Worms at night, why and at what time of day do they get out( active)?

Does the child often pull his hands to the priest and rub the place between the buttocks? If this occurs mainly in the mornings, for parents this is a cause for concern. Chances are great that a son or daughter has an enterobiosis, but simply - worms have started. More often than other helminths, the itching of the skin around the anus causes pinworms. They are the causative agents of this disease and the reason for combing the area of ​​the anus at night.

One of the most common worms, disturbing people at night, are pinworms. Small( up to 10 mm) white worms with a pointed tail-spike for their habitation have chosen a blind gut and its appendix. Although the adjacent sections of the small and large intestines are also a habitual area of ​​their life. In the depths of the intestine, they spend most of their time feeding on its contents and blood. In the same place, males fertilize females.

And now comes the time when the female, overcrowded with eggs( up to 15 thousand), can no longer rest on the mucosa wall. She rushes to the anus to get him to throw off his burden. In the perianal folds, it is warm and moist - the most suitable place for the development of eggs. Night - the best time of day for masonry, when the worms peak activity.

Worms crawl out at night

Most often parasites infect the preschool children, and it is clear that parents want to see first hand and deal with violators of the calmness of their children. At what time are active worms, then it should be looked for. And moms are ready at night with a flashlight to rush to the crib to find white parasites. And it often succeeds, especially between 2-3 hours, when a child wakes up and, whining, starts combing the itching zone.

The worms get out at night and do not let the master sleep. Having carefully examined the area of ​​their exit - the anus - you can even see how these small filamentous and pointed "sticks" wriggle, swish in the skin folds. They are adults. And the eggs are still motionless. They will take 4-6 hours to mature. They no longer need "mother", she gave them life and dies. Now the "task" of eggs is to expand the boundaries of helminthic invasion and spread it to the surrounding infected.

Having found out why worms are active at night, it is not difficult to guess how helminthiasis spreads. Scratching the scaly place in a dream at night and especially early in the morning on awakening, a man pushes the eggs of parasites under his fingernails. Then he touches clothes, bedding, and finally touches other family members with his hands. Dirty hands - a springboard, from which the parasites start straight into the mouth with an apple, candy, a child's toy. Then they scratched their mouths, they licked a finger. .. Even shaking hands with a friend, you can get helminths. And here worms again in the native element - the intestines, where the eggs hatch from the eggs, for 2-4 weeks grow in adults. And a new cycle is started.

It is not difficult to suspect helminthiasis in its characteristic symptoms. It is more difficult to confirm the presence of "illegals" in a laboratory. Eggs in the feces are rarely found. Egg laying is external, outside the rectum. If a person wakes up at night from wanting to scratch between the buttocks, and in the back pass an impossible itch, it is necessary to stock up with scotch tape. Adhesive tape in the morning immediately after sleep( before washing) should be applied to the anus. And then in a package carry for analysis. Only by guessing the moment of the exit of the female with the masonry, it is possible to establish their presence in the body. With a positive result, deworming with one of the pharmacies, without waiting for the burden of the disease.

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