Treatment of ulcerative colitis with folk medicine, homeopathy, sea buckthorn oil, flax seeds and mummies

With such a severe inflammatory bowel disease as ulcerative colitis, long-term treatment is required, for which methods such as surgical intervention and constant drug therapy can be applied against the background of appropriate dietary nutrition.

But this is not all the ways that make it possible to remove the severe symptomatology of the disease and to achieve the longest remission. The most correct way is for those patients who use the traditional medicine to get rid of this severe pathology with its remarkable remedies that save people for many centuries from all sorts of diseases.

Treatment of non-specific colitis with folk remedies

The goals of phytotherapy for ulcerative colitis are:

  • Relieve the patient of apathy and depression caused by the disease, and increase its efficiency;
  • Call the physiological state of the patient, so that it becomes possible to avoid surgery;
  • Reduce the side effects of those drugs that were taken with drug therapy;
  • Promote prolongation of remission.

There are many facts of ulcerative colitis treatment with folk remedies that speak for themselves. Among them should be noted such as:

  • The state of remission with this pathological inflammation of the mucosa is much faster, and a longer period lasts for those patients who receive herbal medicine;
  • Patients who use not only for prophylaxis but also for the treatment of ulcerative colitis folk recipes of herbal decoctions, gain weight faster and cope with anemia;
  • Depressive states caused by the disease, they are much less pronounced;
  • Therapeutic products, prepared on the basis of herbal preparations, can significantly speed up the abolition of hormonal drugs.

Sea buckthorn oil for ulcerative colitis

Traditional medicine for the treatment of inflammatory pathologies of the digestive organs makes extensive use of preparations prepared on the basis of herbal preparations and some berries. Good reviews in the treatment of ulcerative colitis deserved oil from the fruits of sea-buckthorn. This folk remedy gives a very good therapeutic and preventive effect.

It is used for ulcerative colitis in the form of microclysters, and one tablespoon is drunk at night. Traditional treatment with this remedy is based on the ability of oil from sea-buckthorn to envelop all pathological defects formed in the rectum and pull out all negative microflora from them.

After having a night enema with him, you can see with morning emptying that it has changed color, becoming completely dark. To be frightened of it it is not necessary, as such effect is caused by that oil from sea-buckthorn "has cleaned" for a night an intestinal mucosa.

Flax seeds for ulcerative colitis

In addition to sea buckthorn oil in home medicine, a remedy such as flaxseed is used to treat this disease. It has such a unique composition that it can be considered a true nutricle, since it can completely heal the human body.

To treat nonspecific ulcerative colitis, a folk remedy made from flax seeds is used as a decoction. It has a softening and enveloping effect, due to which it protects the mucous membrane of the digestive organs.

In addition, flaxseed is very rich in fiber, which activates the activity of the intestine well. This is very important not only in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, but also for its prevention, as well as prolonging the stage of remission. For this reason, this folk remedy is recommended by specialists to all patients with this inflammatory bowel pathology.

Also for the treatment of this inflammatory bowel disease, flaxseed oil is also used. It is used as a kind of micro-enema, having an enveloping effect. Do them directly at night, lying on your left side.

Mummy with ulcerative colitis

In cases of intestinal diseases, a folk remedy such as mummy is also used. Use it not only rectally, but also orally. And the best result can be obtained in the case when both methods are combined during the treatment of inflammatory pathology.

For oral administration, 0.5 g of the preparation should be dissolved in a glass of warm water and drunk. This dose is intended for single use, and for best effectiveness of this drug should be washed down with a glass of water, in which a teaspoon of honey is dissolved. This is done immediately before bedtime, and in a row, you must go four 10-day courses with 5-day breaks between them.

For the rectal method recommended for folk treatment of ulcerative colitis with mummies, it is necessary to prepare its 1% aqueous solution and 30 ml of this preparation twice a day, after the defecation process, into the rectum. Consistently conducted 10 procedures. After each of them it is necessary to lie on your stomach.

The complex scheme of folk treatment of ulcerative colitis with the help of a mummy is to drink a solution of this drug in the morning and evening, and also 2 times a day to do a microclyst from it.

Homeopathy in the treatment of ulcerative colitis

To get rid of this disease, not only folk remedies, but also the homeopathic method are widely used. Many confuse him with herbal medicine, but this is not entirely true.

This method of treatment is one of the types of drug therapy, but it uses small doses of drugs that are prepared by a special technique, using the principle of similarity. This method in the treatment of ulcerative colitis has recently become more popular, and is used along with drug therapy, as well as folk remedies.

It should be noted that the use of homeopathy to relieve a patient of this intestinal inflammation does not just suppress the severe symptoms of the disease, but can also eliminate the very cause of the developed pathology.

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