specialist. If you do the right treatment, the symptoms of the proctitis will pass quickly enough.

Proctitis symptoms Chronic form of pathology can act as an independent disease or result from an incomplete acute form. Symptoms in chronic proctitis are somewhat different. Thus, pain in the rectal cavity is present, but they have a weakly expressed character and, in practice, do not disturb the patient. In addition, the itching with burning is also of low severity. The rise in body temperature does not always occur, and even if it is present, it does not rise above 37 degrees. Mucous and putrefactive discharge occur constantly. It should be noted that blood impurities in fecal masses are signs of a chronic type of anal fissures, ulcerative colitis. If there is chronic bleeding in the rectal cavity, then the patient becomes pale and anemia sets in. In women, men and children in chronic proctitis form, body weight quickly falls, but only if the disease was caused by the development of cancerous tumors and other sorts of serious illnesses.

Treatment of symptoms of proctitis

Symptoms and treatment of proctitis Treatment of symptoms of proctitis will depend on the form and causes of the disease. In the scheme of therapy of symptoms will include: diet, hygiene rules, medications.

It should be noted that if a patient has a severe form of acute proctitis, he will be hospitalized. Patients with acute proctitis should comply with bed rest.

To eliminate and reduce symptoms of proctitis in men, women and children will be prescribed a diet with a limited consumption of fiber and the total exclusion of spices, alcoholic beverages and fried. In the case of acute form, the basis of the diet is based on sour-milk products, soups with low-fat varieties of meat, and the meat itself in a grinded form.

Compliance with the rules of hygiene is reduced to a local reception in acute form of the disease microclyster with chamomile or collargolic solution. They stimulate the subsidence of the symptoms of the disease. After that, for the treatment of proctitis in women, men and children, oily microclysters, a warm shower in the perineum and sedentary manganese baths are used.

The main principle of treatment of symptoms of proctitis is the appointment of antibiotics, which have an overwhelming effect on the development of the infection that caused the symptoms of the disease in children and adults. Antibacterial therapeutic measures will be appointed when taking into account the sensitivity index of the pathogenic state of microflora to the intake of antibiotics. The choice of the type of antibiotic, its dosage and duration of admission can only be determined by a specialist.

Treatment of the chronic form of the disease, mainly, is carried out on an outpatient basis, using the same means as in the acute form. When remission with a chronic type of illness is prescribed spa procedures: taking baths and mud treatment. Good intestinal washing with warm alkaline mineral water is good. Thanks to such washes, the motor functionality of the intestine is activated and the mucus is removed. In addition, measures are envisaged that are aimed at preventive measures of constipation, for example, therapeutic gymnastics and massage.

Surgical treatment of symptoms of proctitis, especially in children, is performed in the rarest of cases, for example, if the onset of scar intestinal narrowing has begun.

It is worth repeating once again, if you find yourself at least one of the symptoms of the disease, then you should immediately contact a specialist, since if you start the disease, it will bring more serious consequences.

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