Worms in a pregnant woman - what to do, treatment of helminths during pregnancy, how to withdraw, get rid of, than to treat and poison, what to drink from folk remedies?

Infection with parasites in the period of bearing a child is a serious danger to the fetus. If nothing is done, especially at the beginning of pregnancy, it can lead to complications in the development of the fetus and even its death. Therefore, the problem of helminthic invasion during this period becomes the most important. There are many recipes, how to get rid of worms during pregnancy, but what if the pregnant worms should be determined only by a specialist. Before starting the treatment of worms in the period of gestation, the child is first ascertained through analytical studies what type of parasites are present in the female body.

After determining the type of parasites, the tactics of treatment are chosen. How to treat worms in pregnant women depends on the term, as well as the intensity of lesions of parasites and their appearance. In the first trimester, when the formation of the child's organs is just beginning, the choice of how to treat worms during pregnancy is very limited. Any medications for treating such an ailment are strictly prohibited in this case, since the absence of a barrier that prevents the penetration of harmful constituents of the drug may adversely affect the development of the fetus.

Therefore, the decision on how to withdraw worms to pregnant women in the initial period of bearing a child is the use of only folk remedies, but in general it is better to endure, strengthening hygienic measures and adjusting the diet accordingly. By the way, making an adjustment of nutrition in helminthic invasion, one should take into account that when using any dairy product, additional nutrition is given to the parasites, which promotes their active reproduction. In any case, it is better to stop using dairy products for the entire period of treatment.

With further bearing of a child, if a woman becomes infected with helminths, the possibilities for removing parasites become much greater. To remove worms in pregnant women, there are many drugs that can be consumed without risking a child's health. However, one should take into account that all parasitic drugs have toxic effects and can harm a future child. Therefore, the treatment of helminths in pregnant women is carried out under the supervision of the doctor and, accordingly, to his appointments.

Folk remedies for worms during pregnancy

Non-medicamentous methods of parasites can be inferred, but only of a certain kind. Basically, this applies to the most common - pinworms and ascarids. There are many recipes, how to get rid of worms during pregnancy by folk methods. Well-known effective effect on parasites of watermelon. However, due to the fact that the berries contain a lot of liquid, which gives an additional burden to the kidneys, a woman in an "interesting position" needs to monitor the amount of food eaten.

In solving the problem of how to withdraw worms from pregnant women, products that have a powerful antiparasitic effect are of considerable help. First of all, they should be called garlic. In general, many parasites, and first of all pinworms, are afraid of products that have an acute, specific taste. The constant presence in the diet of onions, mustards, ginger, horseradish, red pepper not only helps in the fight how to withdraw the worms, but also serves as a preventive measure. In the arsenal of folk remedies, tea from medicinal herbs - chamomile, dandelion, valerian, cowberry siblings occupy an important place. They can be used both separately and in a mixture.

What else can you drink, choosing how to remove worms, is pomegranate juice. Magic it is called not only because of the effective expulsion of parasites from the female body, but also for the property to raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood, strengthening the defenses of the body. Well-known antihelminthic that you can drink, is always beet juice. At the same time, than to treat helminths during pregnancy, using folk remedies, the doctor should decide.

The only anthelmintic remedy without any contraindications, are pumpkin seeds with a film. Treatment for helminths with pumpkin seeds during pregnancy can be recommended to all women, regardless of the type of parasites and the degree of damage to the body. There are several options for treating worms in pregnant women with pumpkin seeds:

  1. Take a few spoons of raw seeds in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. For seven days every day, morning and evening, half an hour before meals, use half a glass of seeds.
  3. Make a mixture of 100 gr.seeds with 45 g.water and take throughout the day in four divided doses. The course of treatment should be extended for ten days.

If there are no contraindications, then you can make an enema. When choosing how to get rid of a woman in the position of helminths, she too is on the list of means. Whether it is possible to poison parasites in a similar way and how to treat them is determined after consultation with a gynecologist. The solution for the enema is made in several ways:

  • garlic-wormwood decoction, which is prepared from a mixture of very finely chopped garlic and medicinal wormwood, filled with boiling water;
  • tincture of chamomile;
  • enema from a soap solution.

In general, among doctors there is no unequivocal opinion, whether it is possible for women in the situation to poison helminths. Some believe that how to treat worms in pregnant women and how to treat worms during pregnancy, it is necessary to be determined as early as possible. Such confidence in the treatment is based on the fact that when infected with Ascarid larvae, they can penetrate the placenta and settle in the brain or lung fetus. When the brain is infected, the child's head grows in size, which makes birth difficult. Subsequently, in such an infected child, various pathologies can develop. Others consider parasites during pregnancy what to do, so it's best not to do anything, but to suffer this trouble so as not to harm the child. Therefore, can parasites be poisoned, or limited to hygienic measures, changes in the diet, the gynecologist decides, together with the infectious disease doctor, based on a combination of all factors.

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