Cream Drapolen: composition, analogues, price, indications for use, instruction

Drapolen is a combined composition used externally as an antiseptic that destroys pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria and fungal spores. We'll talk more about it today.

Features of the preparation

Due to the active ingredients in the composition Drapolen has the following effect:

  • disinfects, softens and cleanses the skin;
  • relieves irritation and inflammation;
  • retains moisture in the tissues;
  • protects the epidermis, "covering" the damage and preventing dehydration in the affected area, while the epidermal cells are restored.


  1. The product does not include antibiotics.
  2. The resistance of bacteria and microbes to therapeutic components does not develop, so that the drug does not lose its effectiveness for frequent and prolonged use.
  3. The active ingredients are not addictive and in most cases do not provoke an allergic reaction.

Drapolen( photo)

Dosage form

Drapolene is available in the form of a cream for external use, which looks like a soft, low-fat, homogenous pink ointment. The pharmacy network receives in the form of laminated tubes of 50, 55, 100 grams, packed in a cardboard box.

Composition of Drapolene

One gram of the curative substance includes:

  1. Active components of : quaternary ammonium complexes - benzalkonium chloride - 100 μg( microgram), cetrimide - 2 mg.
  2. Additional connections : polivax GP 200, cetyl alcohol, chlorcresol as a preservative, soft white paraffin, water, carmoasin( food coloring additive E122), lanolin.


The cost of medicines in the pharmacy network in the territory of the Russian Federation is in the range of 230 - 270 rubles

Pharmacological action


  • Drapolene shows a pronounced resistance to the activity of gram-positive microorganisms( streptococci, staphylococcus, clostridia).With less effect suppresses gram-negative pathogenic flora( causative agents of cholera, syphilis, gonorrhea, meningitis).
  • The cream does not inhibit the vital activity of acid-resistant bacilli and mycobacteria( causative agents of leprosy, tuberculosis and paratuberculosis), which have resistance to dilution of up to 5-10% solutions of alkalis and acids on them.
  • The mechanism of action is associated with a formulation that includes two active compounds exhibiting an antimicrobial effect.

Cetrimide and benzalkonium chloride are disinfectant antiseptics that not only disinfect the skin, relieve inflammation, but also display antiviral and antifungal activity. This property of both components in the treatment of erosion, intertrigo, abrasions, rashes, burn surfaces helps prevent the secondary introduction of infection into the damage zones. Both substances actively interact, enhancing the therapeutic effect.


Active compounds - cetrimide and benzalkonium chloride are not absorbed, do not penetrate into the systemic bloodstream and do not affect the tissues and functions of the body.


Drapolene is necessary for the treatment and prevention of:

  • dermatitis of contact unclear origin, as well as dermatitis of urinary tract, resulting from the constant irritation of the epidermis by urine in adult patients
  • diaper rash in infants;
  • erythematous intertrigo( superficial inflammation of the skin folds with marked reddening and swelling);
  • dermatitis of photocontact( berloque dermatitis), caused by solar radiation against the background of high sensitivity of the body to ultraviolet;
  • shallow thermal, chemical burns;
  • damaging factors, which include cuts, abrasions, scratches, sunburn, and annoying external influences, including meteofactors( snow, frost, wind).

In addition, Drapolen gives an effective result in the treatment and prevention of the development of pressure sores( dry and wetting) in bedridden patients.

Instructions for use

Application features of Drapolene for any dermatological lesions:

  1. Intended for external use only.
  2. Prior to application, the lesion is cleaned and dried.
  3. The cream is applied only to shallow erosion without signs of infection and suppuration.
  4. Before use, all traces of detergents and soaps are removed from the skin, since the interaction with cetrimide and benzalkonium chloride significantly reduces the therapeutic effect.


