Which doctor treats thrombophlebitis?

Thrombophlebitis - inflammation of the vessel wall( most often veins) and the appearance of a blood clot in the lumen of the vessel. The formed thrombus interferes with normal blood flow, and in case of its separation it carries a significant threat to human life and health. Therefore, you can not postpone your visit to a doctor - you must necessarily undergo necessary examinations and receive adequate treatment. We will tell you which doctor is treating thrombophlebitis.

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Phlebologist or vascular surgeon

Absolutelyrecently on the treatment of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis turned to the surgeon. In many small towns the situation has not changed yet. In large cities, the choice is wider: at the first signs of thrombophlebitis, you need to turn to a phlebologist. If necessary, surgical intervention, he will refer to a vascular surgeon.

Please note! Due to the lack of qualified personnel, in some clinics there is no such clear division: a vascular surgeon may well make therapeutic appointments.

Drug treatment, the tests necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis - all this is the prerogative of a phlebologist. The vascular surgeon deals with operations to remove the damaged veins.

At the first visit, the phlebologist after a visual examination will send the following tests:

  • duplex angioscanning( ultrasound) of the vessels;
  • a clinical blood test;
  • blood coagulogram.

The last two are assigned infrequently - mostly in difficult cases.

After receiving a clear picture of the disease, the phlebologist can decide on the need for surgical intervention.

The operations for removing blood clots or introducing a special trap for them are performed by a vascular surgeon. They are carried out both planned and urgent in case of acute thrombosis. All manipulations are done under anesthesia, after them the patient is prescribed medication, physiotherapy and wearing compression linen.

Recommendation! Before operation, the affected limb should be shaved and washed. If general anesthesia is planned, then clear cleansing enemas are always prescribed.

After surgical resolution of the problem of thrombophlebitis during the recovery period are observed in the phlebologist.

Which doctor treats thrombophlebitis in pregnant women

During pregnancy, the third cycle of the circulation appears in the body of the woman - placental. This is a significant burden on the circulatory system, and an increase in clotting of blood, as a natural defense of the body before future blood loss in childbirth, increases the risk of thrombophlebitis.

In case of suspicion of thrombophlebitis in a pregnant woman, first of all it is necessary to contact an obstetrician-gynecologist, in whom she is observed.

Important! The first manifestations of thrombophlebitis occur on a period of about 10-12 weeks. After 30 weeks of pregnancy, it may be relapsed again.

An obstetrician-gynecologist will evaluate the risk of blood clots and send them to the hemostasist and genetics, if necessary. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the hemostasiologist will have to have the entire pregnancy.

Unfortunately, it is rare when obstetrician gynecologists are referred for additional tests in the hemostasiologist - signs of thrombophlebitis in pregnant women are sufficiently blurred - heaviness in the legs, pains in the lower extremities, fatigue. Everything is very similar to simple varicose veins. Consultation is vital if:

  1. There is a habitual miscarriage - several previous pregnancies resulted in fetal fading, miscarriage, intrauterine death of a child.
  2. Previous pregnancy proceeded with significant complications - severe forms of gestosis, placental insufficiency, placental abruption.
  3. There are relatives who have had thrombotic disorders before the age of 50, or the woman herself has such disorders.
  4. There have been several unsuccessful attempts at IVF.

In all these cases, monitoring of hemostasis of the pregnant woman is mandatory throughout the pregnancy( starting from 10 weeks).The hemostasist also prescribes the necessary medication and appropriate diet.

Very Important! Thrombophlebitis during pregnancy is terrible with the formation of blood clots in the umbilical cord - this can lead to fetal death of the baby at any time, especially during fights - a thrombus can come off and clog the umbilical cord. On usual ultrasound it is not visible - it is necessary to hand over analyzes on a hemostasis!

Which doctor treats thrombophlebitis in children

How unfortunate, but thrombophlebitis may well develop and at a fairly young age. There are a lot of reasons - complications after the transferred infectious diseases, violation of the vein shell, sometimes excessive physical exertion.

You need to contact a pediatric phlebologist or a vascular surgeon.

Symptoms of thrombophlebitis in children, in which DO NOT postpone visit to the doctor:

  • frequent rise in temperature above 390C;
  • swelling of the lower limbs;
  • pain along the vein;
  • increase in regional lymph nodes;
  • hyperemia.

The difficulty of finding the necessary doctor is that in many cities it is the children's specialists in this area, as a rule, do not. In this case, you need to get advice from a pediatrician who can tell you where to look for the right doctors, and send them to the simplest tests.

Warning! Children's thrombophlebitis requires compulsory treatment - do not let the disease run wild or be confined to folk medicine.

In addition to visual examination and ultrasound of veins, a child phlebologist may prescribe phlebomanometry, phlebography, phlebotyping. Always deployed blood coagulogram.

Acute thrombophlebitis

In case of signs of acute thrombophlebitis, ALWAYS have to call an ambulance. Seeking medical help can not be postponed in any case - with blood clots it is better not to joke, otherwise you can pay not only health, but also life.

Before the doctors arrive, the patient should be placed in a horizontal position, minimizing physical activity.

It is absolutely forbidden to do any massages and rub ointments!

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