Is it possible to drink valerian with alcohol: compatibility, consequences, rules of combination

Valerian is one of the most famous and available sedative medications. It is made on the basis of natural raw materials from the same plant. Valerian refers to plants containing very high concentrations of drugs, so it is often used to treat psychoemotional disorders. A lot of patients prefer vegetative medicines to avoid toxic effects of chemicals contained in medicines. But is it so safe to use valerian and whether it can be mixed with alcohol.

Valerian and alcohol

Valerian is made on the basis of rhizomes of the plant. Of these, an extract is produced in the form of capsules or tablets and alcohol tinctures. The drug is often used to eliminate headaches and problems with sleep, digestive disorders, attention deficit, chronic fatigue.

However, the main indications for the intake of valerian are:

  • Increased nervous excitability;
  • Migraines;
  • Complex therapy of cardiovascular pathologies;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • IRR;
  • Spasms in the digestive system.

In addition, the extract has spasmolytic, choleretic, vasodilating effects. The drug helps to increase the secretory activity of the gastric mucosa, slows down the heart rhythm, etc. However, the drug effect is provided with a systematic intake and for a long time, so they are usually prescribed courses. If it is a tincture, it consists of a concentrated extract of valerian roots and alcohol. As for tablets, they contain additional components such as magnesium carbonate, admixture, gelatin, starch, calcium stearate.

Despite the relative safety of the drug, valerian extract has its contraindications:

  1. Fructose intolerance;
  2. Pregnancy onset;
  3. Children under 3 years of age;
  4. Lactose deficiency;
  5. Hypersensitivity to components of the drug.

In addition, it is not recommended to take alcoholic tincture of valerian to patients who have alcohol dependence, as the craving for alcohol increases, the withdrawal syndrome is complicated. These contraindications must be taken into account when taking the drug.


You can not drink valerian with alcohol, and regardless of its dosage form - they are not compatible. Both alcohol and valerian preparations have a depressing neuro-systemic effect, therefore, it is necessary to avoid combining these substances, otherwise the drug effect may increase, which will negatively affect the cardiac activity.

Valerian extract is available in the form of alcohol tincture, which indicates the compatibility of the drug with alcohol. But this compatibility is relative, because taking the tincture, you drink only 30 drops. Therefore, it is not recommended to catch up with the effect of the drug with the help of additional portions of alcohol. If you drink valerian with a disorder and then "relax" with alcohol, then the inhibited effect on the nervous system may become prohibitive.


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On the background of mixing alcohol with any form of valerian extract, there may be an increase in adverse reactions, which are most often manifestations such as:

  • Excessive inhibition;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Insufficient operability;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Constipation;
  • Allergic manifestations.

The main reason for the inadmissibility of combining alcohol with valerian is a colossal nervous systemic effect. As a result of the combination, the effectiveness of the drug is greatly increased, the patient falls into a too drowsy state, maximally relaxes all muscular and nervous tissues, and his breathing dangerously slows down. With a strong abuse of alcohol, breathing slows down so much that it can lead to death.

Possible consequences of

As it turned out, combining treatment with valerian with alcohol is not recommended. Ethanol, being a dangerous and strong toxin, also has antidepressant properties, which depresses the nervous system activity. If in addition to alcohol to take valerian, then there will be a multiple increase in the effect of inhibition of the structures of the nervous system. Often, against the background of joint intake of the drug with alcohol, the deeper depression develops.

In addition, the reaction to a joint reception with alcohol can manifest itself in the following:

  1. Increased production of mucus in the stomach;
  2. Functional and structural changes in receptors;
  3. Bright intensity of toxic alcoholic effects;
  4. Absorption of absorption of the drug in the digestive tract.

For the development of such reactions, it is not necessary to drink a lot of alcohol after the drug, only one shot of alcohol is enough to develop alcohol-drug intoxication with all the ensuing consequences.

Since valerian restores a normal sleep, when it is consumed with alcohol, the development of abnormalities in the activity of the respiratory centers and the brain is great, breathing can be too much slowed down, even to a complete halt. Fortunately, such an outcome is very rare.

Rules for combining

Take valerian 1-2 tablets or 30 drops after meals three times a day. The total duration of the course lasts about two weeks or a month.

Dosage should be observed, otherwise the likelihood of overdose effects increases:

  • Severe muscular weakness, drowsiness, retardation and other symptoms indicating the presence of nervous systemic depression;
  • Severe cases of overdose are fraught with the occurrence of arrhythmic and bradycardic disorders.

It is necessary to understand and in a question, through how much it is possible to drink alcohol after a preparation. So, the digestibility of valerian begins after 2-3 hours after taking, so you can drink alcohol only after a minimum of 4 hours after using the medication. If you drink alcohol earlier, it can provoke a rapid intoxication and a more severe hangover. If the patient drinks alcohol immediately after the medication, then he may soon develop symptoms that are characteristic of severe intoxication. To interfere with valerian with alcohol is permissible only after the elimination of alcohol of their organism( ≈6-10 hours).


Experts categorically state the inadmissibility of combining alcohol with valerian, since the reaction to such a "cocktail" can be unpredictable.

No less individual is the question of taking tablets after alcohol. The exact time, after which the patient will be able to drink alcohol, can not be determined. It depends on the amount drunk, on the rate of ethanol metabolism and other factors. Therefore, it is recommended to approach this issue as seriously as possible and avoid combining incompatible components like hot products and valerian.

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