What is VSD for a mixed type and how does the disease manifest itself?

3 How to treat

In order to cure this insidious disease, you need to apply a systematic and integrated approach. However, to date, there are no methods that would help to completely get rid of the disease. But if you follow all the recommendations of a doctor, then this disease will not be very disturbing and disturb the usual rhythm of the patient's life. What are these recommendations?

You need to adjust your lifestyle. To do this, you need to abandon bad habits - stop smoking and drink alcohol.

The patient should understand that the main cause of his problems is the constant stresses that any adult modern person is exposed to. Therefore, we need to reconsider our attitude to life, stop worrying about trifles and not take every problem to heart. If you do not go out to do it yourself, then you need to ask for help from family and friends, in problem situations, develop a strategy of behavior that would allow less stress. You can register for a session with a psychologist or with psychological training.


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If a person has not done sports before, it's time to start. At the same time, sports help and get rid of stress, including. If there is money, time and opportunity, then you need to enroll in a special sports center to a qualified coach, tell him about your heart problems and ask to make an individual training schedule. The fact is that a person who has not had anything to do with sports before, can overdo it, which will bring him even greater harm. If you do not want to go in for sports in the classical sense of the word, you can make an appointment for dancing, yoga or aerobics, cycling, skiing, roller skating, going to the skating rink, just running around the house in the mornings or evenings. The main thing - do not sit at home and expose your body to regular physical activity. But you need to understand that sports will only be effective if they are done systematically, and not occasionally.

An important place is in the treatment system and proper nutrition. You have to give up snacks on the go and skip meals, if that was the case earlier. The food should be natural and balanced, you need to eat at about the same time. For this, you will have to carry with you to study or work containers with food or to visit public places of food, if there is such an opportunity. As for snacks, one should not forget about them either, snack is one of the most important principles of proper nutrition. In the snack should include vegetables and fruits, products from milk, nuts.

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As for medicines, the doctor can prescribe such drugs that will have a toning effect and bring blood pressure back to normal. These are tinctures of hawthorn, ginseng, Chinese magnolia vine. All these drugs can be bought at the pharmacy, and they are inexpensive. Depending on the condition of the patient and the degree of development of the disease, the doctor will prescribe an individual schedule for taking the medicine. Someone will have to drink them in the form of a special course of treatment, but someone should always carry with them and use only when the state of health worsens. All these tinctures must be taken inside, mixed with a little water.

If a person has low blood pressure, he is also prescribed drugs, usually drugs from the group of inhibitors. However, they can not be used by pregnant women, so a universal medicine for all people with similar problems is magnesium sulfate.

Thus, mixed-type VSD can significantly impair the patient's quality of life and lead to more severe health problems.

However, if you comply with all the requirements of the doctor and carefully treat your condition, then the mixed type MZD will not have a strong influence and the patient will be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

1 Causes of the development of the pathology of

The main way of transmission of this disease is hereditary. Therefore, if close relatives suffer from such a disease, you need to keep in mind that it can occur at any time, so you should see your doctor regularly. Sometimes the pathology is acquired: it develops against the background of endocrine system diseases, other heart diseases, and also because the person is inclined to neuroses and does not protect his nervous system, being subjected to constant stresses.

2 Symptoms of the disease

Diagnosing this disease can sometimes be very difficult. Its main signs are blood pressure jumps, while it rises much above the allowable rate. And if at first the pressure periodically periodically jumps, then the disease can develop into chronic hypertension if it is left without attention and does not go on time to the doctor. There are a number of other symptoms that can also disturb a person:

  • frequent headaches;
  • severe dizziness, which interferes with normal living and working;
  • instability in the heart rate( may decrease as more than is required, and less);
  • pains in the region of the heart, but not strong and quite tolerable( over time, people simply stop paying attention to them);
  • is such that everything swims before your eyes, is covered with a shroud or flies are seen( in a stuffy and crowded room, a person may suddenly become dizzy and darken in the eyes);
  • the patient is in a nervous state, sharply answers questions, every little thing makes him lose his temper;
  • begins to torment incomprehensible fears, and from different areas( healthy it may seem a far-fetched stupidity, which does not deserve attention at all);
  • the patient can complain of a shiver in the body or chills, although there are no objective reasons for this( body temperature is not increased, the person is not cold);
  • sometimes disrupts the coordination of movements, and in elderly patients it is much easier to notice than those who started to suffer from such a disease when they were young;
  • slightly worsens visual acuity and hearing( again this is especially noticeable in the elderly person, and more often this is written off simply for old age);
  • at times the patient speaks vaguely, loses for a while the ability to clearly and clearly pronounce the words.

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If such symptoms were seen in a loved one, then he should be strongly advised to see a doctor, otherwise the disease will progress. As you know, any disease is much easier to cure at the initial stages.

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