Nemozol with ascariasis, the scheme of treatment of ascaris, how it works, how to take adults and children, how many kills, how quickly it leaves the child after the suspension?

Nemozol is necessarily included in the effective scheme of treatment of ascaridosis. This drug has a wide spectrum of action. It simultaneously suppresses almost all the biological processes that take place inside the parasite. Doctors pay attention to the fact that the active substance of the described tablets cause the destruction of the helminth membrane at the cellular level. The preparation forms malfunctions in processes of assimilation by ascarids of a glucose - the main component of their food. The effective formula is based on the albendazole - poison substance, which causes the instantaneous death of all nematodes. How quickly do roundworms after Nemosol go out? In a day. Dead worms leave the intestine in a natural way.

Treatment of ascariasis Nemosol is prescribed when mixed invasions are diagnosed, the drug is most effective in the treatment of helminthiosis, provoked by parasitism of ascarids and lamblia. Nemosol is necessarily part of a comprehensive treatment regimen for enterobiasis, toxocarosis, non-catarosis, strongyloidiasis and trichocephalosis. Today, this drug is necessarily included in the rehabilitation therapy after the surgical treatment of cysts of echinococcus. Practice shows that it helps to avoid relapse.

Nemosol in the treatment of ascaridosis in children and adults

Nemosol is a new generation drug, it is available in two forms:

  1. In the form of a suspension.
  2. In tablets.

Suspension is prescribed for a child to eat while eating. Babies up to two years for treatment of ascaridosis are prescribed a single intake of 10 ml. Children over two years of age are doubled. With mixed invasions, the therapeutic regimen changes.the drug is drunk twice a day for three days. The dose is regulated by a doctor. How quickly does Nemosol Suspension act on Ascaris? As a rule, a single application of the drug causes instantaneous death of all forms of parasites( eggs, larvae and adults).The tablet drug is used orally, the medicine does not need to be chewed, the duration of the course is determined by the doctor.

Conditions for taking Nemosol by adults are the same, the dose is calculated by the formula of 15 mg of medicine per kilogram of body weight of the patient.

Recommendations and contraindications to Nemosol for ascarids

Given the high activity of the active substance of the drug, contra-indications are formulated. The drug can not be used in the following cases:

  1. In the presence of retinal lesions.
  2. During pregnancy and lactation.
  3. In case of hypersensitivity to individual components of the medication.

Physicians, as a rule, abolish the treatment with Nemosol ascariasis if the patient develops a disease on the background of cirrhosis of the liver, other diseases accompanied by deficiency of the main cleansing filter functions, and against the background of the presence of oppression of bone marrow circulation.

If Nemosol is prescribed to a woman of reproductive age, the parasitologist must warn her about preventing pregnancy within a month after the end of the chicken therapy with the drug described. During this time, you must carefully protect yourself.

Knowing how Nemozol acts on Ascaris, after how long it kills worms, one must also take into account the fact that the abundance of fatty foods, as well as the consumption of grapefruits, increases the absorption of its main components into the blood. And this contributes to the emergence of risks of dangerous complications. It is noted that Nemosol can reduce a person's reaction, so it is not recommended to drive while using the drug. The described preparation is not applied during the carrying out of preventive measures directed against ascaridosis.

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