Acute proctosigmoiditis, exacerbation of the disease

Proctosigmoiditis, often diagnosed among various intestinal pathologies, has both a chronic form of development, arising from untreated colitis, and acute. It can develop due to the presence of the following factors:

  • Frequent mechanical or chemical irritation of the intestinal mucosa as inappropriate food and beverages, and food, which contains coarse insoluble fiber. Damage to it can occur in the case of the release of dense stools during constipation;
  • Constant stress and sedentary lifestyle;
  • Glistular invasion, dysbacteriosis, allergic reactions;
  • Uncontrolled intake of certain medicines, such as aspirin, laxatives, antibiotics.

Also experts suggest that the cause of both the development of acute proctosigmoiditis and exacerbation of its chronic form can be osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine, since with it there is a violation of the innervation of the intestinal tone.

Only one complaint of the patient for poor health and the manifestation of signs corresponding to acute proctosigmoiditis is not enough, a complete diagnostic study is needed to exclude other, similar in symptomatology, intestinal pathologies.

For this purpose, the expert carefully collects all clinical complaints of the patient, biological material for conducting laboratory tests of blood and feces, and also, in case of confirmed suspicions that the patient has acute proctosigmoiditis and instrumental examination of the colon using a colonoscope.

This is necessary in order to most accurately establish the form of the disease, the nature of its course, as well as the extent of the inflammatory process on the intestinal mucosa and choose the appropriate treatment strategy. It both in acute form, and with exacerbations of proctosigmoiditis, consists only of complex measures carried out against the background of an obligatory strict diet.

This approach to the treatment of this pathology is necessary for the most complete impact on the damaged intestine. Only with the complexity of therapeutic measures for acute proctosigmoiditis is possible the earliest possible recovery of the patient. Very good reviews have used in the treatment of this pathology of microclysters, which have a direct effect on the mucosa. It is also recommended as additional methods for coping with acute attacks of mineral water, exercise therapy and annual spa treatment.

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