How does the disease and the consequences of right hemorrhagic stroke appear?

1 Development of pathology

According to statistics, this type of stroke is manifested mainly in people between the ages of 35 and 50 years. At the same time, people at risk are those who suffer from hypertension. Despite the fact that hemorrhagic stroke has certain rather bright signs, it is possible to make a clear diagnosis only in 60% of patients. Approximately 35% of patients are self-treated, and 7% of people with this pathology do not receive medical care at all.

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During the course of the disease, the brain tissue becomes impregnated with blood. Sometimes the blood comes out of the brain's shell, and then squeezes it. A common cause of pathology is long-term high blood pressure. This provokes some kidney diseases, hypertension, pheochromocytoma and others.

The cause may be the deposits on the walls of the blood vessels of the brain. And the deposits are the protein of the pathological type. Such clusters are called amyloids.

Another common cause of stroke is an aneurysm. These are areas of blood vessels, where tissue tone is lost, due to which they greatly expand.

Sometimes the cause is associated with various congenital defects of the circulatory system of the brain. A striking example is that sometimes an artery passes into a vein at once, with no intermediate channels and vessels with smaller diameters of the lumen.

Hemorrhagic stroke can be caused by various lesions of blood vessels on the background of other ailments, for example, atherosclerosis. It is necessary to take into account other blood diseases. Inflammatory processes on the walls of blood vessels, which are located in the skull, also greatly affect the occurrence of stroke. Sometimes the reason is taking some medications. Usually this applies to drugs that are designed to dilute blood. These funds are called anticoagulants.

The rupture of the blood vessels in the brain is not just abrupt and spontaneous. There are several putative tools. For example, this is a strong stress that one has to endure to a person, especially if such a negative state has been dragged on for a long period, or any news has caused too violent emotions. The same applies to excessive physical exertion. It is necessary to take into account overheating. Sharply provoke hemorrhagic stroke can hypertensive crisis. There are other causes that can cause a stroke.

2 Prediction of the disease and possible complications

The prognosis for this type of stroke is unfavorable. Approximately 60% of all cases all end in a lethal outcome. And, according to American studies, death occurs immediately in about 60% of cases. This is a very terrible forecast. The rest of the people can live another year. Their survival depends only on withdrawal. Do not forget that there may be a relapse. So the disease may not recede. The prognosis in about 70% of cases for patients who have suffered such a pathology, speaks of disability. The reason for this prediction is that you need to consider that the brain sometimes swells, blood rushes out of the vessels, cavities and skull tissues are displaced.

Stroke ischemic and hemorrhagic can cause serious consequences. However, they depend on the location of the bruise, blood coagulability and age of the patient. First, a person can completely or partially lose the opportunity to move with his hands or feet. In humans, only the left side of the body can be damaged. Usually the half of the body that lies opposite to the side where the hemorrhage in the brain is located suffers. That is, if the right hemisphere is damaged, the left arm and leg can not move.


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Asymmetry of the face develops on the side of the face where the bleeding spot appeared, and at the same time is combined with paralysis, but they will be located on the opposite side. For example, if a person has a bleeding focus on the right side of the brain, then the face will be damaged on this side, but the left side of the body will suffer.

Sometimes, after such a terrible pathology, it is difficult for a person to perceive speech and talk. This applies to cases where the focus is located in the left hemisphere of the brain. For the right-handers, this opposite side, oddly enough. If the stroke is located in the temporal zone, the person will have difficulty in coordinating the movement.

After a hemorrhagic stroke, there is a risk of problems with intellectual development. This occurs if the hematoma is located in the frontal zone. This also applies to memory. Sometimes there are problems with emotions. In the psychological plan, too, changes will begin. For example, the patient becomes too aggressive irritable, nervous. There is lability in the emotional plan, i.ะต.there are such traits as resentment and tearfulness. Some become overly suspicious, suspicious, fearful.

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Periodically, a person after a stroke will have severe headaches, and this does not depend on whether the left or right-sided stroke suffered a person. There may be epileptic seizures. Sometimes there are problems with swallowing. But this happens only if the focus of bleeding is located in the brainstem. Sometimes there are problems with the functioning of the bladder and intestines - it's like incontinence.

3 Rehabilitation activities

To achieve recovery, it takes a lot of work. Treatment is required to begin already in the first 3 hours after the attack and refinement of the diagnosis. Otherwise, the risk of various complications increases dramatically. And the consequences can be irreversible.

If a person has a hemorrhagic stroke, then treatment should begin with stabilizing the blood pressure. For this purpose, special medicines are prescribed. It is necessary to monitor the functioning of vital organs, so that when problems arise it is necessary to start taking medications that will support their work. For example, it is a medicine for the work of the heart, improving gas exchange, etc. If a person has had hemorrhagic stroke, the right side will bleed. It is necessary to prevent the appearance of pus in the skull. For prevention, antibiotics are prescribed, which have a wide spectrum of action. It is mandatory to introduce medications that act on different mechanisms of blood coagulability. This will help stop bleeding from damaged blood vessels.

If a person has a stroke of the right side, then it is required to follow their own diet. It is necessary to eat food that is rich in proteins. Vitamin complexes will also be required. Care must be taken to ensure compliance with the drinking regime. Sometimes you can not do without surgery to remove the hematoma. However, this procedure is carried out only by specialists in this matter.

4 Recovery after the acute phase of

After the acute phase of hemorrhagic stroke is over, it is required to begin a rehabilitation course. First, special therapeutic exercises for breathing have been developed for this purpose. This will help prevent the onset of pneumonia. First gymnastics will be passive. It is necessary to do only simple exercises, like turns of a trunk. Then it will become more active. For example, you need to inflate balls, practice abdominal breathing.

Secondly, if there were problems with speech, then it is necessary to take a course at the speech therapist. In a few sessions, there will be noticeable improvements. Thirdly, it will also be necessary to communicate with the psychologist and psychotherapists, especially if the person has difficulties with the psychological and emotional state.

The doctor will definitely appoint a physician. First you can just move your arms, body and legs. These movements in the first classes will be passive, but then you can independently develop your body. This will help restore the connections between the neurons in the brain. It is necessary to practice driving movements. Gradually the paralysis will be defeated. Now special exercises have been developed, which you need to do on the simulators. There are also special suits. They will help restore the ability to move.

Very useful massage. Sometimes electroneurostimulation is prescribed. Hydrotherapy will also benefit, so you can do massage in water. A positive effect is provided by color therapy. This involves the use of visual images. Well-influenced by vibration, so it also needs to be used in the rehabilitation of the patient. It must be applied to special points on the feet. So a person can quickly regain the opportunity to walk independently.

If a person has hemorrhagic stroke( right side), the consequences will be very serious. Some problems are related to the psychological component. The mood of the patient can change constantly, features that have not existed before. In addition, there are problems with the limbs - they can be paralyzed on the one hand. The same applies to facial muscles. The rehabilitation period after hemorrhagic stroke is quite long. The prognosis may be disappointing, but the question of how many live after a stroke is always individual.

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