Narcology clinic of Dr. Isaev: services, treatment and rehabilitation programs, reviews

When our relatives fall into the trap of drug or alcohol addiction, we are ready to go to great lengths to bring back that dear and loved one whom he was before falling into the paws of a serious illness. Sometimes people in search of help undergo hundreds of rehabilitation programs, lie in clinics, visit psychotherapists, but eventually return to addiction. Where should we go in search of help? Today we will talk about the clinic of Dr. Isaev.

Narcology clinic Isaeva

The clinic received its name on behalf of the founder - Ruslan Nikolayevich Isayev, who has worked for many years on the medical field. Seeking to help many sick people who need help from narcologists and psychiatrists, Dr. Isaev founded a private medical institution in 2005, working with people with alcohol and drug addiction.

11 years ago, at the very beginning of its formation, the clinic began its work as an independent rehabilitation center for people who had been severely treated for dependence and in need of serious psychological help. Already at this time, the clinic's leaders began to pay attention to the professionalism of each employee and the ability to work with a complex contingent of patients. Personnel and development - that's what the main focus was.

Every year, the private clinic of Dr. Isaev confirms his high status, participating and winning in various competitions. In 2010, the institution was recognized as the best in the treatment of people with various addictions, and in 2013 it becomes the best private clinic in Russia.


The doctors of the clinic are addressed by people desperate to get rid of all sorts of addictions:

  • alcoholism;
  • addiction;
  • co-dependent people are relatives of patients who seek help and support in a difficult life for them.

Of course, treatment in a private center can not be free. But for the money that the patient makes to restore himself as a healthy person, he gets not only the opportunity to recover from the addiction to prohibited substances, but also the excellent service:

  • a varied diet;
  • comfortable ward, as a "luxury", and simpler - to save money;
  • is the best doctors who have confirmed their status for many years working with ill drug addiction and alcoholism;
  • personal administrator, ready to answer questions related to the patient's treatment, at any time;
  • departure to the house;
  • state-of-the-art medicines and the newest procedures that help to stop harmful activities;
  • consultative reception of specialists of any level, including the head of the clinic and chief physician;
  • free assistance in the future device for work.

Video about narcological clinic of doctor Isaev:

Treatment of addictions

Getting rid of alcoholism and drug addiction are the main activities of the institution. To achieve a stable remission for years to come, patients who are exposed to any psychoactive substances must undergo several stages:

  1. Detoxification.
  2. Restrictive measures.
  3. Psychological assistance.
  4. Rehabilitation.

Let's consider in more detail what all the listed methods of treatment include.

Detoxification is the very first stage of therapy. Dependents receive drug treatment with the latest medical products, they are given the opportunity to painlessly survive the withdrawal and refuse to take drugs. Simultaneously with taking medications, the patients of the clinic work with psychologists and psychotherapists to identify the causes that prompted the person to take substances that change consciousness.

For a number of patients, this stage ends with a transition to a rehabilitation program, the other part is forced to take blockers. Sometimes these two periods are combined.

In the treatment of alcohol dependence, patients are offered the "Sobriety Point" program, during which alcoholics receive outpatient treatment with the drug "Vivitrol", which reduces the craving for alcohol through the blocking of opiate receptors in the brain. As a result of taking Vivitrol, patients for a certain period of time independently refuse from alcohol. Inclusion in this program occurs only with the sincere desire of the addict to the cure.

The admission of blockers in the treatment of drug addiction implies the therapy with Prodetoxone, similar to that of Vivitrolus - the addict who is taking Prodetoxone ceases to be physically satisfied with the use of the drug, thereby gradually refusing to take them. The encoding is carried out exclusively after a period of abstinence from the use of drugs, so patients who have been taking drugs for a long time and often need to undergo the procedure of detoxification.

This need is due to the terrible effects of mixes on the patient's body - already at a young age, addicts have brain lesions, cardiac pathologies, and no mood for cure.

Treatment of spice dependence is considered the most difficult in the treatment of narcotic diseases, therefore, after the first stage of 5 days, the patient is immediately transported to a rehabilitation center where he continues to socialize and adapt to a sober life.

In parallel with pharmacological treatment, all addicts work with a psychotherapist.

Rehabilitation program

Achieving a multi-year remission is impossible without a rehabilitation program that strengthens the patient's faith in the possibility of living without the use of psychotropic drugs and leads a person to voluntary abandonment of drugs.

Rehabilitation can take place both in the center of the center and outpatient. This process is more time-consuming( from 28 days) and is very important for patients - they learn to live in sobriety and enjoy life, and not from taking stimulants.

For alcohol addicts, a special rehabilitation center "Opora" was established in the clinic, where alcoholics work on the proven "12 steps" program. The essence of this method of rehabilitation is the awareness of patients of their dependence, acceptance of themselves in any state, forgiveness and establishing contacts with other people.

All patients live in comfortable rooms, for 3-4 people. An important point in rehabilitation is the process of settling - beginners, as a rule, are placed in patients who are already on the way to recovery.

After recovery, alcohol addicts can continue to visit specialists on an outpatient basis.

Drug addicts are being rehabilitated in the best centers of the Moscow Region, where highly qualified specialists work using modern recovery techniques:

  • kinesiotherapy is a technique of physical activity with a certain load on different muscles;
  • psychotherapy - getting rid of mental addiction;
  • diet therapy - includes a full-fledged variety of nutrition, aimed at restoring the body;
  • general therapy - aimed at physical recovery.

The complex of measures helps bring the addict to the desire to live a full-fledged sober life. The full course of rehabilitation is up to 12 months, how much time will be needed for a particular patient - determines the treating narcologist.

When leaving the rehabilitation center, not all patients can adapt to real life. In this they will be assisted by outpatient rehabilitation. It will help to avoid breakdowns, will direct the patient to further active life without drugs.
On the video about rehabilitation programs in Isayeva's clinic:


When choosing a rehabilitation program, many addicts and their relatives are guided by the reviews of people who have already visited this institution. It should be noted that the responses to Isaev's clinic are generally positive. Patients like the approach to treatment and the involvement of relatives in the rehabilitation process. Most of the cured drug addicts claim that they managed to cope with their illness only with the help of experienced center doctors.

Of course, there are other, less enthusiastic reviews. Especially often the relatives of dependent people are dissatisfied, their dissatisfaction is caused by the fact that the psychologists of the clinic could not persuade the patient to undergo treatment, thereby exposing the unsatisfactory assessment of the clinic.

However, choosing the best rehabilitation center in your opinion, one should not rely solely on reviews on the Internet, it is better to visit the institution itself, talk with doctors and patients, and then make the final decision.

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