Treatment of gastritis with badger fat

Modern medicine offers a lot of options, depending on the causes of the disease, the degree of damage to the stomach and other factors. This is medicines, and surgical interventions, for example, when, due to gastritis, an ulcer developed, and special diets. One of the most effective ways, even at home, is treating badger fat.

The main advantages of badger fat are the absence in it of any artificial additives and its property is very quickly absorbed in the human body, which is due to almost instant absorption of it when ingested in the digestive tract. As a result, it acts quickly, but gently, without causing strong side effects.

The use of badger oil for gastritis and peptic ulcer is associated with its ability to act on the secretory function of glands located in the stomach and intestines, with participation in the normalization of microflora and with healing effect on pustules, ulcers and other mucosal lesions.

How to prepare a medicine for gastritis?

For treatment of gastritis with badger fat, one of the following recipes can be used:

  • every day in the morning, two hours before you have breakfast, you need to take a tablespoon of badger fat. Before you take it, you can not eat anything;
  • can mix badger fat with milk. In this case, you must first melt it, then mix it with milk, then bring the resulting mixture to a boil and put it to cool.

If you want, you can add a small amount of honey to the already prepared mixture. You need to apply this medicine also to an empty stomach( 2 hours before a meal), but two spoons, and not one, but three times per day. This dosage is suitable for an adult, for a child it needs to be adjusted according to his age. The course of admission is two weeks.

Badger fat in gastritis can be used as a separate treatment method, and as an addition to basic therapy. The main thing is to take responsibility for the level of your health and not let the disease become neglected.

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