  • In order to prevent and treat urinary, contact dermatitis or photodermatosis, regular use of the medication is required. When the first painful symptoms appear, Drapolen is applied at least 3 times a day, the optimal amount per day is 6-8 applications.
  • With shallow burns, irritation from climatic factors, cuts and abrasions, the cream is used as needed.
  • Apply Drapolen thin layer without rubbing. If necessary, you can cover the affected surface, on which the cream is applied, with a sterile gauze dressing.

For children

  • The drug is one of the safest products for baby skin, since it does not contain active allergens and antibiotics.
  • It is used for the same pathological conditions and epidermal damage as in adult patients.


In pediatric practice, the drug is actively used to eliminate dermatological pathologies in infants from the first days of life and gives a wonderful therapeutic effect in the development of infants diaper rash, redness, intertrigo, irritation of the skin from urine. The cream has a double action:

  • with the "dry" pathological process, the agent exhibits the property of retaining moisture in epidermal cells, softening crusts, eliminating peeling, erosive manifestations;
  • with mopping injuries with the release of exudate Drapolen promotes drying of the moccasins and protects the sore spot from the infiltration of infectious agents.

Before application, it is required to rinse and dry the skin of the child at the site of injury. The amount of application depends on the intensity of the lesion. It is recommended to use 3 to 7 - 10 times a day, including changing diapers and diapers. In this case, the baby must be treated gluteal, cervical, axillary folds, folds of hands, feet.

Application of Drapeolenum in infants:

  • prevents the development of redness, diaper rash and sweating in a "wet" zone where the diaper, diaper or diaper is pressed against the buttocks, inguinal folds, and the stomach, without violating their hygroscopicity;
  • Most babies do not cause any adverse side effects
  • significantly improves the condition of the epidermis, softening and preventing the drying of the baby's skin.

In pregnancy and lactation

  • No information is available on the effects of Drapolene on the fetus during pregnancy, on the infant breastfed, and on the lactating women themselves.
  • However, experts say that if the drug is used in accordance with the instructions, there is no absorption of active compounds into the total bloodstream, and therefore no effect on the body of the pregnant woman, embryo and fetus will be provided.
  • However, under no circumstances should you allow the cream to enter the baby's mouth while breastfeeding from the mother's nipples treated with Drapolen.


  • The product is contraindicated if the patient is particularly sensitive to any components included in the formulation of the drug.
  • Individual cases of intolerance to benzalkonium chloride, lanolin, cetrimide have been reported, which is manifested in the form of contact dermatitis and small swelling at the site of application of the cream.
  • In very rare cases, rashes are possible throughout the body.

Side effects of

  • Side effects are very rare and are usually associated with an allergic reaction to cetrimide, lanolin, benzalkonium chloride, expressed as local swelling, rash, redness.
  • In case of eye contact, an allergic reaction may occur in the form of conjunctivitis.

Special instructions

When using Drapolene, it is recommended:

  1. Do not apply to foci of infection, suppuration, deep wounds and severe burns.
  2. In order to avoid allergic conjunctivitis, do not allow the cream to get eyes.
  3. If the use of the drug does not lead to a positive curative result within 2 to 3 days, a dermatologist should be examined.
  4. If a local or general allergic reaction occurs, stop using the product.

Interaction with other medicines

Soap in solid and liquid form, detergents with anionic surfactants( surfactants) reduce the therapeutic efficacy of Drapolene.


Reviews of patients and doctors about the cream are overwhelmingly positive. There is a combination of affordability, efficacy and safety of the drug for patients, including infants.

  • In addition to the indications indicated in the instructions, many note that Drapolen also helps with superficial acne.
  • No remarks about adverse events occur. The only drawback of the remedy is a peculiar smell, which some people do not like.


Synonyms - preparations with similar active ingredients and the same curative effect, Drapolen does not. The structure of the preparation is unique.

Panthenol, cream Baneocin, is isolated as an analogue with a close therapeutic effect.

On what to replace Drapolen in caring for baby's skin, will tell the video below:

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