Physical exercises with prostate adenoma: therapeutic gymnastics

A lifestyle in which little attention is paid to physical activity is the culprit of many problems. Especially this trouble lies in wait for people, whose profession inclines to spend time sitting in the workplace: drivers, various employees in departments, officials.

It is necessary not to wait for a bunch of sores, especially with age, but to spend your free time, loading the body with useful activities.

The role of exercise in prostate adenoma

An important aspect for men's health is the normal state of the prostate. The full health of the gland is more difficult to preserve in the elderly, when the mechanisms of its increase are included. The causes of this phenomenon are thoroughly unknown.

There are different types of exercises by method and principle of execution:

  • Dynamic gymnastics improves the general condition, adds positive emotions and vivacity.
  • Static gymnastics covers a wide range of possible performers. It can be done for people who have a job in a sedentary position or just a little sedentary pastime. It will suit both men of age and those who find it difficult to do dynamic exercises.

For all types of exercises, the rules of implementation are suitable:

  • The complex of exercises must be coordinated with a specialist, you can not select therapeutic exercises and make decisions about it arbitrarily.
  • The load should be moderate, after exercise, signs of fatigue, painful consequences are unacceptable. It is necessary to choose intensity of loading on state of health and to correlate it with parameters of pressure and pulse.
  • It is necessary to engage in medical treatment in a regular mode.
  • You can change while walking, run tempo: increase speed, and then lower. This process can be controlled intuitively, being equal to feelings: comfort-discomfort.
  • After moments of stress, muscle relaxation is useful.
  • During the classes, attention should be paid to the participation of breathing, to breathe in and out as instructed by the exercise developers.

Training strengthens muscles:

  • perineum,
  • hips,
  • of the abdomen.

Static gymnastics

To create a useful effect from loads on the pelvic area in the static version, they should be performed repeatedly.

Such actions through time can bear appreciable fruits.

For the treatment of prostate adenoma, gymnastic exercises are useful:

  • In the squat position, the muscles in the knees and the press are strained. Freeze in this state, as long as you can withstand, then rest for ten minutes. It is recommended to perform the exercise once every sixty.
  • From the position, lying on the back of the , slightly raise your legs and keep them on the weight, how much power.
  • The patient becomes in a pose, leaning on elbows and knees. You should stay in this rack while it's comfortable. Usually, it turns out, to stand in a static position for several minutes.

Dynamic gymnastics

A personal wellness complex can be made by choosing several exercises from those designed to improve circulation in the pelvic area. There are already sets of exercises made by specialists. In any case, you need to agree with the doctor.

  • The patient lies on his back. The position of the hands is along the body. Exercise provides: on exhalation it is necessary to bend a leg in the knee and pull it to the body, then make an inhalation - the leg is straightened. The same exercise is carried out with the other leg.
  • The starting position is the same. The legs are bent at the same time in the knees and lifted so that the femoral part turns perpendicular to the floor. From this position, the legs are moved apart, then they are moved back and straightened.
  • From the same position, also produce the bending of both legs, the femoral part is perpendicular to the floor, and the legs are parallel to it. In this position, the feet lean against the wall. Between the knees, the ball is clamped and squeezed out on exhalation, and on the inhalation, the knees relax.

In addition, the number of useful exercises include:

  • The patient sits on the floor, stretching his legs in front of him. Pushing one leg forward, moves the corresponding buttock, then the same is performed by the other leg and buttock. It turns out "walking on the buttocks".
  • Squeezing from the floor , how much power. You can take a more gentle option: pushing away from a chair or other stand.
  • Exercise "bicycle" should be done to the category of patients who can do it. Lying on his back with his legs raised imitates cycling.

Charge for the whole body

There are physical actions that affect many muscles, but also cover their beneficial effects and prostate.

These exercises include:

  • Squatting with the hands to rest on your knees. When the legs are straightened, the hands should be kept on their knees and exhaled. Again squatting - take a breath.
  • This exercise can be performed in a sophisticated version. During knee bending, the knees are turned to the sides. The back is slightly bent, inhaled. Straighten the legs, keeping the oblique position - exhalation. The rhythm of performing the exercises is set, which coincides with the rhythm of breathing. Perform exercises up to ten times.
  • The patient squats. Elbows rest on the knees, and connects the palms with each other. Inhalation is made with the bending of the back and lifting of the head. Hands pull forward, the body is deflected back. At this moment, the vestibular apparatus is trained, because it is necessary to balance. They exhale, knees are connected, the head is lowered, touching the chest. Exercise is useful for many muscle groups. It can be performed up to ten times, while the state of health shows a comfortable state.

Other exercises

For the prevention of prostate diseases and improving its condition with prostate adenoma such therapeutic gymnastics is useful:

  • Hippotherapy is a method to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic area. The method is so successful that it can replace a whole set of exercises.
  • The should, if possible, be included in the training program aimed at improving the prostate. It is necessary to pay attention, that water was at least summer temperature, bathing in cold water is excluded.
  • One of the most accessible ways to have a beneficial effect on general health, including the prostate condition, is to do walking .You can choose the feasible distance and pass them, making a change of pace.
  • Jogging is one of the useful activities for maintaining the health of the prostate. Run does not suit everyone. If you run a jog is easy, but, on the contrary, it gives pleasure, then, this means of healing is suitable for the patient. It will help to improve the effect of the load on correct breathing: a gradual intermittent breath for a few steps and a smooth slow exhalation for the next few steps. You can also apply the technique: "faster - slower."On some part of the road to accelerate the movement, and then part of the way to escape with a slowdown.
  • To improve blood circulation in the prostate zone, you can successfully apply yoga exercises. Harmonious and moderate actions, laid in the basis of this current, are useful at any age and contain therapeutic exercises for solving the problems of different parts of the body and the whole organism as a whole. Example of the exercise: you should lie on your back while putting a soft litter under the pelvis. Step up your legs to the buttocks and connect them together, spreading your knees to the sides. In this position, you can lie down to ten minutes. It is recommended to do daily.

exercise video for the treatment of prostate adenoma :

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