Drugs from Chains, tablets from a tapeworm in humans, drugs and drugs for treatment - Biltricide, Pirantel, Vormil

Infection of the human body with eggs, larvae or adult individuals of the chain leads to serious diseases requiring medical therapy under the supervision of a doctor, and sometimes surgical intervention.

Teniosis is a disease caused by a pork chain that affects the small intestine. Because of the risk of complications in the process of drug therapy, therapeutic procedures and medication take place in the hospital. Treatment for pork chopsticks consists of adherence to a special diet( table No. 13) and deworming with the help of such medications from soliters as: Biltricide, Vermox, Pirantel, Nichlosamide, Dichlomalom, Wormil, Azinox, Praxiquantel, Mebex, Talmox, appointed by a doctor. Knowing these means, self-medication is not worth it, becausethe choice of dose and the duration of the course therapy are individual.

Cysticercosis is a disease caused by cysticerci( larvae) of helminth pork chopsticks. To effectively get rid of the parasite, carry teripyu Praziquantelum or Albendazole. Only these two drugs are capable of affecting the pathogens of the pathogen. Teniarinhoz - helminthiasis, caused by the larvae of bovine tapeworm. Popular drugs for getting rid of this parasite are Nichlosamide and Praziquantel.

Treatment with Chain Biltricide

Biltricide is an antihelminthic drug aimed at weakening, destroying and removing tapeworms from the body. This medicine for a solitaire has contraindications:

  • children under 4 years of age;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • Cysticercosis of the eye;
  • combination of this drug with Rifampicin, increasing the likelihood of side effects.

Tablets are taken from the Biltricide soliton immediately after ingestion, without crushing or squeezing with a small amount of liquid. When appointing a single use of medication, it is advisable to take the evening. This will create optimal conditions for its impact on the chain. If it is necessary to repeatedly receive a pause between them should be 4-6 hours, taking into account the half-life of active components. Additional use of laxatives is not required. The procedure for taking praziquantel in the treatment of tapeworm is prescribed by a doctor.

Means from chains with niclosamide

Niclosamide is an anthelmintic medication used for the treatment of cestodiasis. The drug is highly effective, well tolerated. It causes the death of solitaires, reduces their resistance to proteolytic enzymes PS.Product: tablets or powder. Tablets are thoroughly chewed or crushed in warm water, and then drunk.

Nichlosamide is prescribed for 4 days. It is necessary to use a laxative drug to remove the formed toxic substances. On the day of the beginning of therapy it is desirable to follow a diet: to exclude heavy, fat coarse food, to use liquid and easily assimilated food. With tenianthiasis and diphyllobothriasis, the drug is consumed 1 time in an amount of a daily dose, t.the half-life of this drug is long( approximately 12 hours).How to take Nichlosamide from Chain in a particular disease, you need to know the doctor.

Drugs from the chain

Vermox - is widely used in the treatment of tapeworms. Foma of release: a tablet and a suspension. The latter is used in children - it is specially designed for them. There are contraindications( pregnancy, lactation, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, children under 2 years old) in application and combination with other medicines.

Vermox is not absorbed in the intestines and is excreted with feces, so it proves highly effective in those helminthiases when parasites live in the lumen of the intestine. With certain diseases, a single dose of medication is possible. If the possibility of repeated invasion is probable, the course is repeated after 2-4 weeks without changing the dosage. Simultaneous therapy of all family members is desirable. To prevent re-infection.

Treatment of tapeworm Albendazole

It is used for cysticercosis and mixed helminthiases. Form release: suspension, coated tablets, chewing tablets. Albendazole disrupts biochemical metabolism in the helminth organism, inhibits the transfer of energy molecules and other particles in the musculature of worms, which causes their death. The use of a special diet and laxative is not required. This drug from tsepnya has contraindications and limitations in the application. It is important to follow the physician's recommendations for taking Albendazole from tapeworms.

To enhance the effect of medications, plant remedies for parasites can be prescribed: pumpkin seeds, decoction of tansy flowers, fern extract of males( available in capsules).

Anti-wrinkle medicines can not be used:

  1. in individuals who have become infected with important organs( eg, spine, brain, eyes) due to the possibility of complications in the form of necrosis or inflammation. In this case, detoxification is carried out at the first stage, and only then deworming;
  2. in the presence of stuck worms or their fragments in the pancreas or bile ducts( danger of obstruction);
  3. for ocular cysticercosis( presence of the Finn in the eyes);
  4. with appendicitis, developed due to invasion by chain.

It's important to remember that therapy with chain drugs is much more difficult than preventing them from becoming infected with them. Therefore, measures should be taken to prevent primary infection.

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