Acute sigmoiditis

Under acute sigmoiditis is understood the inflammatory process of the sigmoid colon, which arose suddenly and has a turbulent flow. This form of the disease should be treated immediately at the first signs, otherwise, it will flow into a chronic type.

Symptoms of acute sigmoiditis are primarily expressed in severe painful sensations, which are often so intense that differential diagnosis is required with pathological processes of the gastrointestinal tract. Painful sensations will be localized in the left side of the abdomen.

In addition, with acute sigmoiditis there is a very frequent and liquid stool, mainly purulent, mucous and blood deposits are prominent. A frequent companion of the disease is nausea and vomiting, after which there is no relief. With acute sigmoiditis, the body temperature always rises like with a cold, from about 37.2 to 37.9 degrees.

In addition to using prescribed medicines, patients are given special nutrition. If diarrhea is very pronounced characteristic, then for the beginning a few days will starve. Patients are allowed to use strong tea without sugar, decoctions of medicinal plants. With acute sigmoiditis, diet No. 4 is prescribed. The main principle of the diet is the reception by the body of a large number of nutrients, with the exclusion of carbohydrates and fats. The greatest value in nutrition is proteins, vitamins, electrolytes and microelements.

When the symptoms of acute sigmoiditis subscribe, it is allowed to adhere to the expanded diet 4b and 4c. Under the restriction of drinking salt, as well as dishes that can cause a mechanical, thermal, chemical or irritating reaction. You can not eat foods that can cause putrefactive and fermenting processes, as well as stimulation of the secretion of juices of digestion and bile. When the inflammation subsides, the patient is allowed to proceed to the maintenance of a common table with the exclusion of acute, salty, roast, smoked types of dishes, as well as spices and alcoholic beverages.

All treatment for acute sigmoiditis is prescribed by a specialist, and only proper adherence to all recommendations will help shorten the course of therapy.

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