How to deduce opisthorchia, the excretion of pathogens of opisthorchiasis at home

Opisthorchiasis is a dangerous and fairly common parasitic disease. For residents of Russia, especially for the Siberian region, this disease is a serious problem. Infection occurs due to eating poorly thermally processed river fish. Opisthorchiasis is caused by flatworms, they affect the liver, pancreas and bile ducts. Many infected people are interested in the question of how to remove the causative agents of the opisthorchiasis?

This parasitic disease is dangerous for its complications, if it is not treated, the parasite can be in the human body for many years, as a result of which the patient can have a malignant tumor in the affected organ. Withdrawal of opisthorchs is a long and gradual process. With massive helminthic invasion, treatment can be performed in a hospital setting. Let's consider in more detail all the stages of therapy:

  • Preparatory stage. It is characterized by symptomatic treatment. The patient is prescribed drugs for allergies, cholagogue, antispasmodics, adsorbents, hepatoprotectors, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs. Basically, this period takes about two weeks, but the timing can be changed depending on the patient's condition.
  • Deworming. At this stage, exciters of opisthorchiasis are excreted from the body. To do this, special anthelmintic drugs are prescribed that kill parasites. You can not choose and take such medicines yourself, they have many side effects. The doctor calculates the dosage and assigns them according to a certain scheme, which can not be changed.
  • Recovery period. After medical antigelmint therapy, opisthores perished, but so far they have remained in the body, as a rule, they accumulate in the gall bladder and in the bile ducts, so a good outflow of bile is necessary in order to withdraw them. Basically, cholagogue preparations are prescribed, it is also recommended to perform a procedure of duodenal non-probe sounding, it also stimulates the outflow of bile.

You can deduce opisthorhs according to the above scheme. During the breeding period, it is very important to follow a diet, it will promote a speedy recovery. Patients should not eat fatty, pickled, smoked and spicy dishes, and should also exclude rich foods. It is very useful food, steamed or baked in foil.

Is it possible to bring out the opisthorch at home?

Opisthorchosis can not be considered an innocuous parasitic disease, which can be eliminated with pumpkin seeds and garlic. This disease can cause serious complications up to a lethal outcome. That is why it is better to be treated by specialists.

But many people still want to know how to deduce opisthorhs at home. Birch tar is usually used for this purpose. Six drops of this product should be added to a glass of milk and drink it. The course is usually 10 days. After that, a break for 20 days is done, and then the course is repeated again.

The effectiveness of any home treatment performed can be judged only after six months. During this time, the helminths of their eggs must completely leave the body. Not always after treatment, the affected organs are restored, in some cases, unpleasant symptoms may remain. To avoid such complications, it is necessary to start removing parasites from the body in a timely manner, so long as the health is not seriously damaged.

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