Worms in the vagina, uterus, labia and organs, sexual transmission, can helminths live( be) in girls, simtomy, what should I do?

There is a misconception that parasites appear only in unscrupulous people who do not follow the basic rules of personal hygiene. In fact, this is not entirely true, you can get infected with a bite of a bloodsucking insect, while swimming in a pond, and also from pets. Penetrating into the body, parasites can for a long time not behave themselves. They affect different organs and in time significantly harm the health. Many women are interested in the question, can worms live in the uterus?

In women, a helminthic invasion may not manifest itself in any way for many years. But gradually, because of the activities of uninvited guests, health deteriorates, such signs as: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and also permanent weakness, digestive problems may appear. All these symptoms are not typical only when infected with parasites, they can occur in other diseases. That's why a patient can not guess for a few years about her diagnosis.

Can worms get into the vagina and uterus?

Some types of worms can crawl out of the anus and enter the vagina. They can lay eggs there and give the woman many problems. Worms in the vagina and in the uterus can cause thrush, which is difficult to treat.

Sex worms do not immediately manifest themselves, for a long time they can hide under the general signs of invasion. For example, there is an incomprehensible rash on the skin, there is swelling of the face, there is pain in the muscles and joints, lymph nodes increase. Worms in the uterus and in the vagina can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Most often, parasites of this type are found in children and in women with weakened immunity. Worms in the vagina of a child can cause inflammation of the genitals. To identify the cause of discharge, doctors usually fix a special adhesive tape in the crotch area. After that, the presence of helminths in the vagina can be established by examining this tape under a microscope.

If the worms were found in the secretions, the doctor will prescribe a special course of treatment. Prolonged presence of parasites greatly weakens immunity, so a second course of treatment may be necessary. Wrist vagina in girls must be treated, otherwise they can cause chronic diseases of the reproductive organs.

Worms in the genitals of

Many people already know that parasites can live in many places, but can worms live in the vagina and in the uterus? Most types of helminths feel great only in the digestive organs, but there are other worms that migrate throughout the body. Worms in the labia, in the vagina and in the uterus are not found often, but still there. As a rule, they get there from the rectum. That is why the answer to the question is whether the worms can get into the vagina positive. The female usually moves at night, when a person sleeps and all muscles are relaxed.

Parasites in the genitals, like in the intestines, cause itching and other common signs of intoxication. Parasites in the process of their life emit toxic substances that adversely affect health. Symptoms of worms in the uterus are usually not pronounced, so a woman for a long time may not know her diagnosis.

Complications due to worms in the vagina

Candidiasis can occur for various reasons, most often this disease is transmitted sexually. Worms can also cause thrush, because of their presence in the human body, the functioning of the immune system is disrupted, and besides if the parasites get into the vagina or into the uterus, the microflora of the mucous membrane is broken, so thrush occurs.

What if I have worms in the vagina? The answer to this question is known only by a doctor, self-medication can be dangerous to health, especially when it comes to young children.

If the worms have got into the vagina, then the doctor should first conduct a survey. If the diagnosis is confirmed, antiparasitic drugs are prescribed. They have many contraindications, so it's dangerous to use them alone. Undisturbed invasion is much easier to cure, it is enough to take one medicine. In neglected cases, coping with parasites is much more difficult, and then you will have to treat a damaged organ.

The answer to the question whether worms can live in the vagina is now understandable. Invasion of the genitals is a very dangerous disease that can cause chronic diseases. That is why from time to time you should always be examined for the presence of worms, and also observe all precautions.

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