After how many days do worms leave, what time, how long( one per month) after the vomiting?

Parasites that have become illegal in the human body can be positioned as invaders. In the case of liberation from their dominance, special antihelminthic drugs help. They either destroy them on the spot( dissolve in the intestine), or paralyze their muscles. In the latter case, it is logical to wait for them - alive or dead, unchanged or fragmented. How many worms go on time? This is the most topical issue for everyone who takes medicines.

After what time does the worm come out?

The medical interval of excretion indicated in the instructions to the preparations is 12-48 hours. How many worms appear in each case depends on several factors:

  • The different sensitivity of biotypes of worms to the active substance. If the drug is prescribed "poke method", you can not guess at all with the means of destruction. That for round helminths - death, then for flat worms - just a whip. Ineffective medicine can trigger the migration of adults to other organs. Similar consequences are observed when taking irritating substances from the arsenal of folk healers. So, ascaris from the intestine can go to the pancreatic duct or enter the bile ducts. This will lead to their blockage and, as a result, to malfunctions in the liver and exacerbation of pancreatitis. On what day migraine worms come out in such cases, and how many times it is necessary to drink tablets, it is difficult to assume.
  • Insufficient concentration of medication in the intestine. Parasites lose mobility and die. As a result of the slow development of the drug, the worms do not come out at the same time. Through how many worms come out completely, depends on the individual characteristics of the human body, its peristalsis. The process of exile can last for several days.
  • Uneven absorption of the preparation used. From the quality of assimilation of anthelmintic medicine directly depends on how many days the worms leave. As a result of scientific research it has been established that, for example, albendazole, a fighter of intestinal nematodes, is influenced by nutrition. Its activity increases if the reception occurs in the presence of bile acids( along with fatty foods).

How long do worms go?

All vermiformes that have survived in the human body are equipped with a system of suckers, which allows them to hold tightly to the walls of the intestinal mucosa. Antiparasitic agents weaken their musculature, but act selectively. One agent was affected more strongly, and it fell off, the other was more stable and lasts longer. If the drug is prescribed "poke method", you can not guess at all with the means of destruction. How many do not drink - all is useless.

Another argument should be considered, arguing on the topic "How many worms after worms?" And he is in favor of diagnosis and treatment under the supervision of a doctor with the delivery of the necessary control tests. When making an appointment, the specialist selects a cleansing scheme based on the stage of the disease. Drugs possess not only selective activity, the majority of antiparasitic agents act exclusively on mature individuals. The larvae remain alive and calmly develop in organs and tissues independent of the intestine. How many days the worms leave, is determined by the pharmacokinetics, the mechanism of action of the substance. Is it a single application or will you need a second appointment? How long does the course last? Three days or a week? And maybe 28 days. Dosing and timing of treatment are also interrelated. These drugs are highly toxic - you need to be careful when taking it. After how many days worms come out with this or that variant of therapy, there are no reliable, and even more statistical, data.

If the worms go out once a month, most likely, a long-term course drug was used( up to 3-6 months in low doses).And if at the same time different species develop, then there is a mixed invasion, and different drugs or one, but wide-ranging, were prescribed.

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