The scheme of treatment of gastritis according to the international protocol( standard)

International diagnostic protocol( standards) for the treatment of gastritis:

International protocol classification after the tenth revision( ICD-10).

  1. Cipher twenty five( 25) international standard( protocol) - stomach ulcer;
  2. Cipher K is twenty-six( 26) international standard( protocol) - duodenal ulcer;
  3. Cipher K is twenty-eight( 28) international standard( protocol) - gastro-yug ulcer.

International Standard Examination( Standard)

Mandatory laboratory tests:

  • Complete blood test( if repeated, repeat every ten days) 1-time study of
  • Blood groups
  • Ureas test( CLO test, etc.)
  • Rh factor
  • General urine analysis
  • Reticulocytes
  • Fecal occult blood test
  • Blood sugar
  • Histological examination of biopsy
  • Serum gland hardware
  • Cytological examination of biopsy

Required toolsntalnye Research International Protocol( standard) of 1-fold

  • ultrasound study biliary tract and of the pancreas,

liver study The double

  • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy with biopsy and brush cytology

Additional studies conducted in the case of suspected cancerous ulcer.

Consultations of specialists on indications.

Treatment of gastritis takes place at home with constant monitoring by a doctor-gastroenterology.

Purpose of treatment: eradication of HP bacteria.

The table №1 is prescribed, antibiotics from the penicillin group are prescribed.

HP eradication regimens for the treatment of gastritis

First line of the regimen:

Treatment regimen for gastritis number 1. Three-part therapy, designed for two weeks: twice a day, taking omeprozole, amoxicillin( 1000 mg), clarithromycin( 500 mg).We replace omeprozole for omez or zerocid, clarithromycin for josamycin or nifuratel.

Treatment regimen for gastritis No. 2. 4-component therapy, calculated for two weeks, is the complement of the first option. As a supplement, one drug is added - bismuth tricalium dicitrate( 240 mg), which also drenches twice a day.

Treatment regimen for gastritis №3.Amoxicillin( 1000 mg), nifuratel( 400 mg), bismuth tricalium dicitrate( 240 mg).Take the complex twice a day, for two weeks.

Treatment regimen for gastritis # 4. A truncated scheme is prescribed for elderly patients.

4A.Omeprozole, amoxicillin( 1000 mg), bismuth tricalium dicitrate( 240 mg).Reception for two weeks, 2 times a day.

4B.Bismuth tricalcium dicyrate. Take for twenty-eight days, four times a day, in a dosage of 120 mg.

Treatment regimen for gastritis number 5. In case of allergic reactions to antibiotics, omeprozole or any other IPN is left, two-time fasting with 30% aqueous propolis solution is added, in a dosage of 100 ml.

The 2nd line of the

scheme. Treatment scheme for gastritis No. 1. Four-component scheme: IPN, four receptions of 120 mg of bismuth tricalium decitrate, three metronidazole( 500 mg), four tetracycline( 500 mg).The course lasts two weeks.

Treatment regimen for gastritis № 2. IPN, four receptions of bismuth trikalidicitrate( 120 mg), four doses of amoxicillin( 500 mg), four furazolidone( 100 mg).Duration of admission is two weeks.

Treatment regimen for gastritis № 3. IPN, 4 receptions of bismuth tricalium dicitrate( 120 mg), four receptions of amoxicillin( 500 mg), two receptions of rifaximin( 400 mg).

3rd line of the

scheme. It is carried out on the 2nd line if there is no result from eradication of the bacterium.

Dietary table for the treatment of gastritis

For effective treatment of gastritis simultaneously with one of the schemes, a dietary table No. 1 is prescribed.

It is based on sparing foods and dishes, to reduce mucosal inflammation and healing of ulcers: boiled or steamed meat, fish. You can consume porridge, some vegetables and fruits in raw form.

Fried dishes are prohibited because of their rough properties. You can eat baked, but without crusty dishes. Sharp spices are excluded, salt is allowed in a minimal amount.

The food temperature should be average. Hot and cold dishes and drinks are prohibited.

Food intake should be every two hours, five to six times throughout the day. Before going to bed, a glass of milk is drunk.

Soups are prepared from grated vegetables on water, with the addition of oat or rice. You can cook soups or mashed soups.

Contraindicated cooking soups on meat broths, as well as okroshku, borscht and any other usual soups on fat broth, with the addition of spices and frying.

From bakery products you can yesterday's pastry made of wheat flour. Products made of rye flour and fresh pastry are prohibited.

As meat dishes, dietary lean meat is permitted: chicken breast without skin, lean beef and lamb, turkey, rabbit meat.

You need to skip meat through a meat grinder and cook for a couple. From by-products are allowed the liver and tongue.

Meat sausages, smoked delicacies, canned meat, ducklings, goose meat, meat cuttings with tendons are excluded.

Non-fat fish is allowed, which can be cooked in one piece or cutlets. Oily, salted and canned fish are prohibited.

You can eat everything from dairy products, except for acidic and solid foods.

Eggs are cooked from eggs or boiled soft-boiled.

From cereals are allowed: buckwheat, oatmeal and semolina, from which prepare milk soups, porridges or steam beads. Barley, millet, beans, peas, some kinds of macaroni are forbidden.

Non-acidic vegetables and fruits are allowed, which must be re-wiped and steamed or eaten raw.

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