Roasted with gastritis

Everyone who has ever encountered unpleasant symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases immediately raises the question of what he can now eat. Many expect to hear in response that you can eat only cereals or liquid cereal soups. But this is not so.

The diet for these diseases, although it is quite strict, but, nevertheless, provides in its diet a sufficiently large number of products. The main question is how the dish was cooked. With gastritis, the main thing is that the products are steamed, or baked in the oven.

How useful are baked vegetables with gastritis

This way you can cook any vegetables that are supposed to be used for lunch or dinner, but the best option is the potato. It contains ascorbic acid, as well as a large amount of potassium. In addition, in potatoes prepared in this way, virtually all trace elements are retained. But it should be borne in mind that this happens only when the product is baked with intact skin.

In addition, baked potatoes contain a very large amount of starch, so in the blood of a person consuming this dish, glucose is maintained at a normal level. And it is in potatoes, prepared in this way, all amino acids that are irreplaceable for our organisms are preserved. All this is very useful for the body, exhausted by such an insidious and severe disease as a gastritis.

Baked with gastritis for dessert

This question also worries many patients, because everyone wants, despite the disease, though occasionally pampered with delicious. Here, with gastritis, baked dishes will also come to help, only this will be fruit.

Apples are best for this purpose. After all, apples, cooked in this way, contain such enzymes and trace elements that are unique in their composition and have a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach.

To bake apples for a patient with a gastritis, you should use a simple recipe:

In a large apple of any kind, a peduncle is cut out along with the core and sugar is poured into the formed space. Prepared in this way, the fruits are placed on a sheet and sent to a preheated oven. A tray should be taken with high sides, and a little water should be added to its bottom. Apples will be ready after their skins slightly vyzyrytsya and change its color.

Baked apples are a very tasty and nutritious dish that can not only benefit gastritis, exhausted gastritis, but also has antidepressant properties. And this is very important for the patient.

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