Antibiotic Yunidox Solutab and alcohol: compatibility, consequences, rules of combining

Probably, there is no such person who at least once in a lifetime would not have picked up an infection. Otitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, inflammation of the bladder and kidneys - you can get rid of these unpleasant sores only with the help of antibiotics. What is to be done if the illness caught unawares before an event or during a holiday, when it is so nice to drink red wine in the evenings sitting on the beach? What to do - drink or be treated? Or can you combine the pleasant with the inevitable?

Description of the drug Unidox Solutab

The beautiful name Unidox Solutab implies the presence in the active ingredient - doxycycline group of tetracycline antibiotics. The drug is available in the form of tablets and effectively inhibits a large number of microorganisms actively developing in the human body.

Antibiotic treatment Unidox Solutab will be effective with:

  1. ENT diseases - sinusitis, otitis media, tonsillitis.
  2. Infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.
  3. Diseases of the genitourinary sphere: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis.
  4. Diseases transmitted sexually.
  5. Infections of the skin and gastrointestinal tract.

Unidox solute should drink the meal time. The tablet can be drunk whole or in the form of a suspension, before stirring it in water. Food intake does not affect the absorption of the drug, which is very convenient for the patient - you can take the medicine at any time.

Otherwise, the microorganisms increase resistance not only to the action of doxycycline, but also to any drug of a number of tetracyclines. And this means that treatment with many antibiotics in the future can be completely unsuccessful.

There are no serious contraindications to taking the drug; nevertheless, it is not necessary to take Unidox Solutab to persons younger than 8 years old, pregnant and nursing mothers, patients with impaired liver and kidney function, and patients with impaired pigmentation - porphyria.

When treating Unidox, Solutab should limit exposure to sun to avoid the development of photodermatitis. Children antibiotic is also not prescribed because of the risk of destruction of tooth enamel and damage to teeth. Prolonged use of the drug may trigger the development of toxic liver damage, dysbiosis, increased intracranial pressure, the appearance of dizziness, allergic reactions.
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Compatibility with alcohol

Unidox Solutab is an antibiotic, that is, a substance that kills bacteria and microbes. At the same time, doxycycline, which is part of the drug, has a negative effect on all other important organs - liver, kidneys, intestines. It's not for nothing that all potent antibiotics are contraindicated for people who have similar problems. What happens when doxycycline starts acting in an alcohol-heated body?


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The least trouble that can happen is the accelerated metabolism of the drug and its rapid removal from the body. In this case, the necessary concentration of the substance will not be achieved, which means that the microbes for the destruction of which the action of the antibiotic is directed, will remain partially and continue their multiplication, receiving some resistance to this drug.

In addition to developing insensitivity to antibiotics, the liver gets a real blow, which is forced to produce a double portion of enzymes in order to metabolize both toxic substances and remove them from the body. The defeat of the liver, of course, will not develop the next day after drinking. This inspires confidence in the patient that nothing terrible has happened to him, and therefore can be abused further. But the liver, despite its unique ability to regenerate, can not cope with such intoxication for a long time, hepatocytes are destroyed, toxic hepatitis begins to develop.

Consequences of

Drinking an antibiotic with a glass of wine, the patient very much risks his own health and well-being in the next few hours. The intensification of such side effects as diarrhea, nausea and dizziness will not take long, and instead of fun in the company of friends it will be possible to sink alone.

Joint reception of Unidox Solutab and alcohol can provoke the appearance of severe heat and headache, which is accepted by patients for the beginning development of colds. In such cases, people do not hesitate to take powders containing paracetamol. And this union can easily send the patient to the intensive care unit.

Through how much you can drink?

Safe doses of alcohol in combination with antibiotics do not exist. But, there is quite a legitimate question, when can you drink it? Anyone who undergoes serious treatment for existing infections, even if significantly improved, should endure a couple of weeks before the final recovery. The period during which the antibiotic is excreted from the body is equal to one day. Consequently, after 24 hours after taking the last pill of Junidox, it is now possible for a healthy person to drink some alcoholic beverage.

You should not, of course, abuse strong alcohol. If you really want to drink, then let it be a glass of good wine, and not a few glasses of vodka or cognac.


So, is it possible to take alcohol while treating Solutab? Choosing between fleeting relaxation from alcohol and long-term health, one should definitely give preference to the second. Moreover, any doctor who practices antibiotics for his patients for a long time will never say in his reviews about what can be combined with alcohol use. Take care of your health!

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