Focal reflux gastritis

As you know, no person has iron health. And in this case, sooner or later, there is a disease. Very often, poor nutrition affects your well-being. In this case, serious health problems can arise. First of all, you can get gastritis, especially when it comes to childhood, when the food in the school is not quite good and right, but the body is not yet strong. In this case, one of the most unpleasant diseases is focal reflux-gastritis, which can lead to gastric ulcer.

Short description of focal reflux gastritis

In medical practice, two main types of disease are distinguished. In the first case, inflammation occurs almost the entire gastric mucosa. In the second case, only some of its parts are inflamed. It is in this version of the disease called focal reflux gastritis. At the same time, it is possible to determine by symptoms what kind of person a person acquired initially. As for focal reflux gastritis, first of all this is due to the violation of the functions of the special sphincter. Under normal conditions, he is responsible for bringing food from the stomach to the duodenum. But with the development of this disease, such a release does not occur, and the food already mixed with bile and other enzymes returns back to the stomach. In this case, the walls of the stomach do not have sufficient protective mechanisms. And it is in this case that salts, bile and aggressive substances begin to erode the walls of the stomach, which leads to their destruction and inflammation.

Focal reflux gastritis has the following symptoms:

  • sharp pains in the stomach area of ​​the body;
  • persistent nausea;
  • heartburn;
  • unnatural stool.

At the same time, all these symptoms can start at the same time in humans, and only one ailment can be present.

Treatment of focal reflux gastritis

All procedures for the treatment of the disease are prescribed with full visibility of the clinical history. It should be understood that advertised drugs can not be avoided. In this case, nevertheless, specific drugs are needed. In addition, the cause of the disease can be bacteria. In this case it is necessary to undergo a complex of tests, and receive a prescription for special antibacterial drugs.

If all the same focal reflux gastritis has already begun to develop, then it is necessary to observe simple rules of behavior. Namely, do not work on heavy and harmful production, adhere to diet and diet, do not get stressed, forget about bad habits.

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