Exercise in colitis, exercise, sports, gymnastics

Diseases of the intestine cause a manifestation of colitis, characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon. Improper diet and a fixed lifestyle can trigger exacerbations and pains caused by a disease such as colitis. A consequence of this phenomenon may be a violation of the function of defecation( constipation or diarrhea), possibly the presence of pain syndrome. This disease excludes heavy physical activity and regular exercise, but in the treatment complex there are physical exercises and gymnastics.

First of all, patients need to form a proper diet, follow a diet and take certain drugs that relieve the inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, conduct exercises LFK.

Therapeutic exercise is used in colitis, having a chronic form, which is accompanied by stagnation of coprolites, caused by a violation of the motor function of the intestine. Do not exercise at the time of acute exacerbation of colitis. At this time, physical activity and exercise in any sport are contraindicated!

The main task of exercise therapy for this disease is as follows:

  • normalize the neurohumoral regulation of digestion;
  • to eliminate the inflammatory process;
  • normalize the work of secretory and motor function of the intestine;
  • improve the emotional and mental state of a person.

Physical activity in colitis

Exacerbation of the disease excludes any physical exertion, since the slightest overload can lead to pain and deterioration. But during periods of remission of the disease, the inactive exercise in the complex of exercise therapy in colitis is recommended for strengthening the immune system and

. A good effect is achieved as a result of a correctly selected starting position. Being in the vertical position, the internal abdominal pressure in the lower abdomen increases, and the sub-diaphragmatic area is characterized by the presence of a potential space where negative pressure is present. The pressure in the rectum in the standing position is 20 cm of water.while in the seated position it is increased, and the horizontal position is capable of changing the parameter to 5 cm of water. Art.

LFK is also characterized by movements in the horizontal position, which are very useful in colitis. As a result, the organs located inside begin to move upward, and the lower abdominal cavity has a negative pressure. This position allows you to arrange the departments of the colon at one level, and thereby allow normalize the work of the motor activity of the intestine.

LFK is especially necessary for atonic colitis. In this case, the physical loads in its complex allow to increase the psychophysical tone of the organism, to adjust the digestive tract, to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal press. To select certain physical exercises, you should consult a specialist! To eliminate colitis gymnastics and exercise therapy are one of the main methods that do not harm the body. To restore intestinal function it is recommended to conduct exercises of exercise therapy daily, while performing circular massaging movements in the abdominal area clockwise.

Sports in colitis

Sports activities during this disease are allowed, but at certain times. Thus, during exacerbations, any physical exertion, including exercise therapy, should be excluded. Even such an "amateur" sport as jogging at this time can provoke bleeding and general deterioration of health.

As a preventive measure, sports with colitis are mandatory. The best effect for the organism in this case is swimming. But we are talking about moderate occupations that do not pose a threat to the current state of health. Individual sports should be consulted with your doctor.

exercise therapy, gymnastics and moderate exercise in colitis can give positive results in the case of correctly selected exercises, as well as their timely implementation. It involves exercises with objects, walking, swimming and games that help improve the general state of a person.

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