Who is the intermediate and the main( final) owner of the bull chain, where the human parasite( live) is the affected organs

Bovine tapeworm - tapeworm, reaching 10-12 m in length. Parasitizes in muscle tissues of cattle and affects the human body at different stages of the life cycle. It is the causative agent of tanearhinchosis, which leads to intoxication and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

The intermediate owner of a bull chain is a cow or calf, they become infected with helminth through food. The animal eats the eggs of the parasite along with the grass, and so they enter the stomach. Then the process of separation of the oncosphere from the protective shell occurs: the parasite almost instantly passes through the covers. The mucosa of the intestine is very thin, so the oncosphere separated from the egg is rapidly absorbed into the blood, begins to travel through the vessels and remains in the muscle tissue.

Intermediate Host of Bovine Chain

A large number of eggs is not a threat to the health of cattle, since the worm itself lives only inside the main host, and the previous stages of its life cycle do not cause significant harm. It is impossible to reach the final stage of development in the intermediate host.

Fixed in the musculature of a cow, oncosphere of a bull chain is there for up to 20 weeks, and then turns into a Finn. The latter is a transparent pea, on one side of which are still undeveloped 3 pairs of hooks. From the opposite edge is placed the future head of the tapeworm - a concave inside a small bubble. The intermediate host provides a place for Finns to transform into a practically "ready" parasite.

The Ultimate Host of the Bull Tendrum

The ultimate host of the bull tartan is a man, and he can become one if he uses a non-processed meat of the animal, in the muscles of which this helminth lived less than six months. As a rule, after 8 months, the Finn dies because of the inability to change the phase of the life cycle.

The most thorough heat treatment must be performed by the following types of meat:

  • thick edge;
  • thin edge;
  • roast beef;
  • heart;
  • language.

Skeletal musculature, tongue and heart muscle are braided with a dense vascular network, thanks to which the finn receives the maximum amount of nutrients necessary for further development.

Bovine tapeworm parasitizes in the intestines of the final host. Transformation from the Finn with an inverted head and three pairs of shoots-hooks into the ribbon helminth takes 2-3 months. The adult worm immediately begins to breed, and reproduction takes place at a very high rate.

Worm eggs are located in the segments of the parasite. Each process contains up to 150 thousand larvae, and within a day out of 30 segments come out.

Where does parasitic bovine tapeworm?

Bovine tapeworm lives in the gastrointestinal tract and is a big hindrance to the existence of its ultimate owner. Helminth is localized in the upper part of the intestine and becomes a direct competitor to the human body for nutrients. The main owner of the bovine tapeworm experiences a constant feeling of hunger at the initial stage of infection, but later the appetite practically disappears.

The main helminth host feels a general malaise in the form of frequent dizziness, general weakness and mental imbalance.

Also in the final host there are signs of intoxication:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • sharp abdominal cramps;
  • constipation or diarrhea( while in the feces there are segments of the worm).

If you do not start the main course of treatment in time, the larvae will begin to damage the nervous system, the spinal cord and the brain. Such organs affected by bullish chain directly affect the vital activity of the individual, so a possible fatal outcome is possible. The patient will have epileptic activity, pinpoint hemorrhages and mental disorders.

In order to avoid the shadowyarnhoza it is enough to cook meat properly, do not taste raw minced meat and use a separate cutting board for it. Adhering to the elementary rules of kitchen sanitation, to prevent infection by a bull chain is extremely simple.

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