How to treat prostate adenoma with folk remedies: treatment with propolis, bark aspen, herbs, salt

In order to make a decision how to treat an adenoma, it is necessary to consult a specialist. If the situation is not neglected, then he can advise you to apply people's methods.

Among the arsenals of traditional medicine there are powerful ways to influence. The positive is that knowing about the prostate property to increase its size with age, you can use simple and natural remedies as a preventive measure.

Treatment of prostate adenoma folk remedies at home

Traditional medicine can be used in consultation with a doctor. Usually this is possible in the initial stages of the disease. There are a lot of effective recipes that deserve attention.

If you grind them, combine them with honey, roll balls, put in storage in the refrigerator, we get both medicine and sweets.

Also for treatment use:

  • medicinal herbs,
  • beekeeping products,
  • salting dressings.

Methods of treatment:

  • inside as infusions, juices;
  • thermal baths,
  • make procedures through the rectum:
    • suppositories,
    • microclysters;
  • treatment through the skin - the application of salt dressings.

Aspen bark

To use the aspen bark for prostate adenoma for home treatment, it must be properly prepared.

The collection of bark is done at a time when the sap flow is only beginning. On the tree at this time, the kidneys have not woken up yet.

The thickness of the assembly material is 3 รท 5 mm. Bark preparation involves drying in the air in the shade or at a low temperature in the oven.

In a half-liter jar put a hundred grams of crushed bark. Add a glass of vodka to the bowl. Closed dishes are stored in a dark place for two weeks.

After fourteen days, tincture is filtered. Dose intake: in a small amount of water add twenty drops of tincture. Drink before eating.


Among the products of beekeeping, propolis has an excellent reputation as a tool that can positively influence male health. In the composition of propolis, there are vitamins, flavonoids, microelements necessary for the treatment of prostatic adenoma.

  • Ground propolis insists on a small amount of alcohol. The ratio of substance and alcohol is taken 4: 1.The capacity is chosen from dark glass. Preserve propolis in alcohol in a dark place for ten days. Use it as a drink, putting in a clean water thirty drops. You should drink before taking food.
  • Mix 0.1 grams of propolis extract and 2 grams of cocoa butter, the mass is molded into candles. Store them in the refrigerator. At night, the candle is inserted into the rectum. Treatment can be carried out for a month. To repeat the course is desirable after a month break. How to make extract of propolis: produce propolis evaporating in alcohol in the ratio: a glass of alcohol and forty grams of propolis.


Among the variants of folk recipes for the treatment of adenoma, infusions and decoctions of herbs have long been known.

  • Among the most effective herbs in prostate adenoma is clean. Properties of the plant, prevent pathological division of cells. Useful celandine for the prevention of the appearance of benign formations and malignant. If you decide to use tinctures and other prescription options with celandine, you should always remember about very careful use, because all parts of the plant are poisonous.
    • Add 1 tablespoon of dry herbs to the glass of water, let stand under the lid for two hours. Drink liquid for thirty days. A day is recommended to take half an hour before eating a tablespoon of infusion.
    • Good results for prostate adenoma are obtained using celandine juice. Juice is diluted in a capacity of 50 ml with boiled water and taken as follows:
      • on the first day - one drop of celandine juice;
      • the second day - two drops;
      • and so for forty days, for every following day plus one drop;
      • fourteen days take forty drops,
      • forty days lower every day, taking the drug for one drop;
      • when the number of drops becomes zero, it is recommended not to drink the medicine for two weeks;
      • rate is repeated.
  • To the number of poisonous grasses used for the prevention and treatment of tumors, include hemlock. In the recommendations of traditional medicine there is such a recipe, where the components are hemlock and celandine. For one hundred grams of alcohol take half the tablespoon of each herb. Insist in a bottle of dark glass for ten days. The filtered liquid is added to a small amount of water and the mixture is drunk in the morning before meals. Instead of water, there may be milk. How to drink the medicine:
    • first day - drop by dropper drop one drop,
    • the next day - two drops,
    • the next days all the time every day in the liquid add one drop more,
    • when the number of drops equals thirty, then start taking the medication with decreasingPresence of tincture on one drop every day.
  • You can take the infusion of herbs:
    • horsetail,
    • calendula,
    • yarrow.

