Treatment of fibrocystic breast mastopathy: drugs, tablets, ointments and gels, reviews

Mastopathy has long become a companion to the lives of most women, which experts often associate with the lifestyle of modern women.

Many refuse to give birth and are engaged in a career, someone refuses to feed the baby with breast in fear for the spoiled forms of the breast, and still others regularly run for abortion, getting rid of unwanted children.

All these factors lead to the development of pathological processes in the chest associated with the growth of dairy fermented tissues. As a result, and develops mastopathy.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of the disease are the following symptoms:

  • Sealed areas in the mammary gland. If such seals are of relatively large size, then we can talk about the development of cystic mastopathy;
  • Pain symptomatology in the chest of a periodic or permanent nature. Usually a similar symptom is exacerbated on the eve of menstruation, however, after their onset, the pain syndrome is significantly reduced. Considering that ladies differ in different pain threshold, not all suffer from soreness in the development of mastopathy. During the experiments it was proved that about 15% of patients noted the absence of pain syndrome, but they have other characteristic symptomatology. Sometimes the tenderness extends to the axillary regions where the lymph nodes are located;
  • Nodular numerous formations. In self-examination, ladies can clearly feel in the mammary tissues small multiple nodular formations, which indicates the development of nodular mastopathy. When palpation is determined by the size and shape of the formation, however, an additional biopsy is necessary to clarify the diagnosis, because such signs are present in breast cancer;
  • Sometimes women develop a discharge from their breasts, reminiscent of colostrum. Usually such secret is allocated in the postpartum period, before lactation. A fatty secret can be spontaneously released or after pressing on the nipple. This symptom in any case characterizes the development of the mastopathic process.

Methods of treatment of fibrocystic mastopathy

Treatment of mastopathic processes should be approached in a complex way, because such a pathology refers to very complex diseases.

In general, treatment may involve the use of several techniques:

  1. Drug therapy:
  • Accepting drugs of hormonal origin;
  • Non-hormonal treatment;
  • Local therapy using ointments;
  • Vitaminotherapy;
  • Reception of homeopathic preparations;
  1. Diet therapy;
  2. Reception of radon baths;
  3. Surgical intervention.


Usually, surgical treatment is used in cases when there is nodular or fibroadenomatous mastopathy with neoplasms larger than 2 cm. Less common surgical techniques are used to eliminate cystic mastopathy.

If fibroadenomas differ in the small sizes of tumors, then the tactics of observation are applied.

In general, surgical treatment can be carried out in two ways:

  • Sectoral resection of - when the tumor is removed along with the breast;
  • By the excision or enucleation of - when by removal is meant the removal of the cyst directly or of the formation.

Surgical intervention in mastopathic processes is indicated in cases if after a biopsy there are suspicions of a malignant tumor process, with accelerated growth of dairy fermented formations or with relapses of cystic formation after sclerosing.

Usually, surgical interventions are performed using general or local anesthesia, depending on the type of operation. Postoperative recovery with these types of treatment lasts for a relatively short time, and the sutures are removed a maximum after a week.

To recover as quickly as possible, it is necessary to change the lifestyle, adjust the diet, add more movements to everyday worries, wear proper bras, forget about addictions, etc.

Medical therapy for the treatment of mastopathy involves the use of a variety of medications, homeopathicand bioactive agents.


Hormonal therapy of mastopathy involves the use of drugs from the group of gestagens, androgens, contraceptives with oral intake, antiestrogens, gonadotropic analogues or prolactin inhibitors.

Among the best hormonal medications for mastopathy, Duphaston is often used. The components of the drug contribute to reducing the estrogen effect on the dermis-iron tissues.

Sometimes due to the reduction of estrogen bioactivity under the influence of active substances of the drug, the glandular receptors are blocked at the level of cellular structures.

However, Dufaston differs by a considerable number of side reactions, manifested in the form of tides and dizziness, gastrointestinal disorders and hypertension, palpitation, etc.

Therefore, the appointment of such a drug should be done only by a specialist, taking into account the likelihood of possible unwanted reactions.

Along with Dufaston, patients are prescribed hormonal preparations like:

  • Pregnina;
  • Norkoluta;
  • Organometry;
  • Danazol;
  • Parlodela;
  • Bromocriptine, etc.

If the patient is not yet 35 years of age, then she can prescribe contraceptive oral preparations such as Femodena, Marvelona, ​​Silesta or Mersilon. In addition to restoring the cycle of menstruation, when taking oral contraceptives, there is a marked decrease in the severity of pain symptoms.

In fibro-cystic or fibrotic mastopathic form, hormone therapy is ineffective.


Among non-hormonal drugs, the following are very popular:

  1. BAD Theocarpine;
  2. Homeopathic remedy Mastodinone;
  3. Wobenzym;
  4. Plaster from Chinese mastopathy;
  5. Tamoxifen;
  6. Drops from mastopathy;
  7. Beefungin;
  8. Stella;
  9. Magnesia;
  10. Compresses with Dimexide, etc.

Non-hormonal therapy is based on the intake of various medications. Patients are often appointed Theocarpine. This drug has a broad spectrum effect and is used to quickly restore immune forces.

Prescribe this bioadditive mainly courses lasting about 1-3 months. Since the bioadditive has a natural composition, it does not cause any traditional side reactions.

Often, a complex of drugs from mastopathy include Mastodinone - a herbal preparation based on natural ingredients. The drug refers to the remedies of the homeopathic group.

Under the influence of Mastodinone, prolactin secretion is reduced. With regular administration of the drug, there is a significant reduction in pain symptoms and the reverse course of pathological processes in the dairy tissues.

As a result, taking Mastodinone helps to eliminate mastopathic symptoms and accelerates the recovery processes after the disease.

