Gout: What is this disease?

What is this disease, gout? So called the disease, which is characterized by the deposition of salts of uric acids in the joints for violations in the metabolic processes of the body. This disease has been known for a long time, today it is rare. Gout can be called an age-related disease: men become ill after forty years, women - in the post-menopause period.

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When gout is affected all joints, salts, otherwise called urates, are deposited everywhere. Most often, patients pay attention to the defeat of the fingers on the hands and feet. This disease often goes into a chronic form. After diagnosis, patients have to completely change their way of life so that the disease does

not manifest itself as extremely painful exacerbations.

There are two main forms of gout, depending on the type of disease, the subtleties in treatment vary:

  1. Primary gout. It is expressed by genetically caused disorders in the synthesis of uric acid or its derivation.
  2. Secondary gout. More common type of the disease, is caused by other pathologies that can disrupt the synthesis of uric acid: kidney disease, psoriasis and others. Also on the development of the secondary variety may affect some medicines, alcohol, poisoning with certain substances.

In case of violations in the synthesis and excretion of uric acid, its natural level in the blood rises, salts from uric acid appear in joints in the form of small crystalline deposits, which in large quantities are able to completely destroy the joint. The deposition of salts in the joints is often accompanied by severe pain and a number of other symptoms.

If this disease is detected, it should immediately begin treatment so that it does not become chronic.

Causes of

The main factors in the appearance of metabolic disorders and the development of gout are few. In the first case, healthy kidneys are not able to produce too large volumes of produced acid, in the second - the kidneys can not excrete uric acid, but it comes in normal, healthy amounts.

The reason for such violations is called malnutrition. An increased risk of gout is present in people who abuse food rich in purines: fatty meat and fish. Alcohol also significantly influences the development of this disease.

In other cases, gout may trigger some drugs, lead poisoning. These cases are quite rare, to date, most fall ill at a later age due to unhealthy eating habits and alcohol abuse.

Hereditary gout is not so common, however, if the next of kin has disorders in the synthesis of uric acid or the disease itself, you should adjust your diet and follow all the rules of prevention.

Symptoms of

The main symptom by which a person usually understands that he has gout is an exacerbation of gouty arthritis, manifested by acute inflammation of one of the joints, accompanied by severe pain of a squeezing character. Usually seizures occur early in the morning, they can last several days and intensify at night.

Usually arthritis occurs at the joint of the thumb on the arm, leg, ankle or knee. In addition to pain, the patient may notice swelling of the joint, redness of the skin around him, a local rise in temperature. Multiple exacerbations can provoke complete destruction of the joint.

In addition to attacks, gout can be determined by the appearance of outgrowths on the joints of the fingers and toes. If these growths burst, you can see whitish crystals of salt deposited in the joints. Destruction of the growths is also accompanied by severe pain.

Symptoms of gout

Important! A full diagnosis is required, since the growths on the joints can be symptoms of other diseases.

What is dangerous gout?

In addition to severe pain, this disease is dangerous arthritis. Arthritis can provoke complete destruction of the joints, a strong inflammation that occurs when ruptured salt build-up on the joints, can significantly reduce the quality of life.

Also, kidney stones often occur with gout, which often causes kidney failure. Renal failure is an extremely dangerous condition, without emergency care it can lead to death.


The main symptom of this disease is the growths on the joints, which periodically become very inflamed. However, for a full diagnosis, this symptom is not enough, full diagnosis is required.

With suspicion of gout and gouty arthritis, you should contact a doctor - a rheumatologist. This specialist should appoint a number of mandatory studies, which include:

  • a general blood test;
  • determination of uric acid level;
  • X-rays of joints affected by gout.

Diagnosis of gout

Other, additional examinations may be prescribed, but these are the ones that are necessary for the diagnosis. After the definition of gout, you can begin treatment under the strict supervision of a specialist.

How to treat?

Treatment of gout should be complex, the patient should change the way of life with the beginning of therapy of the disease, otherwise, any effort will be in vain. It is impossible to completely recover from this disease, however, the frequency of exacerbations can be minimized.

The basis of the treatment is the control of the amount of uric acid in the body. The medicine for control should be chosen by a doctor, the choice depends on the individual characteristics of the course of the disease. The most commonly prescribed drugs are Allopurinol, Milurit, Thiopurinol and others.

In inflammation, various anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to help remove pain and other symptoms. These drugs should not be taken on a permanent basis, they are usually necessary for exacerbations of the disease, during active inflammatory processes. Diclofenac, Naproxen often are used.

Allopurinol from gout

Treatment with folk remedies

Against gouty arthritis, there are many effective folk recipes that help to relieve inflammation during periods of inflammation and relieve pain. The most common, safe and effective are the following recipes:

  1. Infusion of chamomile, which can relieve soreness and reduce inflammation. To five liters of hot water, add 10 grams of sea salt, then add 50 grams of chamomile flowers to the resulting solution. Insist for about an hour, then make a bath.
  2. Baths based on iodine, are held in the evenings. Three drops of water are taken by nine drops of iodine solution, legs affected by gout should be kept for 10 to 15 minutes. If a burning sensation occurs, the procedure should be stopped.
  3. Black radish juice. It helps to remove salts from the body, which helps alleviate the condition with gouty arthritis. You should take a teaspoonful of juice one hour after a meal, in time, the dosage can be increased to a tablespoon if there are no side effects on the part of the liver. Accept until there is a noticeable improvement.

It should be remembered that can not be cured of gout solely with the help of folk remedies, however they will help to remove the main symptoms during exacerbations and positively influence the course of the disease as a whole.

How to avoid exacerbations of

In order not to provoke an exacerbation of gouty arthritis, several rules should be observed:

  1. Do not load the affected joint, with the slightest change in the condition, if a pain occurs, a cold compress should be applied. Do not take aspirin, it can provoke an increase in the amount of uric acid in the body.
  2. It is necessary to drink more than two liters of water a day, less it is impossible. Drink should be pure water, sweet carbonated drinks and other liquids that can provoke fluid retention, should be avoided.
  3. It is necessary to regularly give blood to monitor the level of uric acid, the necessary amount of useful vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. In the case of a lack of useful substances, we accept the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes.
  4. In general, you should move to a healthy lifestyle. People with gout should follow a fairly strict diet, recommend to include in the regime of the day light physical activity, if health as a whole allows.

How to avoid gout exacerbations

If an acute attack does occur, the food should be simplified as much as possible, the inflamed joint should be kept at rest. You can apply a cold compress, after which, for a while, attach Vishnevsky's balm. Any painkillers ineffective during an acute attack, will have to wait for its completion.


When gout is extremely important, proper nutrition, because the main cause of the disease to date - too much meat and alcohol in the diet. With this disease, you should avoid all products rich in purines: meat, fish, legumes, mushrooms, smoked products, different types of cabbage, chocolate.

The diet can be based on whole grains, eggs, lactic acid foods with low fat content, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also worth remembering that alcohol is completely banned for gout.

If you follow a diet, take the necessary medicines on time and follow all the recommendations of the treating doctor, gout aggravation will be extremely rare, it may even be avoided.

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