What there are allocation from a nose at a genyantritis and how to treat a disease

1 Varieties of the manifestation of the common cold

A person can not determine the cause on his own - the doctor prescribes it. How to recognize sinusitis? Before we deal with this issue, we will denote: the disease is better treated at the initial stage. During the development of the disease, the mucous membrane of the nose becomes vulnerable, and then it is affected by various pathogenic bacteria that cause complications.

The initial stage of the disease is called subacute sinusitis. It has mild symptoms, which are often confused with a cold. If there is such a disease, it is difficult for a person to breathe, because there is content in the nose. In the case of subacute sinusitis, there is a copious rhinitis. Acute sinusitis gives purulent discharge of yellow color, blowing out is painful. The most serious form is chronic sinusitis: in the case with it, the sinuses are highly inflamed. What color is the snot in genyantritis? The question is ambiguous. When chronic, yellow and green are observed, and periods of exacerbation and convalescence are replaced.

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Once again we note: if a person has just contracted, he may not have the characteristic signs of the disease. But at the first suspicions on a genyantritis it is necessary to come on consultation to the otolaryngologist. At the initial stage of the disease often there is swelling of the nasal mucosa. The acute form of the disease causes a lot of inconvenience. Due to the presence of inflammation, the body temperature rises and the person is concerned about the pain, but he can not explain where they are. Unpleasant sensations, as a rule, are located in the area of ​​cheekbones, temples, forehead, nape, nose. If the acute sinusitis has passed to the neglected stage, subsequently, it passes into a chronic form, and then the person within 2-3 months feels an ailment( nose, thus, it is strongly incorporated).

Among the signs of the disease are such as snot with blood, appearing in especially neglected cases, severe headaches, discomfort in the face, and nasal congestion.

Often in acute sinusitis, loss of smell occurs. This happens because a person suffers from a severe cold, as a result of which he is unable to breathe through his nose. If properly treated, the sense of smell will recover. Can the nose breathe fully with genyantritis? If you use vasoconstrictive nasal drugs at the initial stage, there will be no difficulty with breathing. But if the ailment passes into a more neglected form, it is difficult to treat and the nose can not restore full breathing.

In each case, the snot has its own distinctive features. With the help of color, consistency and amount of detachable one can determine the nature of the inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, and also indicate the form of the disease. By the consistency and color of the snot you can make a prognosis of the disease. The color of the detachable depends primarily on the nature of the disease. In frequent cases, the snot is white, green, yellow( in white there is no pus).

White snot is seen in the initial stages of the disease. If a person sees a thick discharge of white, this may be a sign that he is gradually recovering. Soples of yellow and green color indicate the presence of an inflammatory process( yellow is a sign of pus).Allocations from the nose in genyantritis often have red veins, indicating the presence of blood.

2 Separation of contents with blood

Let's look at bleeding in the presence of a disease. For what reasons does it arise? The cause may be the abuse of funds from the common cold, mainly by drops. Bleeding can occur with a fracture of the bridge of the nose. Snot with blood must be eliminated. You can do with the usual washing of the nose and the use of medications, thanks to which the healing will come faster.


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If you frequently see blood from the nose appearing for no reason, you should consult your doctor. Perhaps, it is an alarm signal, and special medications are needed for treatment. A disease without a snot can be, for example, if the maxillary sinuses are swollen and the outflow of the snot will be difficult. Sinusitis is a serious disease requiring timely treatment.

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