It is quite justified the appointment with mastopathy drug Wobenzym, the reception of which helps to reduce the size of cysts and the severity of clinical manifestations. In addition, Wobenzym repeatedly reduces the likelihood of adverse reactions arising from the intake of hormonal drugs.

The effectiveness of the treatment is repeatedly increased if additional compresses are applied to the mammary gland with the addition of Dimexide, antimastopathic drops, as well as Stella, Befungin, etc.


Quite high efficiency is also possessed by local treatment of mastopathy, which is based on the use of gel and ointment preparations.

A popular local remedy for mastopathy is Progestogen - a hormonal gel preparation with a progesterone-containing composition.

As a result of the use of such an ointment, the structure of the lactoseous tissues is normalized. The painful symptomatology disappears, the growth of the formations in the chest stops.

When applying ointment preparations to the skin of the breast, rapid absorption of progesterone into the dairy tissues occurs. As a result, the therapeutic effect is directed to all tissues of the organ, and this therapy does not exert a systemic effect, but acts only directly in the area of ​​application of the drug.

Patients are often given cream Healer to relieve the clinical symptoms of mastopathy.

Often when mastopathy, oil drops like Mastoleptin or camphor oil are used, which also need to be applied to the skin of the chest. Of course, it is impossible to cure mastopathy by local means, however, they quite well stop pain symptoms, greatly facilitating the overall well-being of patients.


As mastopathy develops due to hormonal and metabolic disorders, it is recommended that patients be included in the complex of medications taken and vitamins such as Triovit or Aevita.

Vitamins in mastopathy of mammary glands promote normal flow of all metabolic organic processes, therefore their reception is often appointed by modern mammologists.

As a result of regular intake of vitamin complexes, the therapeutic effect of the main drugs increases, the patient's immune status is increased, the liver activity improves, which contributes to the natural restoration of hormonal metabolic processes.


Homeopathic remedies are often an integral part of the complex therapy of mastopathy.

The course of taking homeopathic preparations differs in duration, however, during the treatment there is a gradual normalization of the hormonal background, puffiness and inflammation in the dairy tissues are eliminated, pain symptoms are relieved, the probability of malignancy of the mastopathic formations is reduced.

Among homeopathic medicines, Mastodinon, Edas, Traumeel, etc. are especially popular with mastopathy. The specialist selects the drug individually for each patient, therefore, as with the appointment, it is necessary to take into account the etiology of the mastopathy process.

Treatment of focal mastopathy

Most often, focal mastopathy develops as a result of diffuse changes in the dairy tissues of a woman.

Similar growths are most often manifested by the presence in the chest of rather large, painless formations with clear boundaries.

The danger of such a mastopathic form is its propensity for malignancy, because focal mastopathy refers to precancerous conditions.

The basis of therapy is the normalization of hormonal status and the elimination of concomitant infectious and other pathologies. The use of local drugs in a similar clinical case is of low effectiveness, therefore ointments with focal mastopathy are usually not used.

Reviews of medicines

Women undergoing fibro-cystic mastopathy therapy leave a lot of feedback about a variety of treatment methods. Here are some of them.


I've heard a lot about Chinese plasters from mastopathy. Has bought already 20 pieces, but nothing has helped. It's a shame. And her neighbor, with the help of one course, got rid of soreness and characteristic seals. Hence the conclusion - help, but not all.


The doctor appointed me in combination with hormonal contraceptives and other medicines for mastopathy. She drank it with a 3-month course. I do not seem to notice any super effect. Nothing happened, although I did not get infected with colds, which meant that my immunity got stronger. Maybe there is some hidden effect, I do not know.


My mom was prescribed Tamoxifen for mastopathy. Whenever I underwent treatment, I was horrified by the side effects described in the manual. However, everything worked out, there were no side effects, the compaction became much smaller and stopped in development.


When I found a tightness in my chest, I was very, frightened, afraid of cancer. Treated mastopathy. Among a pile of pills and ointments, Indinol was appointed to me. The use of this drug is not particularly pleased. It's better to drink as a vitamin. Only the price at it is high, not for everyone. In general, disappointed, because the difference before and after the reception is not noticed.

Dietary food

The development of mastopathic processes often has a close connection with intestinal activity.

In violation of the work of this body, a deficiency of cellulose, frequent constipation and violations of the intestinal microflora, re-absorption of already "spent" estrogen hormones occurs in the blood.

In order for the intestines to function normally, patients are recommended to consume at least one and a half liters of water per day and eat more foods rich in fiber.

The principles of the diet for fibrocystic mastopathy are based on the exclusion of "bad" food like:

  • Fatty or fried foods;
  • Smoked meat;
  • Spicy food;
  • Preservatives;
  • Carbonated beverages;
  • Large amount of salt;
  • High-Carb Products;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Confectionery products, etc.

Radon baths

In the fibrous nature of the mastopatic process( at its initial stages), a woman can be recommended a spa treatment with radon baths. However, such therapy has its own contraindications, therefore treatment should be prescribed only by a mammologist.

Radon baths provide a sedative effect, relieve painful manifestations in the chest, normalize sleep, etc. But it must be taken into account that the use of radon baths is contraindicated in ovarian hypofunction, the presence of malignant tumors or pregnancy.

Is it possible to cure a disease with exercises?

In our body fatty tissue is actively secreted a specific enzyme - aromatase, which helps to increase the level of bad estrogens that cause the emergence of mastopathic processes. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the percentage of fat tissue in the body.

It will help in this routine charging in the morning or jogging. Even an evening walk will do more good than sitting behind a computer monitor. Therefore, physical activity performs distinctive preventive functions against the occurrence of mastopathy.

What is mastopathy, its causes, symptoms and treatment, the following video will tell about it:

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