Sport for gastritis, can I do it?

Gastrum it, can occur in any person. This is mainly due to improper and unbalanced nutrition. Quite often they suffer athletes. There is even a myth that intensified sports necessarily lead to gastritis. But this opinion is not true, because the cause of the disease lies not in increased physical exertion, but in the way of life that the athletes lead.

Often happens so that giving all the strength and time to training, they forget about the diet, this leads to the progression of the disease. Yes, and stressful situations in training or competition play an important role.

Any unreasonable and excessive physical activity, especially when combined with eating disorders, is the main reason for the occurrence of gastritis. After all, all the overload and fatigue, which can occur with increased exercise, cause secretory deficiency of the stomach.

The role of sport in the treatment and prevention of gastritis

All are accustomed to the fact that the main methods of treating this disease are taking medications and dieting. Although this is not enough for normal operation of the stomach. A major role in the prevention of the disease is given to physical culture and sports.

Gastritis in the remission phase has never been the reason for abolishing habitual training. But they can only be dealt with when the acute stage of the disease is stopped. And the classes should start with a physical therapy, which will help to solve the following problems:

  • In the abdominal cavity for recovery processes favorable conditions are created due to the improvement of blood circulation;
  • In the gastric mucosa restored trophic;
  • Physical exercises affect neurohumoral regulation of digestion processes, as well as motor and secretory functions of the digestive tract;
  • Improves diaphragmatic breathing.

When playing sports in the body, energy reserves increase, saturation with vitamins, calcium, enzyme compounds occurs. And this leads to the activation of oxidative processes and the restoration of acid balance, which has a positive effect on the work of the stomach and, accordingly, the relief of the disease.
To begin these studies is only at the stage of remission. If there is an exacerbation of the disease, or it is in the acute phase, all physical activity should be discontinued.

Sport lifestyle and gastritis

Despite warnings and rumors about the dangers of sporting with gastritis, it should be noted that the incidence of this disease in athletes is much lower than that of all others. After all, physical activities during training, conducted in normal mode and without fanaticism, positively affect the entire body.

During the performance of any physical exercises, the abdominal organs are subjected to concussions, due to which their massage occurs, and, accordingly, the activity of the secretory functions of the stomach improves. Therefore, with such a disease as gastritis, even those who are far from sports should reconsider their way of life and allocate half an hour a day for physical education.

To prolong the period of remission, and often completely rid of this disease, types such as walking, running, swimming, skiing and skating or cycling help. You can also recommend yoga in the evenings by the TV.

Contraindications for sporting activities

Despite the positive dynamics of the disease during exercise and sports training, they have their own contraindications. It is necessary to completely exclude force loads on the body in those cases when:

  • Exacerbation of gastritis is accompanied by vomiting or nausea;
  • There is a pronounced pain syndrome;
  • The disease is accompanied by stenosis.

Contraindicated before the onset of remission exercises, accompanied by strokes, sudden shocks or wearing speed and strength.

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