Are worms dangerous to humans, the most terrible helminths, what is the danger of helminthiasis for the child's organism?

Worms are worms that parasitize in the human or animal body. The disease that is caused by them is called helminthiasis. It can be acute or chronic. It is the chronic course that is most dangerous to human health.

Symptoms of presence of helminths:

  • allergic reaction in the form of rashes on the skin, food allergies, itching;
  • iron deficiency anemia: pallor of the skin, fatigue, brittle hair and nails;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • weight loss and inability to replenish;
  • decreased immunity: frequent colds;
  • itching in the anus;
  • abdominal pain is not associated with eating;
  • teeth grinding in a dream.

Infection with worms occurs most often through unwashed hands after street or contact with animals, eating dirty vegetables, fruits, raw water. Poorly roasted meat of pigs and cows, raw fish can also become a source of infection with worms for humans.

Hazard of worms for humans

First of all, it is worth noting that worms getting into the human body, feed on tissues and release harmful toxins. The most dangerous are larvae, since they can circulate with blood flow, causing various abnormalities in the organs.

Worms in the intestines can cause colitis, ulcers. An ulcer complication can be bleeding. Bleeding in the intestine can be detected by the syndrome of the acute abdomen and the detection of blood in the stool. Intestinal obstruction is another dangerous complication of intestinal helminthiasis.

Complications from parasites are the formation of cysts, in places where parasites have been localized: liver, lungs, brain. The most terrible danger of worms is the defeat of the nervous system.

Some species affect absolutely all organs and systems. Hiding under the picture of other diseases, because of what it is difficult to diagnose the disease and in time to provide the right treatment.

Worms are also dangerous for a child, because they delay mental and physical development.

The most terrible worms for humans

Flukes cause diseases called trematodes. They parasitize mainly in the organs of the hepatobiliary system( gall bladder, ducts, liver), pancreas. The toxic effect of worms is not as dangerous as mechanical. Toxins cause weakness, dizziness, fainting. Chronic course leads to disorders in the organs, causes tissue tightening, tumor-like formations. The most dangerous worms for humans among trematodes are parogonimy and schistosomes.

Paragon is one of the most dangerous flukes. Pargonimy, hitting the lungs, cause a clinical picture, similar to pneumonia, subsequently forming calcifications. To parohonim usually attached bacterial infection.

Schistosomes are one of the most terrible worms. The disease caused by them is called schistosomiasis. They contribute to the formation of ulcers in the intestines, bleeding from ulcers, cause constipation or diarrhea, as well as intestinal obstruction. There are kinds of schistosomes that affect the bladder. In women, such worms are localized in the reproductive system and cause such dangerous conditions as miscarriages. If you get into the nervous system, cause paralysis and paresis. Children cause a delay in mental and physical development. On the territory of our state, infection with schistosomes can rarely occur.

Worms, especially dangerous to human health, are echinococci related to cystodes. Causes echinococcosis, which is terrible for a person, because it affects all organs and systems. The chronic form of these worms causes a tumor-like formation in the affected organ, which doctors often confuse with cancer. The wrong treatment is followed by a similar treatment. If the time is not performed surgical removal of the focus of echinococcus, the disease will end with a lethal outcome. A favorite localization in the liver.

What are the dangerous worms in the human body?

Ascarids are the most common worms. The disease itself proceeds rapidly, and is treated with the administration of tablets. Dangerous complications caused by larvae, which because of rapid multiplication accumulate in the body. Circulating, they fall into the lungs, the liver, the heart. A ball of ascarids in the intestines causes intestinal obstruction. They can parasitize in the mucous membranes, salivary glands. Getting in the ear, reduce hearing, there is a noise in the ears. Most often, ascaridosis infects a child.

Dangerous ingress of worms into the brain, depending on the hit, they cause terrible diseases: meningitis, meningoencephalitis. The clinical picture can vary, the focal symptomatology is shown. This indicates the defeat of the cranial nerves. Often there are symptoms of a brain tumor.

A more dangerous form of roundworms than roundworms is hookworms. The clinical picture is not as diverse as with ascariasis. The favorite nutrient medium for these terrible worms is blood. Proceeding from this, it follows that they are localized in the heart. They cause mechanical damage to the myocardium, causing necrosis of various areas. As a result, scar changes of the heart muscle are formed. Further, a bacterial infection can join this process and cause complications dangerous for a person in the form of: myocarditis, pericarditis, endocarditis.

Especially dangerous are ascarids for the child: cause severe anemia, growth and development retardation.

Trichinella, another type of helminth, dangerous to humans. All organs and systems of man are affected. Symptoms of the disease directly depend on the localization of helminths. The most dangerous and terrible is the defeat of the heart and nervous system. Helminthiases mimic other diseases, which makes it difficult to prescribe the right treatment. They can migrate everywhere, accumulate in the lymphatic ducts of the mammary glands. As a result, seals are formed. In this case, a terrible diagnosis of cancer.

In order not to become infected with helminths, it is necessary to observe personal hygiene rules, monitor food preparation, use boiled water, heat-treated vegetables and fruits.

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