    Grated herbs, taken in the same amount, are placed in boiling water, wrapped and left overnight to insist. Withstand the ratio of dry grass to water - as a strong tea.

    You can take a long time( up to three months).A day should be consumed up to half a liter of infusion. Each portion is drunk before meals.

Onion husk

A perfect product that does not have side effects and, in addition, strengthens the general health - a decoction of onion husk.

Recipe for broth:

Onion husks take about four tablespoons. The raw material is boiled in a volume of water of 0.7 liters - five minutes. Then an hour persists the remedy and filters it.

Take for fourteen days three times a day( half a cup).Time of reception: thirty minutes before eating. One of the treatment options: in the decoction before use add a coffee spoon of honey that contains propolis.


A simple accessible remedy - gauze salt bandages on the problem area. The remedy is effective only in the area where the dressing is applied.

The saline solution comes into contact with the tissue fluid and makes it suck, thus having a health-improving effect on the tissue. This is because the drawn liquid carries with it painful elements:

  • poisons,
  • viruses,
  • bacteria.

It can be said that the salt dressing shows the properties of the active sorbent.

Hypertonic solution is prepared as follows: dissolve salt in water in a ratio of 1:10.Thus, a solution of 10% is obtained. If you reduce the presence of salt, then not lower than 8%.

It is also important how much salt water is present in the dressing. Therefore, gauze takes a long cut and folds into several layers.

The bandage is applied overnight for ten consecutive days, if necessary, you can extend the period. Places of application of a medicinal salt dressing for prostate adenoma: the groin and bladder area.

How to cure adenoma with warmth?

In the treatment of prostate adenoma, thermal baths can be included to increase the efficiency of the process. They are carried in a sitting position and water is infused with infusions of medicinal herbs.

Chamomile and oak bark steamed in three liters of boiling water. Allow to stand for thirty minutes and filtered liquid poured into the bath. The patient is in a seated bath for fifteen minutes.

Breaks between thermal procedures do three days. The total number of baths taken to treat prostate adenoma should be no more than ten per course.


It is difficult to overestimate the role of beekeeping products in restoring human health.

For the treatment of prostate adenoma used among other representatives of the production of bee pollock.

Use a decoction of decoction. Take two tablespoons of dead bees. They should not have signs that they were spoiled. The material is suitable, if a bad smell or mold does not appear in the spoof during examination.

The scoop is placed in 0.7 liters of boiled water, brought to a boil and left to simmer for 2 hours. The cooled broth is stored in the refrigerator.

Within a month, take up to two tablespoons before eating. After six months, it is desirable to repeat the course.


Feedback on the results of treatment of prostate adenoma by home remedies ambiguous. It is clear that in the treatment for the result is affected by many factors:

  • the age of the patient,
  • its immunity,
  • other diseases,
  • degree of glandular tissue proliferation.

Such a story about the application of a salt dressing to the perineal region. It was possible to achieve a favorable result. Also, there are positive responses from people who used to treat herbs.

Regarding onion husks - some patients other than improving the condition relative to prostate adenoma, received several positive effects on other diseases.

The use of propolis and submarine has long been known and therefore these methods are always popular. In addition to reducing inflammatory manifestations, treatment of adenoma, they also help to restore men's strength.


It seems that a man with age needs to be:

  • Organized person to regularly engage in special exercises and prevent stagnation in the small pelvis.
  • More restrained in the choice of the menu. Proper formulation of a diet can greatly influence the growth of the gland will be stopped or hindered.
  • is a wise person to give up bad habits and develop a positive perception of the world.
  • A prudent person to go for preventive check-ups and, if necessary, on time to conduct treatment.
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