Motivation to quit smoking for men and women and advice from psychologists

To part with the dependence on nicotine, you need to have an iron willpower, so those who could overcome the craving for cigarettes, is proud of itself. Unfortunately, one willpower is often not enough, and serious motivation is also needed.

Motivation to quit smoking

Motivation refers to the motivation for certain actions, based on several( or one) reasonable arguments. They are ideological or material, they can be based on negative or positive arguments and determine the nature of the actions. Motivation is based on any incentives and gifts, or on hardship and punishment.

However, not everyone can cope with smoking, relying on motivation, why is it so difficult to overcome a malicious habit?

  • An unconscious approach to quitting, when a person agrees to part with cigarettes under the pressure of others, is at the mercy of the household, but he does not fully understand why he is smoking and why he should quit.
  • False stereotypes like "can not be abruptly thrown out," "after giving up smoking, we gain weight", "it's impossible to quit smoking", "hidden illnesses will come out after parting with cigarettes, health problems will begin", etc.

As each person is individual,and the motivating approach must be different. Someone is more helped by positive motivations such as a gift, awards, recognition of others, etc. Others are more motivated by bans, fear of punishment, bans, etc. Some in an attempt to quit smoking as hard motives bet large sums that they will notmore smoking. This motivation really works, because not everyone is ready to part with an impressive amount of money due to their own weakness.

For men

To part with smoking is very difficult, especially for smokers with a considerable experience. To successfully overcome this addiction, you need a competent motivation. It is necessary to correctly identify the key points, then quitting will be much easier. As for motivations, for men incentives are more suitable for sexual life and professional activity, financial solvency, etc.

  1. Reducing the risk of heart attack. Nicotine and tobacco are among the leading factors that provoke cardiovascular pathologies. Nicotine causes a vasoconstrictive reaction, which leads to a violation of blood supply. In addition, smoking provokes an increase in blood loss, and, therefore, increases the risk of thrombosis. Tobacco smoking provokes adrenaline release, which causes active reduction of arterial walls, which leads to increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.
  2. Prolonged life. According to statistics, the passion for cigarettes reduces the life of a smoker for about 10 years. But these data are relative and in fact are lost much more, because in the course of the smoking period a person earns a lot of pathologies like pulmonary cancer or emphysema, etc. That is why categorical refusal of cigarettes can significantly prolong life and safely affect health.
  3. Retention of potency at a high level. Sexual opportunities are of paramount importance for every man. As you know, smoking negatively affects the vascular activity, which is key in the process of erection, which appears when cavernous bodies are fully filled with blood. Nicotine these processes violate, respectively, the erection with time weakens or completely disappears. Therefore, giving up cigarettes, you will save your masculine and full potency.
  4. Save money. How many packs do you smoke daily? And if you refuse to give up cigarettes, but save this money in a piggy bank, you can earn a full vacation for a year. And if you add to this the funds that you spend on the health deteriorated because of cigarettes, then the amount will be much more significant.
  5. Problems at work due to frequent hikes for a smoke break. It often happens that non-smoking colleagues at work begin to express dissatisfaction that they work, and you constantly run to smoke. Even if you work no worse than nonsmoking colleagues. According to statistics, if the company is forced to cut staff, the first on the list for dismissal will be employees who have unhealthy habits. Therefore, it is better to get rid of addiction in advance.

There are many motivations that are suitable for males, the list can be continued for a long time. The principle is generally understandable, so it is worth considering the motivation, more suitable for smokers.
Video clip as motivation for quitting smoking for men:

For women

Unfortunately, today there are almost as many women smokers as many men, so the problem of parting with a cigarette often affects the female sex. Motivation for women may differ somewhat from that for men, however, the principle of their work is similar.

  1. Impairment of appearance, rapid aging. Such motivation differs quite a strong effect, because the beauty and freshness of the skin, young appearance - this is for most ladies a very important factor. With persistent nicotine addiction, women may look older than their age of years by 5 or even 15, depending on the length of time and the number of cigarettes smoked. Yellow teeth, wrinkled and earthy skin, dull hair - all this is necessarily waiting for smokers. If you give up cigarettes, after a couple of weeks, the appearance will improve significantly, your face will acquire a natural glow, and your eyes will again glisten.
  2. Problems with conception, the threat of serious illness in a future child and harm to the health of the household. All this, too, should push a woman to part with cigarettes. Against the background of nicotine dependence, serious problems with reproductive health often arise. Do not be frivolous about the joke about green children, who are allegedly born from smoking girls. Of course, they are not green, but health problems, thanks to the unhealthy habit of mom, they have plenty. Smoking at home, you put the health of households in danger, because the harm from passive smoking is no less than with the usual cigarette smoking.
  3. There is a lot of free time. Count how many times a day you smoke and how much time it takes. Even if you smoke a pack a day, spending one break for 5 minutes, then a day and half an hour is typed. Is it not better to spend it on a more useful lesson, for example, going to the masseur or in the gym, walking with children or just doing your favorite hobby, mass options.
  4. Financial benefit of giving up nicotine. After calculating your costs for cigarettes, think about how many more useful things or things you could do with this money. Given that nicotine leads to early aging, this amount can be added and money spent by women on numerous cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation or for expensive wrinkle creams. After quitting smoking, it is possible to invest the savings into more necessary enterprises.
  5. More fun with life. When you stop being a slave to your addiction, you will have increased self-esteem, because you could overcome the nicotine craving. In addition, a couple of weeks after the last smoked cigarette you will begin to smell better, the taste will become brighter. And how much moral satisfaction you will get as a result of parting with nicotine addiction. Quitting smoking, you prove that you are in charge of this word.

As you can see, the incentive to part with an unhealthy habit is enough, most importantly, to want it.

Motivation to Quit Smoking for Women


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Tips from psychologists

Undoubtedly, the psychological dependence on cigarettes is much stronger than physical craving. Professional psychologists recommend pre-prepared for the eradication of addiction. Realize what makes you smoke and why you need it, why you want to quit. Assign a date when the final rejection will occur. These days it's better to take a vacation and avoid rest in companies where smokers are present.

Remember what is most associated with you with cigarettes, for example, a cup of morning coffee, an afternoon break with colleagues, etc. In the process of refusal, try to avoid these situations, do not drink coffee, and go to a café or a canteen for lunch so as not to stay withcolleagues for a smoke break. And, most importantly, believe in yourself, you will be able to win, you just need to make some efforts. The most effective motivations for men and women trying to quit smoking

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